We all desire to give the best names to our little ones; we know how special their place is in our hearts and that we want the best for them. If you prefer to name your kid according to Hindu astrology and lunar constellations, nakshatras, we are here to help you out. The Magha nakshatra baby names – especially for those babies who are born under the nakshatra!

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In this series of baby names, according to nakshatras, we are covering meaningful, lovely, beautiful, and most unique names for kids born this millennium. Let’s go ahead and explore more about the lovely Magha nakshatra names for babies today.

Magha Nakshatra and Characteristics:

The Magha nakshatra means magnificence and benevolence. Those born under this nakshatra are said to be very serious in their undertakings of work, engage in crucial activities, and are very religious too. They are happy beings and are very industrious beings. They are both generous, family people, yet very fulfilling in their responsibilities on the work front.

The Magha nakshatra ranges from 0.00 – 13.20 degrees in the Leo sign. The animal name is a male rat and come under the zodiac sign of Leo. Now, let us go ahead and see the best and ideal names for Magha Nakshatra babies.

Magha Nakshatra Babies Name Starting Letter/Syllable:

If your baby girl or boy is born under the Magha Nakshatra, it is considered auspicious and good if their name begins with or starts with Ma, Maa, Mi, Mee, Mu, Me. If you want to see according to padas, then;

The Magha Nakshatra 1st pada names begin with Ma.

Magha Nakshatra 2nd pada names begin with Me.

Makha Nakshatra 3rd pada names start with Mu.

Magha Nakshatra 4th pada names begin with Me.

Baby Names for Magha Nakshatra with Their Meanings:

Here we go; we have compiled a list of lovely and most meaningful Magha Nakshatra baby names for kids born in this star. Let’s explore them together.

Magha Nakshatra Boy Names:

1. Maahir:

Let us begin with a unique and lovely modern name for a baby boy. Maahir means a brave person. The name also alternatively means expert or professional. We love both meanings.

2. Maadhav:

Maadhav is a common name in India. However, it is an evergreen and classic name choice, which never goes out of trend. Maadhav means Lord Krishna. On the other hand, Maadhav also symbolizes a sweet person

3. Maadesh:

Madhesh or Maadesh means Lord Siva. This is another name for God Siva, who is the ruler of the Earth. It is a modern yet beautiful and meaningful name choice for baby boys.

4. Maalav:

In case you prefer a rare name choice, Maalav can be ideal. Maalav is a horse keeper. On the other hand, there is also a musical Raag named after Maalav.

5. Maanas:

Maanas is a beautiful and artistic name to give for baby boys. Manas or Maanas means a mindful soul or a brilliant soul. This Magha star boy names also means intellect, cheerful person and insightful person.

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6. Maanav:

Maanav is a lovely and beautiful sounding name. Manav means a young man or a treasured being. It also means humankind.

7. Maanik:

Maanik is a popular North Indian name is a timeless one for naming baby boys even now. It means a gem or an honored person. The name also means Ruby. Another variation to this Magha Nakshatra names for a boy is Manikya.

8. Maandav:

Maandav is a rare and refreshing name choice for those who want an uncommon and very uncasual name. It means a fit and competent being. It is originated from the Hindi language.

9. Maanvir:

Maanvir is a brave heart. The name is originated from the Hindi language and is a very unique and new name for all of us.

10. Maargit:

Maargit is a unique name, and not many have heard it to date. It means a desired or needed person. The meaning is beautiful, isn’t it! This is one of the unique Magha Nakshatra male baby names.

11. Madan:

We love the name, Madan! Madan is Man filled with love, beauty and passion. The alternative meanings also include pleasing being or cupid. We love all the meanings and is a short, simple choice for baby boys.

12. Madanmohan:

The name begins with Madan and yet means an attractive and lovable person. If you want another variation with the same meaning, Madanapal is also a great Magha Nakshatra boy baby names.

13. Madheswaran:

Also can be spelled as Madeswaran; it means Lord Siva. The name is derived after the meaning Eeswara for the entire world.

