Lord Ganesha baby names – If you are wondering about a traditional name choice for your newborn, which is inspired and taken as a direct blessing from God, what best than naming him or her with a name idea that is symbolic to the Lord? The Lord Ganesha inspired baby names can be the right fit. We all begin any new task with Ganesh Ji’s blessing, and these names can be good beginnings to you, too, in the form of your little one.

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With several name ideas to fit in for boys and girls, these Ganapati names for baby can be apt, and the right fit in all contexts. Let’s check them out.

Lord Ganesha Inspired Children’s Name for Boys, Girls, and Twins:

One may not assume that all the names listed with meaning and symbolism related to our Lord need to sound and look traditional. We have compiled all kinds of baby names choices just for you – from traditional and conventional ones to modern and unique names; we have them all. Here we go with the lovely baby names related to Lord Ganesha.!

Lord Ganesha Inspired Baby Boy Names:

First, let us explore the famous, popular, and unique baby boy names inspired by our Lord GanapatiJi. These are ideal for any modern parents who are searching to name their little star with the blessing of our elephant god. Here is a list of our favorite trendy and lovely name ideas with symbolisms, other meanings, and more!

1. Aayog:

Aayog is a baby boy name with a modern and cute sounding. However, the name means a person who has a bond and blessing from Lord Ganesha. It is an attractive and contemporary choice inspired baby boy name.

2. Aatesh:

Aatesh name itself directly symbolizes Lord Ganesha. The name is quite famous and getting trendy in the north Indian Hindi language speaking state. It is again a modern and unique, uncommon name choice.

3. Akurath:

Akurath means someone who has a mouse as a charioteer. This is none other than our favorite God. It is a modern yet traditional-sounding meaningful name choice for baby boys in this generation.

4. Amit:

Amit, while it is a common name choice for baby boys, it also means endless or limitless. However, we do not know that it is also a lovely common name meaning to Lord Ganesh Ji. This is such a short and cute Lord Ganesha names for baby boy.

5. Anaimuga:

Anaimuga is of Sanskrit origin, the other name for God Ganapathi. It is a rare yet very traditional name idea. This is also an ancient and traditional Lord Ganesha names for baby boy in Sanskrit.

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6. Avighna:

Avigna or Avighna directly symbolizes our God, Ganesh Ji. It is a very traditional and conventional name again and a famously popular choice already.

7. Balesh:

The name Balesh is used as symbolism, referring to both Lord Siva and Lord Ganesh Ji. We love this traditional Ganpati names for baby boy.

8. Bhuvanpathi:

Bhuvanpathi literally translates to Lord of the whole world. It indirectly symbolizes the God Ganesh Ji. This is popular among trending Ganesha boy names.

9. Dharmik:

Dharmic or Dhaarmik means a person who is charitable like Ganesha. It is a traditional sounding name choice, ideal for baby boys. This can be a good idea for parents who want a conventional name for their kids.

10. Ekadant:

Ekadant or Ekadanta means one-toothed God. This is our Ganesh Ji. It is a very traditional name yet again and is not a commonly found name in this generation of kids.

11. Gadadhara:

Gadadhara is a very traditional and conventional mythological based name choice. It means someone who is as strong as anyone and inspired by God Ganesh Ji’s features.

12. Gajanan:

Gajanan means a person who has a face like an elephant. The name symbolizes our favorite God, Ganesh Ji, and is an uncommon yet very known meaningful name choice for baby boys. Isn’t it?

13. Ganapathi:

How about the original name Ganapathi itself? It is a common and famous name, a timeless choice yet coming down from generations together. It also means Lord of all Gods.

14. Gaurinandan:

The name Gaurinandan translates to the son of Goddess Parvathi or Goddess Gauri. This means our own Ganesh Ji. The name is again a traditional choice yet an adorable and meaningful one. Isn’t it?

15. Gaurik:

Gaurik means handsome son of Goddess Gauri or Goddess Parvathi. This is a modern and short name idea inspired by our God and is an adorable choice to try out.

16. Haridra:

Haridra means a person who has golden color skin and is a lovely cute, modern rare name that symbolizes and is inspired by our Ganesh Bhagwan.

17. Ibhaan:

Ibhaan is a very modern and lovely short baby boy name. It means someone’s face which resembles an elephant, that is our very own Lord. Isn’t it beautiful?

18. Karunya:

Karunya, the name means someone who is calm, peaceful, and quiet. The name indirectly symbolizes our God, Ganesh Ji, with all his characteristics and traits on this name. It is also a very creative and innovative, beautiful name choice for baby boys. What do you think of these Vinayagar names for baby boy?

19. Kavish:

Kavish is another name for God Ganapathi Ji, but it is not commonly found as yet. It is originated from the Sanskrit language.

20. Laavin:

Laavin means a person who carries the presence of Lord Ganesh himself. This is again a lovely and modern-day rarely found name choice for baby boys in this generation. This is much rarely seen unknown Lord Ganesha related baby boy names.

