Ella Marija Lani Yelchi-O’Connor also know by the name Lorde is an American singer and songwriter and her origin is from New Zealand. According to magazines and Billboard, she is one of the famous singers of her time and has quite easily made a name for her with the immensely popular songs. Being raise in Auckland, she is quite beautiful alongside being talented. According to most people, she is the next big thing in the category of female pop singers. Her partly British accent makes her songs sound quite awesome and unique. By the title of this article, you have probably guessed till now that, here, by beauty her natural beauty is being indicated. Lorde no makeup selfie pictures prove her awesomeness as she reveals her naturally beautiful skin to her fans and followers. Below are some of the best pictures of this beauty.

1. Crazy Girl:

Lorde looked adorable in this picture, where she revealed her kid like innocence. Her skin was filled with spots and blemishes yet looked really cute. Her cheeks have pinkish glow and her lips looked quite tender. We love her expression in this selfie, although she appeared a little sad.

2. The Vampy-Look:

Lorde opted for this signature vampy look in this picture. Her skin was clean from makeup and this shot revealed her sunken eyes and spots. She has a natural shine on her face. Her cute little hat on her wavy hair makes it a perfect shot. She does look quite creepy, but we still love her look.

3. Anniversary Picture:

In this picture, Lorde looked quite radiant on her second anniversary with her boyfriend. Her skin was shining was good health and her complexion was beautiful. Her eyes are filled with love for her boyfriend Lowe. Well, we certainly must say, he is such a Lucky Chap!

4. Tired But Pretty:

The singer looked quite tired in this selfie. She posted this picture on her Instagram account, where she was spotted talking an early morning job. Whether due to the effect of a late-night party or due to sleeplessness, the beauty looked quite out of life in this picture.

5. Casual Outing:

Lorde was snapped outdoors, when she came out with no makeup on. She wears makeup and applies a lot of beauty products for suiting the role for her music videos, stage performances, events, etc. But other than that, she likes being herself and that is why she quite often displays her natural beauty without hesitation and sometimes in front of the press as well. If you’re eager to see some Lorde no makeup pictures, then this might be one of the best ones for you.

6. Keeping Herself Warm:

Here, we have an adorable picture of Lorde, where she is pumping her mouth full of air an posing like a baby. This picture was taken by Lorde herself, when she was wearing no makeup at all and this pictures clearly shows off how beautiful this lady is in reality. It is one of the best Lorde without makeup pictures.

7. The Goodnight Selfie:

This is yet another selfie picture of Lorde which was clicked, when the Auckland singer and song-writer was wearing no makeup at all. This is one of the best pictures of Lorde, where is wearing no makeup at all. Her skin is not flawless. She has some flaws such acne but she doesn’t seems to be bothered by that as she knows that no matter how bad she will look one day, her fans will prefer her form her music. She knows the secret.

8. Sleepy Selfie:

This picture of Lorde is yet another selfie clicked by her, when she woke up. The picture is really cute and will easily make anyone fall in love with this awesome lady. One can spot her acne blemishes on the skin, which she did not want to cover up. Doesn’t she look cute in this selfie?

9. The Sporty Look:

Lorde likes the way she is and she prefers being natural and showing her real face to people, who she cares about, like her fans. Her naturally thick eye brows and killer eyes are sure to steal out hearts. She did not hesitate one bit to reveal her spots and uneven textured skin.

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10. The After-Shower Selfie:

This is an awesome selfie clicked by Lorde, which shows her beautiful face, after she has washed off all the mascara. She likes to reveal her real self in front of the fans, so that she can connect better with them. Lorde looks as fresh as a dew drop in this picture.

11. Lorde Before and After Makeup:

If you want to see some Lorde with and without makeup, then this is a wonderful one. By seeing the picture carefully, one can say that she doesn’t look a lot different when she takes of the make up. We felt that the damsel looked pretty without wearing any makeup.

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12. The Minimal Look:

Don’t misunderstand. The facial brightness is due to the camera light which was projected on Lorde’s face during an interview. She looked stunning inspite of not wearing any makeup. Her skin looked bright and radiant in this picture. Her outfit complemented her skin tone quite well.

13. The Bubbly Girl:

This picture was snapped during an interview, which Lorde attended and looked quite amazing without sporting a trace of makeup at all. She looked like an angel in this picture in her white knitted top. Her long wavy hair was devoid of any hair styling products. Yet, she looked stunning.

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14. Fan Selfie:

Lorde makeup is one of the most famous topics these days. But people don’t bother looking for pictures which shows the natural beautiful face of this young and talented beauty. This picture with a fan, however, does the job. We sure noticed how happy her lady admirer was.

Lorde is a living inspiration for a lot of women out there. She can easily step in front of the camera, even though she has some facial defects. She is not ashamed of that, rather, she is proud of the fact that she has the courage to do that as apparently a lot of people don’t. Lorde has revealed to her fans that she is troubled with her acne prone skin. She has posted several pictures of her, applying an anti-pimple ointment. It doesn’t matter if people hates her pictures, because she only believes in doing what makes her happy. We hope you liked these stunning Lorde no makeup selfie pictures.


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