Newborns are just like new beginnings in our family. We see them as blessings from the almighty and wish right for them. Few parents even prefer naming their kid, which symbolizes God. If you are thinking in these lines, these Lord Vishnu baby names for boys and girls can help. We have worked our leg and compiled the best of trending, popular, meaningful Lord Vishnu baby names, just for you!

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From traditional ones to modern and unique name choices, we have them all. Let’s check the unique names of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu Inspired Child Names for Boys and Girls:

These Lord Vishnu baby names are ideal for the babies born in this generation and want to have a traditional meaning to their name. Our suggestions for the most famous and lovely baby names related to Lord Vishnu are for both boys and girls.

Lord Vishnu Baby Boy Names:

We have ample choices for baby boys coming to the names list inspired by our favorite Lord Vishnu. They are a blend of both traditional and ancient name choices and modern and sophisticated lovely name ideas. Depending on your choice, you can see the best fit for your little star. Let’s get going and check the baby names of Lord Vishnu with meaning out.

1. Aashrit:

Aashrit means ruler. Lord Vishnu is considered among the main significant gods in Hindu mythology, and he is considered a ruler and protector. So the name Aashrit can be both ideal, unique, and also beautiful for the baby boy.

2. Achyut:

Achyut means indestructible or imperishable. In fact, the name again echoes Lord Vishnu very well and is a lovely short and modern baby boy name idea.

3. Adeep:

Adeep is a very new and rarely found name for baby boys. It means Light of the Lord Vishnu. This is an ideal pick for newborn babies and modern parents who want a meaningful and completely new name idea.

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4. Adhrit:

Adhrit name means someone who supports and always protects others. Lord Vishnu is considered the protector of the universe and has taken many forms several times for the overall good and beat evil. The name Adhrit totally echoes Vishnu’s blessing.

5. Ajan:

Ajan in the Sanskrit language means Love from Lord Vishnu. It is a four-letter cute and short, sweet baby boy name with such intense meaning. This is our favorite among Lord Vishnu’s names for baby boy.

6. Akshar:

Akshar means someone who is immortal or everlasting. The name indirectly symbolizes Lord Vishnu and is a lovely modern yet meaningful name choice.

7. Amitash:

Amitash is a popular modern-day name for baby boys, mostly spotted in North India. The name Amitash in the Hindi language means omnipresent. It also is another name for our God Vishnu. This is popular among Lord Vishnu names for baby boy, starting with A.

8. Anant:

Anant means endless. It also means infinite. The name can be seen as a symbolism for our God, Vishnu. It is trending one right now among Vishnu sahasranamam names list for baby boy.

9. Anish:

Anish is again getting as a trendy and famous name these days in the 21st century. The name Anish means supreme being. One can associate the name meaning to our Lord Vishnu easily.

10. Bhavesh:

Bhavesh means someone who rules the entire world. The name is already famous and well found commonly and also associated with our Lord’s name.

11. Chakradhar:

Chakradhar means a person who carries chakra. This is none other than God Vishnu. It is a very traditional, old, and yet timeless name choice for baby boys. The names are a popular choice for baby boys in the Telugu language for Lord Vishnu.

12. Devesh:

Devesh means Lord of all the lords. Lord Vishnu himself took several avatars and forms to defeat the evil in our mythologies.

13. Dharesh:

Dharesh means God of the entire Earth, and the name is used to symbolize God Vishnu. It is one of our favorite baby boy names.

14. Durjay:

Durjay means the person who cannot be defeated or conquered. Lord Vishnu always emerged victoriously and is the one who can never be defeated in what he aims at.

15. Hari:

Hari name is again a prevalent choice, which means almighty. One can associate the symbolism and name meaning to God Vishnu quickly.

16. Hemang:

Hemang means someone who has a golden or shimmery body. The name associates and indirectly means Lord Vishnu.

17. Inesh:

Inesh means strong or powerful leader or ruler.

18. Jagadish:

Jagadish again is a widespread name for baby boys, especially in south Indian states. The name means ruler of the world, which is derived from two words, Jagat and Ish. This can be associated with God Vishnu.

19. Janardhan:

Janardhan is again a famous and classic name choice for baby boys, which means our own Lord.