21. Lambodara:

Lambodara is mostly a common nickname found in Indian country. This means someone who has a huge belly. It is a nickname and cute name given to our Ganesh Ji also. Isn’t it lovely?

22. Mahabali:

Mahabali means a person who is as strong as God Ganapathi Ji. It is a prevalent name mythologically well known too. It is a popular and ancient Lord Vinayaka names for baby boy.

23. Mahodhar:

Mahodhar, in the Hindi language, literally translates to someone who is kind and very generous. This name is also inspired and symbolizes our Lord Ganesh and is a perfect traditional choice for parents who are looking to name one for their baby boys. It is also rarely found in the name.

24. Mrityunjay:

Mrityunjay is a common name found in the Northern states of India. It means a person who has conquered death, and that is God Ganesh Ji. It is a token of the name given as a blessing to the newborn for them to lead a very happy and healthy long life.

25. Natik:

Natik is another name for God Ganesh. It is a short and cute modern-day name choice, inspired by our Lord’s name, and isn’t very commonly found as yet. This is rare Lord Ganesha names starting with N.

26. Nidheeshwar:

Nidheeswar or Nidheeshwar means bestower of wealth. Since worshipping Ganesh Ji before any occasion is auspicious and creating wealth for any home, this name also symbolizes our favorite God. The modern variation of the same name is Nidheesh.

27. Omkara:

Omkara or Omkar means a new beginning or blessing the new beginnings. This name is again associated with Ganesh Bhagwan, worshipping him for good and healthy beginnings. The name is a popular choice for male boy child in several states of India.

28. Ojhas:

Ojas or Ojhas is a very unique and lovely short baby boy name choice. Ojhas means someone who shines brightly and brilliantly like our Lord.

29. Parin:

Parin is a five lettered short baby name for boy. It is another name for our Ganesh Ji himself. Given that not many know of this name yet, this can make the right choice for modern parents searching for a meaningful yet charming and unique option for the little star. Another spelling for the same name is Pareen.

30. Prahar:

Prahar means Lord who inspires and blesses a new beginning. The name indirectly symbolizes our God Ganesh Ji and is a creative and lovely sounding modern baby boy name choice. We love this one. What do you think?

31. Prathmesh:

Prathmesh or Pratmesh means the first person of all. The first person and God we think and pray to while beginning new tasks or first times are Ganesh Ji. This name symbolizes him.

32. Ridheesh:

Ridhesh means a Lord who resides in the heart of our own. While this may mean several gods, it also can take our own favorite Ganapathi Ji. What do you think?

33. Shambhav:

Shambhav means the son of Lord Siva, which is Lord Ganesh. This is directly another name for our favorite God. This is also a famous one among several in Lord Ganesha names, starting with S.

34. Shivatmaj:

Shivatmaj means a person who is the soul of Siva or born as a soul from Siva. This is again our own Ganesh Ji. It is a traditional and excellent conventional name. However, it is rarely found choice.

35. Shubham:

Subham or Shubham is a popular and famous name in North India for baby boys. This means good beginnings or auspicious. This name indirectly symbolizes our Lord Ganesh Ji.

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36: Sidhesh:

Siddesh or Siddhesh means God of all the workship. That is our Ganapathi Bhagwan. It is a widespread baby boy name choice, yet it is a famous and classic name to try even today.

37. Sidhivinayak:

The name is popular already, given the famous Ganesh temple with this name. However, this name is also renowned and is yet a classic choice for those who want to try this as a blessing from Ganesh Ji.

38. Sumuk:

Sumuk is another name for God Ganesh Ji.

39. Swaroop:

Swaroop is a modern-day and beautiful baby boy name, which means someone who has a pleasant and lovely face. This symbolizes our Lord’s name and is a famous one in Lord Vinayaka names in Telugu.

40. Taksh:

Taksh is a cute and strong, lovely baby boy name. It is also creative and beautiful in sounding. Taksh means strong. It also means someone who is powerful.

41. Umaputra:

Uma is none other than Goddess Parvathi. Uma Purtra means Goddess Uma’s son, which is Lord Ganesh Ji.

42. Varad:

Varad is a stylish and short cute baby boy name choice for Ganesh Ji. It means strength and is a lovely and rarely found idea for naming today’s born kids.

43. Vidhyadhar:

Vidyadhar actually means someone who is full of wisdom and knowledge. The name can mean several God’s, and one among the many is our Ganesh Ji. It is famous among Lord Ganesha names starting with V.

44. Vignesh:

Vignesh is a common name choice, especially in south Indian states. The Vignesh means the person who removes obstacles; it is Ganapathi Ji. The name is famous and found well in Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil languages for Lord Ganesh baby boy names

45. Vikat::

Vikat is a modern and very unique, rare name choice for baby boys. It means a person who has a magnificent personality, symbolizing our God, Ganesh.

