It becomes very exhausting for people who work overnight, to contribute time to any other major physical activity or work. This hectic routine disturbs your sleep cycle and is also harmful to your health in the long run, one of the consequences being negative effects on the metabolism. The body being drained of all energy, it is not very surprising that people tend to gain weight. Irregular sleeping habits, reckless eating and a disturbed biological schedule are the main culprits behind weight gain. Check out these simple tips to know how to lose weight working night shift.

Why Night Shift Work Leads to Weight Gain?

Working in night shifts can disturb your biological clocks. This distorted pattern of day and night can confuse your body, leading to slower metabolism and weight gain. Lack of sufficient sleep, indulging in junk food, eating at odd hours and lack of physical activity are the main reasons why people gain weight while doing night shifts. Also, not knowing how to lose weight working nights can lead to frustration and trauma.

9 Best Tips for Night Shift Weight Loss:

There is a relationship between working night shift and losing weight. Inspite of working at wee hours, you can still lose weight naturally and stay fit by following these simple tips:

1. Proper Sleep:

  • Sleep is indispensable!
  • Make sure you get sufficient hours of sleep because it is during this period that all the repair and energy restoration takes place, so that the body can recover from the fatigue and prepare itself for the next day.
  • Not getting sufficient will also harm your immune system and metabolic rate, making it scabrous to lose weight.

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2. Carry Your Own Lunch:

  • In night shifts, breaks are usually during the odd hours of the day and all you can find to eat is junk and processed food.
  • It is better to carry your own box comprising of all the nutrients that you need.
  • This will help you avoid the excess calories and will help you keep a check on the consumption also.
  • Also do a research on weight loss diet plan for night shift workers.

3. No Sugars and Fries:

  • The most popularly available food during these odd hours is sweets and all sorts of fried items.
  • Avoid excess sweet items, including sugar in your coffee. This will help you to cut down on the excess intake of calories.
  • Carry digestive-fiber biscuits or a fruit of your choice.
  • Low calorie yoghurt is also a good alternative.

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4. Go Nutritious:

  • Add a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.
  • Have the adequate amount of carbohydrate that is required to refill what is lost.
  • Replace unnecessary fats with lean proteins and juices.
  • Balance your diet in accordance to how hectic your schedule is.
  • If you exhaust more during the day, make sure that you have a minimum intake of healthy fats to refill it.
  • Bank on dry fruits and nuts for the nutrient.

5. Exercise:

  • Once you wake up, eat something and get moving.
  • An exercise regime will keep your metabolism active.
  • Start with an aim to burn 250-300 calories and then increase it to an aim of 500 calories a day.
  • This will also keep lethargy at bay. Running, jogging, skipping and swimming are good ways to start off.
  • Sweating it out is better than starving!

6. Don’t Munch Because You are Bored!:

  • Some people tend to eat anything and everything because they are bored.
  • Do not do so.
  • This makes you intake a lot of calories and the cafeteria food is usually junk.
  • So the idea to eat if you are bored is a strict no!

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7. Drink Lots of Water:

  • Keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Staying up all night usually dehydrates the person at a very fast rate.
  • Insufficient water in your body might lead to various problems including rise in pressure.
  • It is extremely important to consume at least 2-3 litres of water while working, apart from the regular day’s consumption.
  • This frequent intake will also curb the will to binge.

8. Set Your Daily Routine:

  • Follow a time-table and worship the clock, doing everything according to time will help your body clock to adjust to a fixed routine.
  • Also you will be able to keep an eye as to when you are hungry, so you can pack food and eat accordingly.
  • The best way is to space it out.
  • Eat light before you take a nap and don’t keep your stomach empty once you are up.

9. Follow it:

  • Since night work slows metabolism down, losing weight becomes a slower process than usual.
  • Once you know how to lose weight working nights, carefully plan a routine
  • Follow a fixed routine according to how much weight you want to shed.
  • Two-three months is an ideal time span, to start off with.
  • It is okay to consume a few extra calories here and there but make sure to burn them in your next work out.

Working at night shifts can effect your health negativity in the long run, Unless required, it is better to stick to day jobs, as your body can understand the normal day and night routine well. However, if you have to work during night shifts, you need to be conscious of what you eat and how well you maintain your body. Night shifts should not be an excuse to neglect health. Following these simple weight loss tips for night shift workers can make you slim and well toned.


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