14. Madhanraj:

Madhanraj means beauty. It is a simple, short, and cute name choice for baby boys.

15. Madhu:

Madhu is also quite an old and ancient name for baby boys, being in trend across generations. However, it still is a classic name choice for many parents. Madhu means honey or a charming person.

16. Madhudeep:

Madhu is a common name, but if you want a sweet meaning, yet with a unique name, Madhudeep can be ideal. Madhudeep means God of Love.

17. Madhukanta:

The name Madhukanta is derived from the Hindi and Sanskrit languages, which means the Moon. The name also symbolizes radiance, glow and beauty. This is a very charming Magha Nakshatra Sanskrit names.

18. Madhukiran:

Here are another name variation and choice. Madhukiran means a sweet ray. This is originated from the Hindi and Sanskrit languages.

19. Madhur:

Madhur is a short and cute lovely sounding name with modern connotations. It means sweet or melodious. Another spelling for the name is Madur.

20. Magadh:

Magadh is originated from Hindu texts, which is the son of Yadu. It is a new name yet with traditional meaning.

21. Megan:

In case you want completely lovely and charming with a modern-sounding name, this unique one is totally amazing. Megan means pearl. It also symbolizes precious and lovely. Another variation to the name is Meghan.

22. Mihan:

Mihan or Mihaan is great or a man with good qualities. The name also means clouds.

23. Mihir:

Mihir is a short and lovely sounding common name, yet with a classic vibe to it. The name Mihir means sun. Another variation to the name is Mihit, which also means sun.

24. Munal:

Munal means a person who possesses or gives something. The origins of the name aren’t yet established. However, it is a beautifully modern and rare name to try out.

25. Murad:

Murad means desire or will. If you like poetry or art, Murad name can connect to you well. It is quite a mesmerizing name for baby boys.

Magha Nakshatra Girl Baby Names:

26. Maala:

Maala is a very traditional Hindu baby girl’s name. The name Maala in Sanskrit and several Indian languages means a garland.

27. Maanasa:

Manasa or Maanasa means a person conceived in mind. It is among the most popular yet lovely names in South Indian states. This is one of our favorite Magha Nakshatra names for a girl.

28. Mansavi:

Maanasvi or manasvi means tenderness or a tender person. This is a beautiful and youthful baby girl name choice originated from the Sanskrit language.

29. Maandhari:

Mandhaari means an honourable person. This Magha Nakshatra female names are again from South Indian languages and is not a common name as of now.

30. Maansi:

Maansi is a short and cute sounding beautiful name. The name Maansi means intellectual. It is also another name for Goddess Saraswathi. The name is popular in both north and south Indian states.

31. Maanvi:

Maanvi is a unique and rare baby girl name. The name Maanvi means a girl with humanity. It also means someone who possesses all ideal and good qualities. The name is originated from the Sanskrit language.

32. Maanyata:

Maanyata is a lovely name, mostly followed by the North Indians. Originated from the Hindi language, Maanyata means principles.

33. Madhavi:

Madhavi in Telugu and south Indian states is a common name. It means creeper with lovely and beautiful flowers. This is a common yet cute Magha star girl names.

34. Madhubala:

Madhubala translates to a sweet little girl. The name is lovely and famous already, due to the well known Indian heroine after the same name.

35. Madhumika:

Madhumika means power, spirituality and happiness. The name is not a common one, yet with a beautiful meaning, which is observed in south Indian states.

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36. Madhura:

Madhura literally translates to sugar. The name also symbolizes a sweet person or sugar like a person. The name is lovely in its meaning and is a common name.

37. Mahati:

Mahati, or Mahathi, means a great being or a great soul. The name is the meaning of literal Sanskrit language word, mahati.

38. Mahiya:

Mahiya is a rare and uncommon name for baby girls. It means happiness and joy. The name itself has a cheerful and lovely meaning, isn’t it? This is Magha Nakshatra 1st pada names.

