Due to current lifestyles, the obesity rates are increasing. Junk foods, lack of proper sleep are causing weight gain in people. The extra bulk formed around the waist can make you look awkward. Not only is extra weight not pleasant to look at, but also can cause severe health issues like heart problems, asthma etc. One of the effective solutions for weight loss is to enroll in expensive gyms and hiring personal trainers. However, this may not be budget friendly for all. Not everyone can afford to invest on gyms and special diet programs. This article uncovers some amazing tips for all those who wish to know how to lose weight on a budget.

How to Lose Weight On Tight Budget?

Weight loss requires doing a lot of exercise in sets like cardio combined with cross training and yoga. If a person has fat at specific areas of body then they need to work and focus on that.

11 Top Tips To Lose Weight On Tight Budget:

We see many people are unwilling to pay hefty amounts at a gym centre as they cannot afford it. But they do want to lose weight. It is a bit difficult to lose weight at home though nothing is practically impossible. So here is an article for people on tight budget, yet want to shed off those extra pounds.

1. Drink Plenty Of Water:

Water is the most essential element of weight loss program. It is 200 percent calorie free and drinking plenty of water can aid in weight loss. Water boosts your metabolic rate and also helps in eliminating toxins from the body. It can promote good functioning of the digestive system as well. Drinking lots of water just before meal can curb the appetite and reduce food craving. However, it is not advisable to drink water between meals or immediately after meals, as it may cause indigestion and prevent absorption of nutrients from the food.

2. Eat Slowly:

Eating slowly is a good practice followed in many countries like Japan. The secret behind this rule is that when you eat slowly, you tend to enjoy the flavours of the food and appreciate it. This results in giving a complete feeling of satisfied hunger levels. Eating slowly reduces your overall intake, there by cutting down on extra calories.

3. Ration Your Portions:

Portion control is a must when you plan for weight loss. Indulging in heavy meals and large portions of food can increase your calorie intake and makes it difficult to digest. Slower metabolism can make the excess energy stored in the form of fat in the body. Smaller portions help you get a feeling of completeness soon. By choosing small portions of multiple elements, you can get a low calorie, nutritious food.

4. Plan your meals ahead of time:

With tight work schedules, one may not get sufficient time to prepare meals at home and hence rely on fast food. This results in high calorie, junk food intake. Not only does this cause weight gain, but also increases cholesterol levels. Weekly planning of meals can save a lot of time and you can enjoy a delicious nutritious home cooked meal, with minimal efforts.

5. Eat the Same Thing Every day:

Eating same thing everyday is a common weight loss trick. Although it might sound a little boring, sticking to the same meal plan everyday can help you focus on what exactly you wish to buy and what you can avoid.

6. Don’t Buy Junk Food

Junk food is the biggest enemy for those who wish to lose weight. Fast foods like sweets, chocolates, burgers and pizzas are just waste calories, which lead to blocked arteries and increases waist lines. Stay away from junk food.

7. Eat Fruits:

Fruits are nutrition dense foods. They are excellent sources of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Fruits are also rich in anti-oxidants to repair lost cells. Eating a fruit before meals can make you feel full and help you consume less food. Eating a whole fruit is better than drinking juice.

8. Ask Yourself If You Really Want It?

A lot of times, the common mistake one makes is to resort to unnecessary temptations. Fancy packing and new items on the shelf can make you buy things that can reverse your health goals. Spend good amount of time judging if you really want this item and how it can affect your weight.

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9. Maintain a Food Budget:

People often end up spending more on food than on their monthly EMI’s. Food in fancy restaurants and hyper markets are expensive, especially if they exotic versions. The rule is to set a tight budget for food and buy only healthy, economic items. Get that budget diet plan to lose weight rolling!

10. Eat Healthy Stuff First:

IF you have a refrigerator that is stacked with fresh fruits and a large piece of cake, what should you choose first? Eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables can fill up your tummy and you will have no place for the cake. Plan well to stack up week’s supply of weight loss meal plan on a budget.

11. Exercise:

This is the most important aspect of a weight loss program. Exercise doesn’t have to always be in expensive gyms. You can take cardio like swimming, walking, running, jogging and skipping to lose weight, without spending much.

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Points To Keep In Mind For Quick Weight Loss:

Some of the key points you need to keep in mind before planning for a weight loss program are:

1. Determination:

it is very important to remain determined. Many a times we get enticed looking at the hour glass figure of a model and start exercising, dieting instantly in losing weight. After a week the determination goes for a toss and we are back to normal. This affects our body negatively as we put our body under diet crashes for no reason. One has to be very regular in whatever they do and not just leave that in the middle. So before you start performing any activity whether outside or home, prepare your mind that you are going to do it at least for 4-6 months because before that changes cannot be seen.

2. Patience:

We start, we perform the exercises for a month and we leave it in the between let’s say after a month or two. Why? Because we cannot see changes. This is what happens to most of the girls in their teenage. So be patient ladies. Give your body the time to get accustomed to the exercises. It will definitely show results.

3. Workout every single day:

buy a CD that demonstrates cardio and yoga exercises. Various stars like shilpashetty and bipasabasu have their CD launched in the market for their viewers and fan. They can be bought from any music store as it will provide you guidance on how to start with, what exercises to do. Workout every single day in the morning after playing the CD. But do not skip on working out. An hour of workout is essential as nothing comes easy as they say.

4. Dietary regime:

you are on a tight budget. Cannot afford an expensive dietician. Do not worry at all. A simple net research would help you in deciding with what to eat and what not do.

  • Start with cleansing your body. Detoxification in the morning is essential. Start with 2 glass of water or 1 glass lukewarm water with honey and lemon. It works wonder.
  • Dinner should be as light as air. One should not intake carbohydrate at that time. Just some protein intake should be done. The fat that ultimately gets stored in our body is what we consume for dinner. So keep it as lights as possible. Include fruit and vegetables.
  • Keep eating at short intervals. Indulge in fruits, juices and nuts. Biscuits like digestive, marie gold can also be consumed.
  • No outside food should be eaten. One has to sacrifice on junks and fried.

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When you are determined to achieve something, money should never be a barrier. While money may buy you good equipment’s and a trainer, lack of it is never an excuse for not losing weight. Weight loss will only happen through self-motivation and control of senses. By planning your goals and sticking to them, you can become fit as a fiddle in no time. Like they say, money can’t buy you every happiness. There is a lot you can do without spending a bomb.



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