Who said tattoos have to be on a large scale? Initial tattoos are a perfect example of expressing various things with a single letter. You can get a simple zodiac sign to an intricate pattern with an M letter tattoo design. According to your personal preference, you can make some beautiful additions to your initial, like crowns, flowers, hearts, wings, etc., which give your tattoo a personal touch.

Read on to go through some of the best M-letter tattoo designs you can choose from before you make a final choice.

20 Best M Letter Tattoo Designs:

If you have decided to get an M letter tattoo design engraved on your body, our list will give you a unique insight into your approach. Go through this article for the tattoos that make you stand out without making too much fuss.

1. M Letter Tattoo On Hand:

The dynamic combination of red and black is one of the popular colour choices for tattoos. This design’s bright and dark colours look somewhat relaxed and eye-catching. A cute ribbon on one side of the letter gives the tattoo a playful finish.

2. Simple M Initial Tattoo:

If you want simplicity in a tattoo, this design is a perfect choice. Hearts are a common addition to single-letter alphabet designs with variations in fonts. This design doesn’t have too much complexity and can be achieved quickly, making it one of the popular choices.

3. M Letter Heart Tattoo:

We all remember balloons from childhood and have beautiful associated memories. This tattoo has a cute little girl reaching out to a heart-shaped balloon attached to the M letter tattoo. It may even symbolize many of our longing to embrace the dreams we all have as kids.

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4. Floral M Letter Tattoo Designs:

Floral designs are part and parcel of the body art realm. The beautiful flower’s size goes in hand with the small letter M representing your memory for the note. Although this tattoo looks impressive in a monochrome tone, you can get a bit of pizzazz by using various colours of your choice.

5. Expressive M Font Tattoo With A Heart:

The tattoo’s placement plays an essential role in how it looks. This small M-letter tattoo near your thumb can be designed simply as a choice for first-timers. You can add a personal touch by getting a small red heart engraved.

6. Majestic M Style Letter Tattoo:

This tattoo is for those who want a royal look but without too much fuss. The M letter tattoo combines a heart’s beauty and the imperial look with the intricate crown pattern completing the design beautifully. This design is suitable for people of all ages and genders.

7. Twin Letter M Tattoo On The Wrist:

This is one of the obvious tattoo choices for a wearer who wants to blend style with simplicity. It may also symbolize the twins’ initials, where one letter is sleek and stylish, while another is bold and straightforward. The wearer makes the tattoo design more obvious by wearing an M-letter bracelet.

8. Stylish M Finger Tattoo:

You can represent your zodiac sign with a single letter by changing it. The loopy end of the letter M manifestation means the zodiac sign Virgo or sometimes a maiden. You can get this engraved on any of your fingers since it is small and suitable for both genders.

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9. Starry Letter M Tattoo On Hand:

This M-letter tattoo has a unique beauty giving it a creative edge. The heart blends in beautifully with the alphabet, and adding stars on the other side gives the design an astronomical feel. This is also a creative way to engrave your favourite letter.

10. Splendid M Alphabet Tattoo:

If you are a fan of tattoos but don’t want to go through the painful process, this temporary tattoo made with Mehendi can be a perfect choice. The beautiful letter M with a small butterfly standing on the edge gives the design a look lively and inclined towards women.

11. Cursive M Letter Love Tattoo:

When you want to get a single-letter tattoo, you can experiment with several options in the form of fonts. The cursive letters are some of the best options people choose since they are easily recognizable and easily achieved. The addition of a small red heart gives it a personal touch.

12. Adorable M Letter Tattoo On Hand:

Expressing our love for our parents as a tattoo can be emotional and sentimental. This slick mom tattoo highlighting the first letter M makes it look beautiful, and adding a red heart at the end of the word expresses your love. This tattoo is ideal for both men and women of all age groups.

13. Astonishing M Letter Tattoo Design With Wings:

The bold and dark tones in this tattoo make it look classy and give it a 3d effect making it one of the best choices for an elegant tattoo design. The intricate design on the wings on either side of the alphabet and the halo on top look pretty impressive.

14. Cute Tattoo With Letter M:

The unique part of this tattoo is that one side has a thin line and bold lines on the other side, along with the addition of a heart. The M letter design on your abdomen can be a perfect choice for keeping this design a secret. This tattoo is gender-neutral, and anybody can get it engraved.

15. Curvy Letter M Tattoo:

The punctuation mark at the end of the small M-letter tattoo can mean many things. It might signify something that came to an end or as a punctuation mark. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be used for cosmetic reasons. The cursive m looks attractive and is suitable for both men and women.

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16. Affectionate M Letter Tattoo With Butterfly:

This tattoo is perfect for people who want to add natural elements to the simple letter M. The addition of the beautiful purple butterfly creates a feminine look making it an ideal tattoo for women of all ages. If bright and flowing are what you are looking for in a tattoo, this can be a great choice.

17. Massive Tattoo Designs For Letter M:

If you enjoy extensive designs and are not afraid to experiment, this M-letter tattoo is perfect. The letter’s font goes well with the crown placed in the design giving it a royal look. Men usually prefer these kinds of tattoos, and the shades of grey inside the letter beautify the structure.

18. M Letter Tattoo Design In Star Shape:

The sleek font used in this tattoo makes it look delicate, and the star shape in the background makes it look unique and special. The grey shading of the star elevates the letter M giving the whole structure a beautiful finish. This tattoo is suitable for both men and women.

19. Plain M Design Tattoo:

This M letter tattoo on the back of the neck can be a perfect choice for people who want to keep this tattoo secretive. This tattoo is more inclined towards girls since you can either cover up this design with your hair according to your need making the procedure more personal.

20. Halo M Letter Tattoo Design:

This beautiful M-letter tattoo with wings is a perfect way to represent your love for freedom. The alphabet’s bright red colour stands out, while the wings and halo in black ink create an angelic touch to this design. You can engrave this tattoo on the ankle, wrist, and neck.


This article gives you many variations you can make to the M letter tattoo designs before they are permanently engraved. We hope you will find the right tattoo according to your personal choice with the list we provided. Don’t forget to let us know how this article has helped you make a choice.

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