Marriage is a new beginning of both the bride and groom. A natural glow automatically appears on the face of the bride with the very thought of the enormous love that’s going to come in her new life. The Indian bride especially and other brides too dress up very beautiful. The dressing of a Bride does not end with heavy outfit and makeup, but jewelry plays an important role. Maang tikka the foremost ornament is one of the integral jewelry worn by all brides. And today it is commonly worn on other occasions too. A simple or crafted chain with a beautiful broche at one end and a hairpin at the other end is the simplest design of a maang tikka.

The maang tikka is worn on the fore head and mostly fashionably worn covering the entire head. the broche falls on the center of the forehead. The center of the forehead is considered to be the place of ‘ajna’ one of the chakra points of human body. The chakra on the forehead means the preservation. This point on the forehead makes a significant effect on the human mind. Women wear tikka or apply sindoor on the center of the forehead and gives importance to the tradition.

Different Types of Maang Tikka Designs:

Pick the best choice as you have a variety of maang tikkas-

1. Simple Diamond Maang Tikka Design:

Maang tikka in itself is awesome jewellery. And when placed on the forehead it enhances the beauty of the bride. A simple but outstanding design worn on any small occasion of tikka is a simple golden chain with a pendant at the forehead looks awesome sober on any outfit. Here the center tikka has a ruby diamond in leaf shape cut and surrounded with tiny white diamonds.

2. Traditional Rajasthani Maang Tikka:

Rajasthani maang tikka in a simple form has a crafted or even plain chain that is hooked with hair on one side and the other end that is on the forehead is attached to a round en crafted pendant that is known as borlo/ borla. Borla named is derived from the fruit jujube, the shape resembles the fruit. The beauty of the tikka tassel simply makes the bride look elegant and lamorous.

3. Kundan Bridal Maang Tikka:

Kundan art is well famous in Indian jewelry. Kundan work is a new form of jewelry crafting where in diamonds and pearls are embossed on the metal surface of the ornament making it look gorgeous. The maang tikka looks awesome when there is a touch of kundan work. Kundan work tikka matches best with the attire of the Indian saree and dressing.

4. South Indian Bridal Maang Tikkas in Gold:

The south Indian maang tikka design combines with two circular brooches at the both sides of the hairstyle. The main tikka has three strands beautifully crafted. One attached to the back in the hair and the rest two are extended towards both ears. The circular brooches are symbolized as moon and the other one as sun. It is worn as the blessings of the sun and the moon on the bride and groom.

5. Punjabi Maang Tikka Designs:

Punjabi style maang tikkas are very beautiful too. The tikkas are mostly shaped in big round shapes that cover almost half of the forehead. Normally earlier they used to wear the actual tikka design but the evolutions of new designs they brought a new design that suited best with the salvar kameez and choli in Punjabi weddings. The look of the tikka does not leave you space for bindi on your forehead. But the only piece of tikka alone serves all need of head ornament.

6. Heavy Bridal Gold Maang Tikka Designs:

Brides look gorgeous when beautifully dressed up with traditional ornaments. Maang tikka is a must with a bride. A maang tikka with thick crafted strands with diamonds or polka design or full gold work is hot favorite among all. The ruby diamonds laid in the designs of the tikka suit well with the red wedding saree of the bride. Though brides of different states and countries have their own head decoration ornaments. There is a vast difference in the look and designs and even making of the head jewelry of all states and countries.

7. Maang Tikka with Side Strings:

A side string maang tikkas are a new style of wearing the tikka. The side strand maang tikka has a beautiful crafted broche in the center of the forehead and multiple strands are tied behind the either side if the ear. It indeed gives an elegant look. Pakistani bride and even Arab ladies have a jhumar kind of ornament that they wear on the side part of the head that hangs on the forehead and ear.

8. Single Strand Maang Tikkas Gold Design:

A single strand tikka is the second simplest tikka of the designs. The tikka is designed with a broche hanging in the forehand and the two single strands are headed towards both ear sides. The strands are decorated in many art ways. Here you can see tikka make with polka design made with kundan work. A single strand tikka is also very often chosen in gold alloy. The look of gold tikka is also very precious. The design of tikka made in gold is very small and minute in look.

9. Dauni Double Strand Maang Tikka for Girls:

Dauni strand maang tikka has two strands exceeded towards both the ear ends. The way of wearing matters a lot. You can lightly loosen and hang the strand and hook it behind the ear and the second two strands hooked on the top head in the hairstyle. It gives a beautiful look to the hairstyle too.

10. The Multi Chains Maang Tikka Designs:

A multi chained tikka comes in different designs. We can see in both simple chained design and also in crafted with diamonds and pearls. The strands are fixed from the forehead line to the top head on the hairstyle. The entire hairstyle is beautifully decorated with the tikka strands.

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11. Hidden Maang Tikkas in Gold:

A hidden maang tikka means the there is no chain that is hooked on the center part of the hairstyle or if there is a chain it is hidden under the hairstyle. The broche only is seen on the center of the forehead. This way of fixing the tikka looks adorable and unique.

