Jeans are among the most versatile garments we have ever seen, be it for men or women. While they can aptly fit in for several events and times, one of the most sought-after and a favourite for the new-gen youth is the low-hip jeans. Also, known as low-cut jeans or low-waist jeans, these types of pants sit below the hips, and that’s what makes them stand apart. For a stylish, trendy look and modern appearance, these low-hip pants are considered a favourite by the youth of today. So, we are here to round up and pick the top trending variants in these types and help you choose the perfect pick for yourself!

Features of Low-Rise Jeans:

While low-waist jeans for girls, boys, men, and women are already famous, here are a few distinct features of these pants, which you must know.

  • They come in different shades and variants. You can find colours similar to regular denim pants.
  • You can find low-rise jeans in both budget brands as well as expensive high-end ones. They are available across stores, given their popularity.
  • Men’s and women’s low-waist jeans differ to an extent. While men’s variants may appear a bit baggy given their style and body structure, women’s jeans range from being tight skin fit or even relaxed fit too.
  • If you think there is only one type of low-rise jeans, you are wrong. They again have several sub-variants, such as distressed or faded/ripped jeans, straight-leg ones, stretchable variants, bell-bottom looks, bootcut, and so on! So worry not; you have ample options to choose from!

Which Body Shape Women Suitable to Wear Low Rise Jeans:

Well, this is a common question for us. How to pick the right and best men’s and women’s low-rise jeans, depending on their body structure?! Here we go!

  • Most low-rise jeans are ideal for men and women who are average or taller in height.
  • For women, if you have an hourglass body shape and petite structure, you can easily pull off these low-rise jeans. On the other hand, for women with apple or pear shapes, it may be challenging for you guys!
  • There are specific variants specially made for plus size and heavy, curvy women. They are comfortable too!
  • For men, be they athletic or muscular body shape, you can go ahead. But for an entirely oval body shape, it may get challenging.

Stylish Collection of Low-Rise Jeans For Gents:

Let us check out the top men’s low-rise jeans designs.

1. Jack and Jones Low Rise Distressed Jeans:

If you have an eye for the latest fashion and prefer outfits that can elevate and transform your style statement, you must not miss out on these slim-fit distressed blue jeans. With all ripped effects trending all across, these Jack and Jones jeans are here at the right time. It is comfortable, gives an edgy and sleek look and makes you appear smart effortlessly.

  • Design: Blue Low Rise Distressed Jeans
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Fit of Jean: Slim Fit
  • Occasion: Parties, Social Gatherings
  • Suitable Upper Wear: Black or Darker Colour T-Shirts
  • Wash Care: Machine Wash

2. Low Rise Bootcut Jeans:

In case you want to transform and use your low-rise jeans into multi-purpose wear, here is one such. These dark blue bootcut jeans with washed effect near the upper portions look super stylish and contemporary. One can easily use this in semiformal wear and yet manage to look modern and stunning.

  • Design: Dark Blue Bootcut Low Rise Jeans
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Fit of Jean: Regular Fit
  • Occasion: Semiformal and Casual
  • Suitable Upper Wear: Shirts
  • Wash Care: Machine Wash

3. Levis Low Rise Stretchable Jeans:

The Levis brand jeans needs no description. Known for their quality and comfort without compromise, their low-rise stretchable jeans are absolute love. With cent perfect ease in wearing for long hours, yet a skinny contemporary look, these stretchable jeans are built with the latest technology to give trendy style. With very light fade, it enhances the overall stylish appearance too

  • Design: Faded Low Rise Stretchable Jeans
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Fit of Jean: Skinny Fit
  • Occasion: Casual and Regular Wear
  • Suitable Upper Wear: T-Shirts
  • Wash Care: Machine Wash

4. Low Rise Straight Leg Jeans:

The straight leg jeans used to be in trend decades back, and now they are back with a bang! These straight leg low rise jeans for men are all about transformation with contemporary hues, vibrant looks, and fashion statements in the latest trends. With relaxed and comfortable wear, these dark wash jeans are for those men who love to have a smooth look in the loose-fitting.

  • Design: Black Dark Wash Low Rise Jeans With Light Fade
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Fit of Jean: Classic Straight Leg Fit
  • Occasion: Regular, Parties
  • Suitable Upper Wear: Shirts and T-shirts
  • Wash Care: Machine Wash

5. Low Rise Ripped Jeans:

Lastly, for men, ripped jeans are the most sought after option. Here is one such heavy ripped jeans variant. The blue ankle-length tapered fit guys low rise jeans come with heavy fade and highly distressed variety. Men who love to look fashionable, and follows the industry diligently with latest trends, must own this in their collection.

