The starting of Monday morning was greeted by a sore pain striking your back and while your boss thinks you are just finding another excuse not to come to work, you are warming away the hot bag water thinking of ways to get rid of your back pain by tomorrow morning.

Back pain is a common health issue which if unattended might result in something serious. Often it might be a muscle pull or a bad sleeping posture. While bad posture may trigger back pain, a number of factors like muscle pull, trauma, arthirits, pregnancy, herniated disc and sciatica lead to acute back pain. Lower back pain can hamper life and it’s very difficult to cope up with the pain. If it is caused by simple factors such as posture or strain on the back, the pain is likely to wade away after 1 to 2 weeks. However, chronic backpains may mean an underlying problem and needs medical attention

How to Treat Lower Back Pain:

At this time there are a few treatment remedies that might help you tend to your sore muscles. Here are our top 7 lower back pain treatments with great results.

1. Stretch Out The Pain:

Small scale exercises at home every morning can help you deal with your back pain better than any drug shop medicine. These exercises usually include normal stretching which brings us to yoga. This is a slow process and results may take a while to show up. However, a little stretching in the mornings coordinated with proper breathing can strengthen your back muscles and make them more flexible. This is one of the best lower back pain treatments.

2. Chiropractor:

Chiropractors are basically referred to as body whisperers and opting for a chiropractic lesson might help you ease in the back pain in a more professional way. A chiropractor is an all rounder specializing in diagnosing and treating of neuromusculoskeletal issues. Opting for one can get you right down to the source of the pain, whether a bad tendon or a soft bone or some stubborn muscles. This is one of the great lower back pain treatments.

3. Exercise:

Let not the bad back ruin your fun time. Opt for aerobic classes, a mixture of dance and exercise where you intensely workout for a good minute before finally opting for a break. Aerobics are much like yoga but in a fast pace with a fast beat. Moving to a good tempo music, you stretch, twist and pull yourself to free your muscles of the rigid knots and ties. This is one of the most excellent lower back pain treatments.

4. Buckle It Up:

We know a bad back pain can make you all the more less flexible. There are days when moving around becomes difficult and an eminent moan escapes your mouth every time you have to stand up from sitting. It is for these tough days that you can opt for the back support belt, which is a wide belt that is wrapped and secured tightly around your waist to keep the pain tamed. However, carrying this off may not be a very easy ordeal. This is one of the best lower back pain treatments.

5. Acupuncture For Severe Lower Back Treatment:


Acupuncture is an age old Chinese healing technique where slender needle tops are inserted and grafted in your body, the area of the problem. Our body has a qui (chi) or energy which keeps the functions at equilibrium and once the free flowing of qui is obstructed, the bodily problems show up. By engaging in the needle in the right knots and clutters, they free the hurdle allowing the qui to flow free again. This is one of the great lower back pain treatments.

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6. Compressors:

Compressors are a good way of helping you deal with back pain but that is only when the pain is superficial and not too deeply integrated in your system. A small fall on your back can cause pain and inflammation which can be reduced by a cold gel compress while a bad muscle might need help from a hot bag. This is one of the most excellent lower back pain treatments.

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7. Medical Assistance:

Often the easiest and the most opted way to diminish back pain is to by purchasing a tube of pain relief massage lotion or gel and cream and massaging your back thoroughly so that the rigid muscles become flexible.This is one of the best lower back pain treatments.

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8. Ergonomic Mattress

If your mattress is either too hard or too soft, it may result in lower back pain. An ergonomic mattress can ease your pain by offering the right support to your back muscles. Memory foam is one of the most recommended mattress to offer a natural sleeping posture and avoid strain on the lower back.

Lower back pain is usually neglected, considering it to be a normal pain. However, lower back pain is a signal that you are not adhereing to your body needs. Whether it is correction of posture or a change in mattress or even seeking medical help, lower back pain needs to treated as early as possible. Exercise is another important element to keep lower back at by and strengthen your back muscles.



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