12. Maharashtrian Maang Tikka:

The Maharashtrian bride wears a tikka accompanied with a traditional jewelry piece traditionally known as mundavalya. The same is worn by Gujarati darbar brides where they call it moriyo. Marathi bridal tikka are mostly designed with pearls as they have a significant look and meaning with the jewelry design and its colors.

13. Traditional Maang Tikka with Hijab for Muslim Brides:

A tikka shown from the hijab looks breathe taking. The beauty of Arabic ladies in traditional look is awesome. The Arabic brides wear maang tikka on their forehead and cover the head with the hijab. The tikka is mostly chosen to be huge and covering almost whole of the forehead. Arabic tikka is mostly made in pure gold, embellished with real gem stones.

14. Floral Designer Maang Tikka:

Here is a beautiful and fancy looking tikka mostly worn for the beauty contests. The tikka is made with flowery white beads attached in a way making a floral design. The model enhances her gracious look with a floral tikka on her head decoration. Marriages on the coastal area are also fond of decorating bride with floral jewelry. This design of head jewelry will be the best for the bride.

15. Pearl Maang Tikkas:

On the nights of sharad poonam the Indian full moon night when most ladies fast for their husbands. They wear an outfit in pure white color. A pearl white beaded tikka with multiple strands and a white broche motif in a leaf shape or else looks splendid on the bride. Pearls are considered as a symbol of purity. The whiteness of pearls is considered to be pure and precious.

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16. Head Band Maang Tikka Designs for Round face:

A head band is a form of head decoration similar to a tikka. The difference in a head band is that it is decorated piece of jewellery made in ant material or metal and it fully tied on the head. Front and back both. Girls wear the head band to give an extraordinary look. It is mostly used in fashion walks or parties.

17. Tiara Maang Tikka:

A tiara tikka is also one of the fashion jewelry worn on any outfit to decorate the head and hairstyle. The unique design is sparking and covers almost the forehead and half of the hair style. The taira tikkas are made in other metals other than gold. You will mostly see in copper bronze or beaded material.

18. Rabari Maang Tikka in Silver:

Rabari is a rajasthani tribal community. The ornaments of the folks are very pretty heavy and in pure heavy silver. Here is a simple design of maang tikka worn by rabari ladies in regular days. A silver crafted chain. There are hanging trinklets in between the chain and a borla design on the forehead. There are two side hanging jhumar on the sides of forehead. It is a very old tradition and ancient ornament in rabaries.

19. Kashmiri Silver and Gold Maang Tikka Design:

A kashmiri traditional girl will be seen in a beautiful head ornament commonly known as kana-door. Ata-hor and Deji-hor. The commonly kashmiri brides wear. The head wear is made of silver and gold sometimes and studded with precious gems. the head wear is semi circular in shape and is worn on the forehead covering almost half of it.

20. Bulgarian Head Tikka Design:

Bulgarian women are very fond of ornaments. The head jewelry is also a very artistic in Bulgaria. Commonly the head ornaments are coins shaped and made in silver alloy. The Bulgarian traditional wear is very natural and splendid looking.

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21. Girl in Oman Wearing Traditional Tikka:

The Omani girls have a beautiful attire in its own. The traditional maang tikka worn by Omani girls are specially designed. The tikka is worn a bit on the top of the head wear. The tikka is made in three or four circular designs. And the center of the tikka has another attached motif in leaf shape. The entire jewelry piece is made of silver alloy and crafted with symbolic designs and gemmed with precious gems.

22. Silver Arabic Maang Tikka:

An Arabic head wear is also a beautiful kind of tikka that covers almost the head and forehead of the lady. The awesome look of the head wear is mesmerizing. The head wear is made with chains hanging pendant coins. Other long chains help cover the ear parts and back head. The jewelry is entirely made with silver or gold alloys. Sometimes other metals like copper and bronze are also used in making of the head wear.

23. Kutch Silver Maang Tikka:

The kutch jewelry have made a different place in jewelry making. The attire and confidence in kutchi women can be seen even from their jewelry. Apart from nose ring the tikka is also a big asset the kutchi women wear. These types of maang tikka are made with heavy silver alloy, almost weighing half kg. The design is made with thick carved chains and drop like patterns. Wearing heavy weighing ornaments in daily routine is not a piece of cake. But the look of kutchi tikka is awesome indeed.

24. Tibetan Head Tikka Accessory:

A Tibetan girl wears about 10 to 15 kg weighing jewelry. The head ornament of Tibetan head jewelry is made of turquoise coral and amber. The traditional look of the head wear covers almost entire head of the lady that looks very artistic.

25. Unique Beaded Black Hair Tikka:

A very trendy looking head wear also very same looking like tikka is worn by ladies on special parties and ceremonies. Here a beautiful head tikka made with black beads stringed with metallic wire. The look is very ethnic and bold. Girls can wear such tikka on long skirts with a baggy t-shirt. Loose pants and kurta also match best with such jewelry.

There are a lot of intricate and mind blowing designs in maang tikka and head jewelry. Brides chose their choice of maang tikkas according to their attire and attitude. Bride with bold nature love to wear large statement. They would love to wear a large design of maang tikkas that may cover the entire hairstyle too. The effect of such a tikka is elegant. While many girls with a shy nature will definitely love to wear a simple but eye catching design of tikka on their forehead that mesmerize the beauty of the bride.


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