  • Design: Blue Light Wash Heavy Distressed Low Rise Jeans
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Fit of Jean: Tapered Fit
  • Occasion: Parties, Clubbing Nights
  • Suitable Upper Wear: T-shirts
  • Wash Care: Hand Wash

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Trending Models of Low Rise Jeans for Ladies:

Let we have to look at the best low rise jeans with images.

1. Cropped Low Rise Flare Jeans:

Women love the latest fashionable looks and leaves no choice to look like a diva. This cropped low rise stretchable blue jeans is a dream for those who love such looks. With light fade, cropped cut outlook at legs, and low-rise stretchable variant, this style looks super stylish and versatile to pair to different events effortlessly. You can look youthful and gorgeous without a doubt.

  • Design: Blue Light Fade Stretchable Cropped Jeans
  • Fabric: Cotton and Polyester
  • Fit of Jean: Flared Fit
  • Occasion: Regular Outings, Dinner Dates, Parties
  • Suitable Upper Wear: T-shirts or Fancy Tops
  • Wash Care: Machine Wash

2. Low Rise Bell Bottom Jeans:

Do you remember the bell-bottom jeans? Yes, these are the same ones which used to have crazy trend a few years back, and now again with new styles. The new-gen girls love to look vintage and classic, and for such tastes, this low-waist combined bell-bottom jeans is a perfect and ideal choice. What do you think about girls?

  • Design: Dark Blue Bell-bottom Light Fade Jeans
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Fit of Jean: Bell Bottom Fit
  • Occasion: Cocktail Parties and Dinner Events
  • Suitable Upper Wear: Printed Tops or Shirts
  • Wash Care: Machine Wash

3. Plus Size Low Rise Jeans:

Plus-size fashion is going on-trend. If you think plus size curvy women cannot get to wear these, you are wrong. The latest distressed low rise skinny fit jeans are mainly made to accommodate the style statement for curvy girls and make them appear trendy and beautiful. With the elegant appearance and charming look, this style is surely going to lift the spirts of all you girls!

  • Design: Low Rise Distressed Plus Size Blue Jeans
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Fit of Jean: Skinny Fit
  • Occasion: Casual Wear
  • Suitable Upper Wear: T-shirts and Tops
  • Wash Care: Machine Wash

4. Low Rise Designer Skinny Fit Jeans:

The designer wear has unlimited demand in our fashion world. If you are fond of such choices and unique patterns and designs, these blue printed stretchable best low rise jeans for women are apt for you. With the graceful style and design, youthful looks and excellent fit as such, these jean pants are all for those men who won’t settle for less!

  • Design: Blue Printed Low Rise Skinny Fit Jeans
  • Fabric: Cotton and Elastane
  • Fit of Jean: Skinny Fit
  • Occasion: Parties and Ccocktail Events
  • Suitable Upper Wear: Fancy Tops (plain)
  • Wash Care: Machine Wash

5. Wrangler Low Rise Jeans for Women:

Lastly, the Wrangler brand jeans have also come up with its own set of low-rise variants. Their comfortable and clean jean pants are already in trend, and this new style is also quite in demand right now. With a skinny fit and stretchable variant, these are comfortable for long-day wear and can be worn for several versatile occasions and events.

  • Design: Blue Low Rise Stretchable Jeans
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Fit of Jean: Skinny Fit
  • Occasion: Offices, Outings
  • Suitable Upper Wear: Shirts and Tops
  • Wash Care: Machine Wash

How To Style Low Rise Jeans?

Well, now that we have seen the top trending and latest picks of low waist jeans style, here are few hacks from our side to elevate your entire transformation into a better level!

  • The low-rise jeans itself looks quite modern and trendy. So make it a point to style-less.
  • For men, go with shoes or loafers, for footwear. Prefer a good watch and nice printed shirts or t-shirts. They are good to go.
  • Women can work on good sneakers to look super stylish and beautiful. Pair a big dial watch, loose hair, and bling earrings or studs to make it a deal.
  • Do not over style. If your jeans are highly distressed or high faded, go with simple tops. On the other hand, if you have plain coloured jeans or with very light fade, work on beautiful printed upper wear for the same.

Low rise jeans for men and women are a very essential piece of clothing as they not only make you look fit but also very up to date with the recent trends and fashion statements. They can be clubbed with t-shirts, Crop Tops, Tank tops etc.

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