Into every life, a little nail colour must fall. Beautifully painted nails not only are eye-catching but also enhance the look of your pretty outfit. Nail polishes play an important role in the enhancement of your look.  Every nail colour has a language of its own. Painting your nails with a dark colour brings out the strength and mysterious person in you while light colours speak about your charming and gentler side of your personality. With your changing mood, you could always change the colour of your nails.

When it comes to nail polishes, be sure to pick the right colour that suits your skin tone. After all, if you are about to use a product then why not use the right one? If you have a fair skin then you could pretty much go for any striking colour. But if your skin is dark then you could opt for medium to darker shades of nail colours. Getting a perfect finish from a nail polish depends on the quality and brand of the nail polish. Not every brand that promises to give you the best actually does. One of the great brands for gorgeous nail colours is MAC. While MAC red nail polish and MAC white nail polish are the top searched, we have compiled some of the latest collection in the MAC Nail Varnish range listed below.

MAC Nail Polishes:

1. Mac Cosmetics Steamy Nail Lacquer From The Girl About Town Collection Pink Nail Polish:

This is one of the top rated MAC nail lacquers. The cool pink with slightly bluish undertones offers a beautiful glossy finish to your nails. This edition is known for its long-wear and chip resistant features. The creamy consistency of this color glides on your nails like a dream.

Price: Rs. 2417

Rating: 5

2. MAC Nail Lacquer – Only in Florida:

This beautiful orangish coral shade is a true winner. It has a creamy finish and offers a nice experience of coloring your nails with it. The shade lasts for about a week, after which it only loses it sheen, but doesn’t chip off like normal colors.

Price: Rs. 4658

Rating: 5

3. Mac Studio Nail Lacquer – Moonday:

If you want to give your nails an elegant makeover, Moonday by MAC is the perfect choice. This clear nail polish comes in a shimmering finish and can be worn as a polish or as a gloss on top of painted nails. It offers chop resistance to nails and increases the life of your lacquer.

Price: Rs. 600 (*approx)

Rating: 4

4. MAC Studio Nail Lacquer – Rain Of Flowers:

This shade is rated as one of autumn’s best pick by The Independent, UK. The deep violet shade has flecks of glitter to make your nails look as beautiful and as mysterious as the dead of the night. The pigment of this shade is extremely rich and experts recommend use only one coat for a perfect finish.

Price: Rs. 4650 (*approx.)

Rating: 3.2

5. MAC Erogenous Nail Lacquer:

If you are looking to give a pastel touch to your nails, pick this shade right now! This extremely creamy nail color offers the best of coverage in just one swipe. A unique formula makes it last long and deliver what it promises.

Price: Rs. 865 (*approx.)

Rating: 3.8

6. MAC Studio Nail Polish Lacquer Quick Million by MAC:

Wish you could pull out all the stars from the sky and paste them on your nails? Your wish can now come true with the MAC Quick Million shade. This MAC gold nail polish comes in a warm shade with a million glitters to make you shine like a star. It is easy to glide and the shimmer coverage is decent.

Price: Rs. 865 (*approx.)

Rating: 3

7. MAC ‘Divine Night’ Nail Lacquer – Military:

Now you can amplify your gorgeous by applying this beautiful MAC ‘Divine Night’ nail polish. It is a darker burgundy hued nail colour. The high-gloss technology of this nail colour perfects your gorgeous look.

Price: Rs. 1200 (*approx.)

Rating: 4

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8. MAC Style Black – Seriously Hip Nail Lacquer:

The beautiful blend of olive, green and gold gives your nails an irresistible look. Its modified brush lets the nail colour spread evenly on your nail while completing the look with a good texture.

Price: Rs. 865 (*approx.)

Rating: 4.5

9. MAC Fashion Set Collections 2013 Nail Polish – Heroine:

This MAC Fashion Set Collections 2013 is based on a high-gloss technology that provides a great shine and texture to your pretty manicured nails. Pair up your pretty dress with this striking purple nail colour and look pretty!

Price: Rs. 1150 (*approx.)

Rating: 4.1

10. MAC Baking Beauties Nail Lacquer Pistachio Creme:

The beautiful sky blue hued nail colour from MAC Baking Beauties Nail Lacquer Pistachio Creme is a charming colour. This nail colour is designed with a high technology that provides a great finish and texture to the nails.

Price: Rs. 1150 (*approx.)

Rating: 3

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11. MAC Temperature Rising Nail Lacquer – Tropical:

This great nail colour is a blend of two sensual shades that make your nails glisten in the night – the magenta frost of Scorching Haute and the glittering bronze of Tropical. It is designed in a way that does not chip your nails and also contains UV protection and conditions your nails.

Price: Rs. 1294 (*approx.)

Rating: 3.9

12. MAC ‘Divine Night’ Nail Lacquer – Fierce:

This beautiful nail colour is a blend of velvet gold, blackened burgundy and darkest silver suede from MAC ‘Divine Night’ Nail Lacquer. It is designed with a high-gloss technology giving your nails an amazing shade.

Price: Rs. 1261 (*approx.)

Rating: 4

13. MAC Ming Blue Nail Lacquer:

The striking night blue hued nail colour from MAC Ming Blue Nail Lacquer is a beautiful shade. It is designed with a high-gloss technology that provides great shine to your nails. It also contains UV protection and conditions your nails keeping it healthy.

Price: Rs. 1000 (*approx.)

Rating: 2

14. MAC Cham Pale Collection Soiree Nail Lacquer:

This beautiful nail colour is a mixture of gold, metallic and rosy pink colours. Since it contains UV protection, it protects the nails from the harmful UV rays. It is also designed with a high-gloss technology to provide shine to your coloured nails.

Price: Rs. 1000 (*approx.)

Rating: 3.5

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15. MAC Imperial Flower Nail Lacquer:

This beautiful sunset nail colour from MAC Imperial Flower Nail Lacquer is a blend of orange and golden shimmer. The nail polish is designed to provide shine and beautiful texture to the nails while protecting it from the harmful UV rays. It also conditions the beautiful nails.

Price: Rs. 750 (*approx.)

Rating: 5

MAC products might be expensive, but are worth every penny. The brand is synonymous to quality and longevity. MAC nail lacquers are popular with most fashionistas who are crazy about giving their nails, a regular makeover. In spite of using them repeatedly, these products are known to be extremely safe on skin. Unlike their dupes available for lesser price in the market, MAC lipsticks give you a studio finish and make your nails look like a million bucks.


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