46. Vinayak:

Vinayak is another name for God Ganesh and is a famous choice already in several states of India.

47. Visvak:

Visvak or Viswak is a person who is the treasurer of the whole world. It indirectly symbolizes Lord Ganapathi Ji.

48. Visvamukh:

This means someone who is the master of the entire universe or world. The name also means multi-headed God.

49. Yogadipa:

This is a lesser-known and yet lovely name choice inspired by our God, Ganesh Ji.

50. Yunay:

Yunay is again a very uncommon, modern, and rarely found name. It means the most powerful God on the whole earth.

Lord Ganesha Inspired Baby Girl Names Ideas:

You may be surprised, but lovely name ideas inspired by God Ganesh Ji for girls. These are symbolisms or direct names that can be named for baby girls too. Here we give you our top suggestions comprising of both traditional and modern choices. Here we go!

51. Binaka:

Binaka is the name of God Ganesh. The name also symbolizes creativity and power out of vulnerability. We love these intense meanings; what do you think of this lord Ganesha names for baby girl?

52. Ehika:

Ehika means a person who removes obstacles and brings auspiciousness during new beginnings. This is none other than our favorite Lord. Isn’t it?

53. Kapila:

Kapila means yellowish brown colored skin. It also is inspired by Lord Ganesh Ji’s name and is suitable for baby girls. This Ganapati names for baby girl is rarely found and is modern in sounding too.

54. Kaya:

Kaya is another name given for Lord Ganesha and is a perfect pick for the little baby girl. It also means a destroyer of arrogance. It is a favorite short and cute modern Ganesha names for baby girl.

55. Nitya:

Nitya means everlasting or eternal. It also symbolizes Ganesh Ji. This is a short, cute, and classic name choice for baby girls.

56. Prahara:

We love the name Prahara. It is given to baby girls and is a modern and rarely found name. It refers to Lord Ganesh Ji.

57. Shambhavi:

The name Shambavi means Goddess Parvathi, and she is the mother of our favorite Lord, Ganesh Bhagwan. This is the traditional Vinayagar names for baby girl to try out.

58. Rudrapriya:

Rudra’s name is given to several Goddesses such as Durga and even Parvathi. The beloved one of Goddess Parvathi is our Ganapathi Ji.

59. Shwetha:

Most of us do not know that the name Shweta is actually inspired by God Ganesh.

60. Varaya:

Varaya is again a very rarely found name and is unique too. The name Varaya means blessings from God. It also means auspiciousness. We love this unique and new Lord Vinayaka names for baby girl.

Lord Vinayaka Unisex Baby Name Ideas:

There are also specific name ideas and suggestions which are unique and can be ideal to name both baby boys and girls. Let’s check them out too!

61. Karthika:

Karthika is a common name suitable for both boys and girls. It means the son of Lord Shiva.

62. Kirti:

Kirti means fame and reputation. It also means the happiness of new beginnings. This is a suitable name for both boys and girls, inspired from Ganesha.

63. Kshipra:

Kshipra means someone who is ready to appease. The name symbolizes our Ganesh Bhagwan and is a rarely found yet beautiful and unique name choice, suitable for both boys and girls babies.

64. Nandana:

Nandana is a unisex name choice which means Son of Lord Shiva.

65. Yashashwi:

If you are wondering, Yashashwi is a girl’s name choice; this is also suitable for baby boys. It means someone who brings fame and success, symbolizing God Ganesh Ji.

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Lord Vignesha Inspired Twin Name Ideas:

In case you are looking for matching ideas in name choices for twin babies, we even have got you covered in this. These are our top suggestions.

66. Alampat – Avaneesh:

Both are unique and rarely found modern-day name ideas symbolizing God Ganesh. Both mean God of the world and God of the new beginnings.

67. Pitambar – Pramoda:

Both are another symbolising name for God Ganesh and are twin baby boy name ideas.

68. Shanmukh – Saurjyesh:

These are both twin baby boy name ideas. Shanmukh means a person who has multiple heads and symbolizes our favorite God here. Saurjyesh also translates to Ganesha and also Kartikeya, both.

69. Supash – Swarna:

These are again twin baby boy and girl name ideas. Supash means God Ganesh, one who lives in divine land. Swarna is gold, another name for God Ganesh too.

70. Vishwaraja – Vishvamukha:

These are twin baby boy name ideas. Both the meanings revolve and symbolize God Ganesh Ji and the conqueror of the world.

We hope you enjoyed exploring this list of beautiful and latest Lord Ganesha baby names for boys and girls. These are perfect for both traditional and modern outlook choices and are unique and mesmerizing ones to try out. Tell us which is name you liked the most. We love to hear from you!


All the names given above have their meanings as per the context related to the country India. These meanings and symbols may alter according to different cultures, countries, regions, and languages. We advise conducting your extensive research before understanding the several interpretations attached to the name. Further, please also note that this is only an informatory guide on the baby name ideas and choices; the author is not responsible for any error or discrepancy.


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