Are you worried over your over weight? Do you want to lose some pounds fast? Is the tight budget restraining you from joining a gym or aerobics class? If yes, you do not need to worry. You can now follow some tips and lose weight without spending a single penny. You just need to maintain some self disciplinary rules, which are as follows:

1. Cut Down on Calories:

You need to have a control on your diet and cut down the calorie intake. You need to maintain a weekly journal to access the amount of food you are consuming. Then after a week, you need to reduce the amount of unhealthy and fatty food items. You should also avoid fried and junk food.

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2. Spread Down the Meals:

You should not intake too much amount in one meal. It would be better to eat more frequently, consuming smaller portions in each meal. So, you have to spread the meals throughout the day. You have to make your body work for you. For this, you need to increase the metabolic rate in a natural way. You should eat at least 5 times in a day. Make sure to include lots of lean protein, healthy fat, and carbohydrates in the diet. You should also include fresh fruits and green vegetables in the diet. Make sure to drink at least six to eight glasses of water in a day.

3. Go for a Walk:

You should go for a brisk walk every day. If you can do running, cycling, jogging, or swimming then it makes you lose weight faster. However, if you are unable to do so, a brisk walk also gives good results. Riding a bike also provide good cardio conditioning.

4. Do Things Manually:

You should try to perform things manually as much as you can. Say for instance, sweeping the floor or ironing clothes manually keep the body moving. You can also do regular house cleaning by yourself and make your body moving. This saves some amount of cash on the pocket as well.

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5. Avoid Going Out Frequently:

If you go out more often to drop your kids off at various events of pay bills, you will feel tempted to try out the food at various food joints. So, you should try to maintain a schedule that restricts you to stay more in office and home.

6. Put a Taboo on Drinking and Smoking:

If You should put a stop to drinking. Consuming alcohol increases accumulation of fat in the body, especially in the tummy and around the eyes. Smoking also imposes negative results on your health. Qutting these two bad habits will make you feel more energetic and healthier.

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7. Get Enough Sleep:

An adult human needs to have at least six to eight hours of sleep. Inadequate sleep decreases the rate of metabolism and makes you fatter. So, make sure that your body is getting sufficient rest.


Losing weight quickly without spending money involves focusing on a balanced and calorie-conscious diet, engaging in regular physical activity, and adopting healthy lifestyle habits. Prioritizing whole foods, portion control, and staying hydrated can contribute to effective and budget-friendly weight loss. Additionally, incorporating simple home workouts and outdoor activities can further accelerate progress without any financial investment.


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