20. Jayant:

Jayant or Jayanth always means victorious person. This is again a modern and stylish baby boy name for new-gen babies.

21. Jishnu:

Jishnu is another name directly for Lord Vishnu, which means victorious one. This is a popular yet modern-day baby boy name choice for Hindus.

22. Keshava:

Keshava means someone who has long, shiny, beautiful hair. This can be associated with Lord Vishnu, Brahma, and Siva, who are Lord of creation and substance. This is a popular and very traditional baby name choice.

23. Loknath:

Loknath means Lord Vishnu, who is above everyone else in the whole world. This is again a very beautiful yet conventional and ancient name, which is timeless. It can be the right choice for parents who want an intense and traditional name for their baby boys.

24. Madhusudan:

Madhusudan is the destroyer of the demon Madhu. The name symbolizes Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu in it.

25. Murthy:

Murthy simply means an idol or statue of God. The name can be understood as any God’s idol and mostly can symbolize and associate with our God Vishnu Ji.

26. Narsimha:

Narsimha name itself means God Narsimha, the lion God. However, he is the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu.

27. Narayan:

Narayan is again another famous name, especially in Telugu and Tamil languages for baby boys. The name indirectly symbolizes Lord Vishnu. This Lord Vishnu and Narayana names for baby boy starting with N is a beautiful traditional baby boy names idea.

28. Nikesh:

Nikesh is a modern-day lovely cute baby boy name, which means the infinite person. This names of Vishnu for baby boy meaning is none other than our God.

29. Pramod:

Pramod is common among names in Telugu and also Hindi languages; it means delight or smile. The name is inspired by Lord Vishnu and Krishna Ji.

30. Rakshan:

Rakshan is someone who is a protector or guard. This name is inspired by Lord Vishnu, who is known to be the protector of the universe.

31. Reyaansh:

Reyaansh means part of lord Vishnu’s soul. The name also implies sun rays or part of the sunlight. This is a very stylish, modern, and beautiful name for baby boys in this generation.

32. Rishik:

Rishik means rays of the sun. The name is indirectly associates with our Lord. It is a unique one among Lord Vishnu names for baby boy, starting with R.

33. Rohin:

Rohin is simply another name for God Vishnu Ji. The name is mainly seen in the North Indian states. However, it is uncommon and rarely found. The term also means rising or climbing.

34. Samarjit:

Samarjit means the winner of all the battles. The name also means victorious person. The name is inspired by our very own Lord.

35. Shatrughan:

Shatrugan or Shatrughan means destroyer of all the enemies. This name is another popular name given to Lord Vishnu himself.

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36. Shreeman:

Shreeman is a very traditional name that means respectable or auspicious. The name echoes and symbolises Lord Vishnu. This is also a trendy one among Lord Perumal names for baby boy in Tamil.

37. Srinivas:

Srinivas is the abode of Goddess Lakshmi, which is none other than Lord Vishnu. The name also can be spelt as Shrinivas.

38. Taran:

Taran is a short and cute modern baby boy name choice for Hindu babies. It means heaven, thunder, and light. All of them can be easily associated with Lord Vishnu.

39. Trilokesh:

Trilokesh means God of all three worlds. This is a very conventional name choice symbolizing our own favorite God.

40. Trivikram:

Trivikram is another name for God Vishnu. It means the person whose strides covered the entire universe and earth. It is a very traditional and conventional yet meaningful baby boy name idea.

41. Upendra:

Upendra means the brother of Lord Indra, who is Lord Vishnu.

42. Varun:

Varun means sun. The name also means shining one. It is an already famous and popular name but is also associated with our God Vishnu.

43. Vasu:

Vasu is a short and yet very famous and known baby boy name. It means wealth, invaluable, and a gem. The name is associated with God Vishnu.

44. Venkat:

Venkat means divine and existing. This name is symbolic of Lord Vishnu as well.

45. Viresh:

Viresh means a brave lord. The name is symbolic of our favorite God and is a traditional and famous baby boy name choice.

46. Vishruth:

Vishruth means someone who is bold and well known. The name sounds modern and elegant and can be an ideal baby boy name.

47. Visvakarma:

Viswakarma or Vishvakama means the creator of the entire universe. The name is symbolic of Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. This is a very ancient and traditional baby boy name choice again.

