Mahabaleshwar is a simple hill station located amidst the mountains of the Western Ghats. Its located within the state of Maharashtra is the Satara district. During the British Raj, Mahabaleshwar was the capital of their Bombay Province. This place provides you with fresh air and beautiful sights like all other hill stations. But what makes this place stand apart is its rich historical background.

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Beautiful Mahabaleshwar Tourist Places To Visit:

Here is a list of the 15 best tourist places to visit in Mahabaleshwar.

1. Morarji Castle:

This building is built in the old British style. If you’re a student of architecture, the building’s generous endowment of arches and vaults will certainly interest you. Even if you do not know much about architecture, there is something about the building’s glorious structure that makes you want to explore the ruins more thoroughly. It is one of the considerable sight seeing places in mahabaleshwar to visit which makes your eyes happy blinking.

2. Rajpuri Caves:

This is one of the holiest places in Mahabaleshwar and is visited by all pious tourists. These are a simple set of caves that are surrounded by several kunds or water bodies. Religious devotees believe that the water of these kunds is holy and has special abilities. Taking a bath in one of these kunds is considered to help in improving the longevity of your life.

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3. Babington Point:

Mahabaleshwar sports several beautiful points within and around its vicinity. One of these is Babington point. Located at a height of 1294 meters above the sea level, the panoramic view from this point is breathtaking. But for many tourists the journey to the point is far more fascinating than the destination itself. This is one of the best tourist places in mahabaleshwar to visit so you never miss this beautiful place.

4. Bombay Point:

Bombay point or Sunset Point is visited by all tourists at least once during their stay in Mahabaleshwar. The view of pink and orange skies of dusk is an ethereal experience. Its name Bombay Point or Mumbai point comes from the fact that the point lies on the road to Mumbai. Many a people come equipped with a sheet and a basket of goodies for a calm afternoon picnic amidst the shade of the few trees here.

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5. Connaught Peak:

Formerly known as Mount Olympia, this is the second highest peak of Mahabaleshwar. Trekking and then conquering this peak rewards you with an incredible view of Mahabaleshwar, complete with all its valleys, lakes and points. Located 1400 meters above sea level, this peak is bound to be visited by all adventurous tourists whether it be for trekking or rides along its steep roads.

6. Mahabaleshwar Temple:

Another one of Mahabaleshwar’s famous holy places is the Mahabaleshwar temple. The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, houses a magnificent ‘lingam’, which is a black stone that is regarded as the reincarnation of the lord. The temple has been built in the typical style of the old Hindu temples. It is divided into two parts the inner room and the outer part which is also called the central hall.

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7. Tiger spring:

This is one of the most beautiful natural springs in the area. Many devotees believe its water to be pure and healing. The scenery surrounding this small lake is spectacular. The river Savitri is believed to originate here. The spring is located close to Arthur’s point which is another famous tourist spot.

8. Lingmala Falls:

This waterfall has water cascading down from a height of 600 feet above the Venna valley where the waterfall meets a lake. The view that it provides is stupendous. During the monsoon season the gushing loud water has an even edgier look than normal.

9. Venna Lake:

This is one of the popular tourist attractions of this area. The lake built by the Raja of Satara in 1842, covers a vast area of 28 acres. Today it offers facilities like boating, game stalls, snack stalls and so on to lure in more tourists.

10. Pratapgarh Fort:

People who love ancient history are definitely going to love the Pratapgarh fort. And for those who don’t, well you guys are going to miss out on the picturesque landscape and river fronts, so it’s your loss people. Pratapgarh Fort is one the “must” places to visit in Mahabaleshwar. It is the symbol of the great battle which took place between Shivaji Maharaja and Afzal Khan. Afzal Khan lies entombed in the lower section of the Pratapgarh Fort itself. But if you are not interested in any of the above, then you can visit Pratapgarh Fort for the scenic beauties it presents, since it overlooks the banks of Neera and Koyna rivers, and it also presents itself as a huge treat for archaeologists and students.

11. Wilson Point:

Wilson Point is also quite commonly known as sunrise point. Till date I have no idea why people differentiate between sunset and sunrise points since you can see both quite well through a same sunset spot or a sunrise point but that’s up for a debate. Wilson Point is breathtakingly good for long walks, cycling and obviously sunrise as well as sunset. Along with being a sunrise point, Wilson Point will also treat you the nature’s various treats. The magical view will freeze the time and you will be lost deep in your mystical thoughts. So people who are crazy for selfies and family photographs, Wilson Point is definitely a place you should visit.

12. Lodwick Point:

This place is named after one of the luckiest dads General Lodwick who was the first person to climb this hill by foot and his son erected a memorial in his honor. While this is just a history lesson, actually the Lodwick point is more famous for the enriching experience of nature showing off in different apparels such as forests, valleys etc. The view is breathtaking and for girls the expression would be “wow”. Lodwick Point is one of the best Mahabaleshwar tourist places to visit.

13. Tapola:

Tapola is a beautiful lake in Mahabaleshwar formed by the backwaters of Koyna River. There is actually only two things you can do over at this place that is water rides and visiting places which are only accessible through this water body. If you love lakes and water bodies then this is the place for you, as this lake is relatively huge and a lot of beautiful scenes can be captured through the water rides.

14. Dhobi Waterfalls:

Dhobi Waterfalls is one of the places near Mahabaleshwar. For people who have suffered from intense travel fatigue and for people looking to spend a quiet time Dhobi Waterfalls is your place to visit. Along with the breathtaking view of the waterfall you will also get to see lovely lush green valleys. This is more of a picnic spot than a tourism hot spot but nonetheless you will be able to feel the serenity and calmness engulfing the Dhobi Waterfalls.

15. Helen’s Point:

“Photographs are more important than memories” is a trend going on with the current generation. Luckily Helen’s Point is a place where memories can be created and scenic beauty captured in the miniature lens of the camera. Helen’s Point more popularly known as Blue Valley is a cluster of various natural exotic scenes such as green fields, forests, flowing waters and many more which will make you feel as if you are in a time lapse. So for nature lovers and couples, Helen’s Point is one of the best places to see in Mahabaleshwar

These were some of the most coolest mahabaleshwar tourist places. So, what are you waiting for? Take a long holiday and plan a trip with your friends or family, and explore these amazing places.


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