39. Maithreyi:

Maithreyi or Maitreyi means a person who is friendly with others. The name is originated from the Sanskrit word, Maithri, which is a friend.

40. Malar:

Malar in few south Indian languages means jasmine. The name is rare and not commonly found, yet short in pronunciation and beautiful sounding. It is beautiful in both.

41. Mayuri:

Mayuri translates to peacock or peahen. The name is beautiful in both meaning and lovely wording. It is originated from Indian languages. This is also a common Magha Nakshatra names in Telugu.

42. Meehika:

Meehika means mist or fog. The name is a famous north Indian baby girl name, and yet is a classic name choice and timeless in the meaning.

43. Meenal:

Meenal is a rare and unique fresh name for a baby girl. It means gem or a diamond. This is unique and new Magha Nakshatra Simha rasi baby names.

44. Meghana:

Meghana or even Megha means clouds. The name is lovely and a common name, yet we quite love the sounding and meaning. What do you think? It is originated after the Sanskrit language.

45. Mira:

Mira, or even can be spelled as Meera, is a devotee of Krishna and a poetess. The name also alternatively means ocean and boundary. It is quite an intense name meaning.

46. Misha:

Misha means a happy person for the whole life. This is a new and modern-day contemporary name that is now found in North Indian states.

47. Mithriya:

Mithriya is a modern name and is unique. If you want a name which is not at all common, this can be a good choice. Mithriya means knowledgeable.

48. Mughda:

Mughda or Mughdha is a common Telugu Magha nakshatra baby girl name. Mughdha means spellbound. The name is quite lovely and charming in its meaning.

49. Mukti:

Mukti or Mukthi means salvation. It also symbolizes freedom from life. It is a very intense and creative name, which is not commonly found.

50. Mudrika:

Mudrika means a ring. The name also symbolizes stamp or expression. It has multiple meanings, with charming pronunciation and yet a rare name.

Unisex Magha Nakshatra Baby Names:

51. Mittal:

Mittal is both baby boy and baby girl name under Magha Nakshatra. The name Mittal means a friendly being.

52. Murali:

Murali is again unisex name, although mostly we find it in the baby boys side. It means a flute, named after Lord Krishna’s flute songs.

53. Meghan:

Meghan is both again baby boy and girl name. The name Meghan means a pearl. It also symbolizes a precious and beautiful being.

54. Manu:

The name Manu is unique and rare, yet can be ideal for both baby boys and girls. Manu is the father and founder of human beings. It also, on the other hand, means wise, attractive, intelligent and ruler of the entire earth.

55. Mahira:

Mahira is both baby boy and girl, unisex name. It means a person who is an expert or high skill. The name also means powerful or talented human being.

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Magha Nakshatra Baby Names for Twins:

56. Maalavi – Maalika:

Maalavi is a princess. It is also the name of a raag in music science. Maalika, on the other hand, means garland, daughter and jasmine. These are beautiful twin baby girl names, beginning with maa.

57. Maandav – Maandavi:

Maandav and maandavi both mean administrator or a competent person. These are twinning and rhyming baby boy and girl names.

58. Madhukanth – Madhuja:

Madhukanth or Madhukant means moon. It also means illuminance, radiance and glows. Madhuja, on the other hand, means someone who is sweet or made of honey. These are twin baby boy and girl name choices.

59. Mishrak – Mishti:

Mishrak means Indras’ garden of paradise. Mishti, on the other hand, is a sweet person or a sweet name. Both are rare and unique twin Baby boy and girl name ideas.

60. Murthy – Muruga:

If you are a traditional and religious person and want traditional names for your kids, these are good to go. Murthy is an idol or auspicious lord. Muruga is again God’s name. These are the perfect twin baby boy name choices.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these lovely and meaningful MaaghaNakshatra baby names. They are all lovely, beautiful and meaningful in their own way. Let us know what the name you liked is; we love to hear from you.


The baby mentioned above names and meanings might differ according to different cultures, regions, and nationalities. Always cross-check and research in-depth before you finalize the baby’s name.


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