Love lockets have always been a popular gifting choice among lovers of ages. They symbolise love and reveal the innermost feelings without saying a word. These staple gifts epitomise passionate love in couples and are ideal. Personalised name lockets are the most happening, for the engraved message or name on the love lockets become timeless, priceless pieces.

Different Types and Cute Love Lockets Collection For Couples:

A love locket is a token of love and affection. Here we discuss some latest and modern lockets of love.

1. Crystal Floating Infinity Love Locket Design:

This cool locket is made of crystal in one of the unpretentious and chic ornaments that any woman would want to have. The locket is shaped like an infinity, and crystals studded all over the locket make the locket look visually amazing and gorgeous. This locket is adapted to be worn on both formal and hangouts, giving you a touch of elegance.

2. Celtic Love Knot Lockets In Silver:

As Celtic knots symbolise a mystic knot or an endless knot forever. It represents an uninterrupted life cycle; the loved one also wants to be knotted forever and be together at any birth. Celtic love knots lockets are the perfect gift you can give your loved one. This Celtic locket is made of silver metal and can also be designed in gold, copper and different metals. This love locket for a couple is a perfect way to reveal your love.

3. Forever Love Lockets:

This type of locket is the one where the phrase “forever” is written, and then you can even engrave your name or you’re loved one’s name with a small miniature like a heart shape, or a flower or stars in the middle, making it look more appealing. The precious diamond studded all around the locket gives a classy look to your neckline.

4. I Love You Locket for Love:

This beautiful locket is made in 18-karat gold and the words depicted are the most magical. This is a very innovative way of expressing love and feelings through I Love you lockets. It’s a perfect gift that you can gift your love without hesitation.

5. Silver Moon Love Locket:

As we say, the moon symbolises a new relationship which might nurture matrimony. So loved ones who have entered into a relationship and want to wax into a bonding, this moon love locket is the perfect gift you can present to your loved one. This locket is made of silver metal and looks sparkling when worn with casuals or western outfits.

6. Rose Gold Love Locket:

The flower rose symbolises love; the rose locket is perfect. Symbols speak louder than words, so by wearing a rose love locket, you can express your feelings without saying any words. This locket is crafted in gold, whereas the flowers can be designed in multiple colours to make the locket look attractive.

7. Love Lockets with Name Embossed:

One of your favourite customised embellishments is the name embossed on your lockets. You can emboss your loved one name and your name to make the locket astonishing and different from other lockets. These lockets can be designed in different metals like gold and copper, and the name crafted can be decorated with diamonds to enhance the look of the locket.

8. Love Locket with Photo:

This type of locket is the perfect gift you can give your loved one as it carries a picture of both of you. Without communicating, you express your feeling through this heart-shaped locket. It is one of the unique ways of wearing a locket, and the locket is attached with a conventional chain which adds another highlight to this locket and your neck.

9. Heart Tattoo Love Lockets:

The tattoo has become very common and popular among young and middle age groups. Instead of tattooing designs on your body parts, you can own a heart tattoo with beautiful emblems drawn inside the heart. It looks very appealing and gives up a fashionable look.

10. Leather Love Lockets for Men and Women:

Leather lockets look amazing as they appear to be simple but very trendy. Both men and women can wear these types of lockets, and you can create a style statement in front of your colleagues and friends. The lockets are made of silver alloy and hooked with black snake leather cord making you look fashionable.

11. Alphabet Lockets for Love:

Lockets with a unique single alphabet look stunning on your neck. The alphabet could be your spouse’s first letter, your friends, loved ones, or your child’s name. This locket is a perfect choice and can be worn daily without hesitation. This could be an inspiration as it could remind you of certain commitments you made with your love.

12. Key Heart Lockets with Love:

As lock and key lockets are very popular, they were initially meant to protect valuables. Men and women wear these types of lockets, which usually come in various shapes and designs. You can choose according to your taste and fashion.

13. Zodiac Sign Love Lockets:

Some people love to wear their birth signs. Then this kind of locket which bears your birth sign, could be perfect.  This locket carries the design of the Libra constellation and looks marvellous on the edges; diamonds are studded. It looks classy and makes you appear unique in the zodiac love locket.

14. Dolphin-Shaped Love Lockets:

As a dolphin symbolises generosity and friendship, and dolphins are said to rule the world graciously. Similarly, you even want similar features in your loved ones or spouse. As dolphins live in n a pair and stay together, we all wish the same to live with our loved ones always. This locket in silver looks gracious, and the small heart emblems enhance the look of the locket.

15. Love Charm Lockets:

As the word describes charm, the locket appears as a charming and exclusive piece of ornament. The locket is designed and crafted beautifully in a word called” love”. The metal is twisted very artistically and gives this locket a dazzling look. These love charms can be customised and crafted into many forms per your choice.

Love lockets need not also always be for a couple. Love lockets depict the bond between two people irrespective of their relationship. Whether it is your sibling, parent, or best friend, love lockets make great gifts. They tell the person how close they are to you and make them shed tears of joy!


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