With the changing mindset of people, everything in a person’s life is changing. Starting from the interior decor ideas to a modular kitchen, the change is everywhere to be found. The definition of style has changed with the growing days. Swings are now modified into chairs with cushions, which provide a greater sophisticated look with the additional bonus of comfort. Garden furniture or patio furniture of different types helps us to renovate the look of our entire house.

Apart from the interior design, the exterior house design should also be a matter of concern. We want to sit on our balcony front porch or backyard and enjoy a lovely cup of coffee. A quiet sunrise and a calm sunset are all a person needs to make his day.

Modern Lounge Chair Design Ideas In India 2023:

Let’s find here with mentioned 15 best lounge chair designs.

1. Lounge Chair Design:

Image Source: lumberjac.com

The design of these chairs is pretty unique and simple. It is comprised of an armchair with an ottoman towards the bottom. The armrests present not only provide additional contentment but also help in the distribution of the body weight uniformly when arms are placed on the armrests. It usually comes in pairs with an ottoman so that we can keep our legs stretched.

2. Outdoor Lounge Chair:

Image Source: pinterest

Outdoor lounge chairs are usually placed near the pool or in the backyard. After having a relaxing time in the pool, one can come and rest in the chair. This outdoor chair does not hold an armchair and ottoman instead they include lightweight chairs that are easy to carry. They can be padded with leather cushions and can be of different colours.

3. Modern Lounge Chair:

Image Source: pinterest

A modern lounge chair is necessary to create an inviting atmosphere in the house. The modern chair is an improvement from the basic design of a chair. It consists of new stylish designs that give our room the look it wants. With the advent of interior decoration under specialised people, new and modern things can be used to enhance the look of your house.

4. Leather Lounge Chair:

Image Source: homeunionnyc.com

As lounge chairs are mainly placed outside, leather seems a good way to go. Various qualities of leather are available. A wide range of colours are also available for leather chairs. It is said that the feel of the leather gets better over time. So, for people who want to invest one time, leather chairs are the best way to go.

5. Round Lounge Chair:

Image Source: 1stdibs.com

Round chairs are mainly placed on the front porch or in the living room and are centred by a centre table or coffee table. These are not huge and are moderately small. They are mainly covered with leather cushions and are stool-like in shape and take up less floor space. They are usually used where space is a bit less like in a studio apartment.

6. White Lounge Chair:

Image Source: v3dinteriors.com

White lounge chair on the front porch or balcony or in the living room creates an inviting atmosphere for the guests who come to your place. The white brings light inside a house and can change the total outlook of a house if the furniture is placed properly. It has stretchable metal legs and a small cushion on the head portion.

7. Folding Lounge Chair:

Image Source: bedbathandbeyond.com

Folding chairs are easily portable chairs that can be carried from one place to another. Easy portability helps to carry the chair to the beach, picnics or a backyard get-together. Even in houses where space is less, this folding lounge chair can be used during times and hours of need and then can be kept away.

8. Vintage Lounge Chair:

Image Source: pinterest

It is a vintage chair design which was used by our Grandfathers. The back legs of the chair are wide and stretched. Two thick cushions are placed for the backrest and sitting area. This wooden lounge has wide space to give a comfortable seat. Placing this chair in your living area will keep reminding your golden memories with your Grandfather.

9. Classic Lounge Chair:

Image Source: pinterest

This white lounge chair will add class to your living room. You can even have matching sofas with this chair. Two tiny soft cushions are placed for you where you can lie down and take a rest. As it is placed beside the window by lying down you can take a view outside. This will give you an amazing experience in the rainy season.

10. Lounge Chair for Bedroom:

Image Source: homedesignlover.com

This leather lounge chair will enhance your bedroom appearance. The chair has multicoloured circular designs. It is short with tiny sharp legs. On both sides, two thick armrests are provided to give relaxation to your shoulder. By lying down in it, one will get sound sleep and one can even feel refreshed after a short nap.

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11. Unique Lounge Chair:

Image Source: design-milk.com

This folding lounge chair is best suited for your office place where, to get refresh employees can lie down for some time. It will increase their efficiency level and make your work atmosphere cool. It is dual dual-coloured chair and as it is foldable it will not occupy much space. In this chair, the upper portion is small and the below area is big.

12. Aluminium Lounge Chair:

Image Source: luxedecor.com

These are outside lounge chairs made of an aluminium metal with a wheel back. It will be hardy as it is of aluminium so keeping cushions on it will be a better option. There is a floral design on the back side of the lounge chair, which looks attractive. You can even move this chair with the help of back wheels.

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13. Unconventional Lounge Chair:

Image Source: knoll.com

This glorifies the creation of a chair lounge. Wooden rolls are arranged so artistically to make a lounge. It is simply an attractive piece of chair with a stand to keep your legs. Placing it indoors or outdoors will unconditionally receive praise and everyone will try to sit in it. It will be a centre of attraction and create a pleasant atmosphere.

14. Lounge Chair with Canopy:

Image Source: luxox.shop

Having such a nice round lounge chair near the pool area or backyard will be an added advantage. The lounge also has a canopy attached, which will provide shelter to your head. One can enjoy uninterrupted fresh air in this round lounge. Spending time in the open sky will fill you with new thoughts and motivation.

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15. Double Lounge Chair:

Image Source: canopyfabric.com

This cute outside lounge chair is for kids. It is for dual people means two kids can sit here. This wooden lounge is decorated with cushions and shelter. There is a zigzag design on the cushion. Kids love to spend time outside and here they will get direct sunlight from the sun. For the healthy upbringing of children, it is necessary to play also.

There are a variety of chairs available in the market serving different purposes. Although the main purpose is sitting, a wide variety puts comfort on different levels. Due to this wide range of selections, it becomes easier for the buyer to choose from. To produce a product that could be manufactured on a wide scale and economical on the pocket, lounge chairs came into existence.


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