48. Visva:

Visva or Vishvam is again another name that means world or universe. It is a famous and yet classic name choice for baby boys.

49. Vithal:

Vithal is another name for God Vishnu. The name also means someone who brings prosperity and auspiciousness.

50. Yajnesh:

Yajnesh means Lord of worship. The name can be associated with several gods and goddesses.

Lord Vishnu Baby Girl Names:

We also have a set of suggestions for girls inspired by God’s symbolic names. These Lord Vishnu names for baby girl are considered auspicious and also intense and traditional in meanings. Here is a few set of name ideas and choices for the baby girl names.

51. Dyuti:

Dyuti means sunlight and sunshine. The name also means rays of sun and splendour. The name is modern and also sweet and rarely found.

52. Nivriti:

Nivriti means bliss and blessing from God. It is a traditional yet rarely found baby girl name. These days, this name is among the popular ones in baby girl names related to Lord Vishnu.

53. Harika:

Harika is a popular name in Telugu and Kannada languages for baby girls. This name means Lord Vishnu itself.

54. Indira:

Indira is the wife of God Vishnu and also is another name for Goddess Lakshmi. It is a traditional choice in God Vishnu names for baby girl.

55. Lalima:

Lalima is again a very traditional name and is another name of the Wife of Lord Vishnu.

56. Savya:

Savya means Lord Vishnu. The name also means a beautiful and perfect person. The name is popular in the Malayalam language for baby girls with Lord Vishnu names.

57. Shree:

Shree is often a prefix to the name, or sometimes even the name itself. It means the wife of God. This is famous Vishnu God names in Sanskrit.

58. Srigna:

Srigna is a unique and very rarely found name. The name Srigna means order from the Lord Vishnu.

59. Vaishnavi:

Vaishnavi is a popular household name in India in several states and languages. The baby girl name of, Vaishnavi, means worshipper of Lord Vishnu.

60. Vishnuja:

Vishnuja itself is a baby girl’s name, which symbolises the daughter of Lord Vishnu himself.

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Unisex Baby Name Ideas Related to Lord Vishnu:

These set of unisex baby name ideas can be suitable for naming both baby boys and girls. These names are traditional as well as modern creative names echoing the symbolism of Vishnu.

61. Eha:

Eha is another name for God Vishnu. This is a unique and unknown short and sweet name, ideal for both boys and girls.

62. Jyeshta:

Jyeshta is a star or nakshatra name. However, it is also a popular unisex name for both baby boys and girls, which symbolizes Lord Vishnu.

63. Mahatru:

Mahatru is a very ancient and old name, yet it is a classic choice. It means Lord Vishnu, the greatest of all.

64. Shauri:

Shauri means someone who is always brave. The name is taken after Lord Vishnu and is ideal for both baby girls and boys.

65. Vithala:

Vithala is another name for God Vishnu. This is a very traditional baby name in India.

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Twin Baby Name Ideas for Lord Vishnu:

We even have a set of suggestions for baby boy and girl names in the case of twins. All of them associate with our favorite God too.

66. Adinath – Adisesh:

Both the names directly relate to and symbolize Lord Vishnu. These are other names for God and are popular traditional choices for baby boys.

67. Badri – Bali:

Both are short and cute twin baby boy names beginning with B. these are other names for Lord Vishnu.

68. Hariom – Hiranya:

These are twin baby boy and girl name ideas relating to Lord Vishnu. Hiranya means wealth and Gold, symbolizing God, and Hariom directly means God himself.

69. Kamal Kant – Kumud:

These are twin baby boy and girl name ideas. Both names mean Lord Vishnu himself.

70. Satindra – Satveer:

These Lord Vishnu names for baby boy starting with S are both symbolizing God himself directly. They are traditional yet rarely found name ideas.

We hope you found the right pick from this list of Lord Vishnu baby names for boys and girls. These are perfect blend choices of traditional as well as modern words. They are also meaningful, unique, and very mesmerising. Tell us which is your favorite one too. We love to hear from you!


All the names given above have their meanings as per the context related to the country India. These meanings and symbols may alter according to different cultures, countries, regions, and languages. We advise conducting your extensive research before understanding the several interpretations attached to the name. Further, please note that this is only an informatory guide on the baby name ideas and choices; the author is not responsible for any error or discrepancy.


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