When you are a bride, you are decorated from top to toe. Jewellery worn on the forehead is called maang tikka. It is an Eastern tradition. Brides all over India wear maang tikka. This style is not restricted to brides. Many women wear it during functions. The design and style varies region to region.

Latest and Beautiful Maang Tikka Set Designs for Women in Trend:

Here are few styles of maang tikka set designs which you may want to try.

1. Maang Tikka Set With Chain:

Maang tikka set designs usually have a pair of chain. The chain is on both sides. It can be one on each side or multiple. This style is most preferred as it fastens on your head. This reduces the risk of it falling down. It has simple chain mostly. There are kundan and diamond chains also.

2. Maang Tikka Set Without Chain:

Maang tikka set designs without chain has just the pendant and a small chain to attach it to the forehead. It has a hook to fasten it. The pendant hangs at the other end. This style is used by everyone. It is simple and can be worn on all functions.

3. Bridal Maang Tikka Set:

Bridal maang tikka set is little heavy. It has broad chains. They are heavy and very shiny. The pendant is also relatively big. The brides have to pin it up a lot for it to stay on their forehead throughout the function. As they are bulky, the tikka set is fastened by string mostly.

4. Diamond Maang Tikka Set:

Diamond maang tikka set is second most common maang tikka set. This style is also without chain mostly. They are simple. The pendant has mostly coloured stone. It can be worn for parties and engagement functions. They are classy and can be worn with any Indian attire.

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5. One Sided Maang Tikka Set:

One sided maang tikka set designs has the layers of chain in one side of fore-head only. They are stylish and very different from regular maang tikka set. As they are one sided, you can add flicks and bangs to your hair style. This is modern style. It is worn by many bridesmaid and close relatives.

6. Headband Maang Tikka Set:

Headband maang tikka set has series of chain attached to the pendant. They are like headband or a crown. This style is traditional and old. But now many young girls sport it to look chic. This style of maang tikka has both simple and heavy style chain. It is used for functions and parties.

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7. Heavy Maang Tikka Set:

Heavy maang tikka set has a big pendant. The chains are also broad. This style looks good on broad faced women, especially if the forehead is broad. This style of maang tikka set is worn by brides only. It is suggested to wear less make up with this style of maang tikka.

8. Rajasthani Maang Tikka Set:

Out of all styles of maang tikka, the most unique style of maang tikka is Rajasthani maang tikka. It has a single chain which joints into a small pendant which is like a semi-circular ball. This pendant looks like an umbrella. This style is seen in many movies. It looks very rich and classy.

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9. Pendant Style Maang Tikka Set:

All maang tikka have a pendant in the centre. Pendant style maang tikka set has the centre like a proper pendant. This pendant is little bigger and the main attraction. The chain is just for support. They can be worn for functions like Diwali, engagement and all.

Maang tikka set is worn by everyone once in life time. It is a style that makes every women beautiful. It is traditional yet very stylish. You can wear it party and family functions. It is simple and very classy.


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