Wedding jewellery is one of the most crucial parts of every Indian woman. Among all, the maang tikka with earrings is my favourite one. Whether it is a wedding function or a formal event, a maang tikka with perfectly matching earrings set has become a trend in some areas. From ancient traditional styles to modern designer ones, all have their places of demand. One of the commonly misunderstood concepts about wearing Maang tikkas is that ladies should wear them only on their wedding day for their various religious significance; apart from that, ladies can wear different sized Maang tikkas like Oversized, Single tired Pendant Tikka for any special occasion with a beautiful long lehenga or a saree. Then maang tikka with earrings can surely help enhance your beauty.

Latest and Beautiful Maang Tikka with Earrings for Womens in Fashion:

Some exclusive patterns of maang tikka with earrings set have been briefly described.

1. Designer Maang Tikka With Earrings Set:

This pretty set of designer maang tikka with a pair of earrings set goes with all types of attires. It is given a dull gold polish that makes it look amazingly gorgeous. A round shape is given to it to go with all face shapes.

2. Antique Maang Tikka and Earring Sets:

This antique-style gold maang tikka and earring set looks great with gorgeous attire. Irrespective of the colours of your attire, it plays a major role in making you look awesomely beautiful. Women with big faces like to be heavily dressed prefer antique style maang tikka with earrings set.

3. Traditional Maang Tikka and Earring Sets:

A beautifully designed Indian Bollywood set of earrings with maang tikka works wonders. A dazzling red crystal studded over this traditional design makes it look wonderful. It even goes with simple attire and adds glamour to your look.

4. Floral Maang Tikka and Earrings Set:

It is a simple floral pattern maang tikka with cute earrings. These simple and decent-looking earrings and tikka sets are enough for some women to look awesomely beautiful. It goes well with small round faces.

5. Kundan Maang Tikka and Earring Sets:

A beautifully crafted set of earrings with tikka looks wonderful for all skin tones and faces. A set of white kundans embedded beautifully makes it look amazing. Kundan studded jewellery is everlasting. So no need to think twice about this pretty set.

6. Jadau Maang Tikka and Earring Sets:

A set of traditional jadau style maang tikka and earrings looks amazingly beautiful. Jadau-style jewellery originated from the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. These are uniquely crafted and have now won millions of hearts. Adorning this in weddings and traditional functions adds charm, leaving you looking more gorgeous.

7. Passa Maang Tikka and Earring Sets:

This passa maang tikka with earrings set with pink pearls looks simply amazing. Passa is traditional Indian jewellery for side heads. Its unique jewellery gives brides and dancers a Mughal or Bollywood look.

8. Silver Tone Maang Tikka and Earring Sets:

Silver earrings and a maang tikka set give a unique look. It suits well, with a lighter skin tone. Adorning this makes you look simply unique. If you don’t want to spend more, then a set of silver-plated ones is the best option.

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9. Gold Maang Tikka and Earrings Set:

This tear-shaped wedding gold tikka and earring set are designed for bridal wear. It adds charm and makes the bride look glamorous.

Even though a set of tikka and earrings sounds traditional, it has its place in fashion. A stunning set of maang tikka and earring designs makes you look uniquely traditional. Just go and hunt for our best maang tikka and earring set designs.


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