There are various types of Maharashtrian bridal hairstyles that can be done. These are also quite popular. These should be teamed with various types other kundan neckpieces. A woman can also wear sets of bangles for the hands and other floral accessories to create a more glamorous effect.

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9 Best Maharashtrian Bridal Hairstyles:

Below are the 9 latest Maharashtrian Bridal Hairstyles for girls that a person should definitely try out.

1. The Centralized Traditional Look:

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This is a very common hair look that can be worn with sarees and also any type of lehenga or churidar. These are also teamed with heavy bangles on the wrists and other types of gears. A person can sport these with normal makeup which can make these look fresh. These can also be sport for family gatherings and other occasions. A person can also use some padding at the back top to create more volume and a puffed effect. These can be easily worn with other types of outfits.

2. The Centralized Look:

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This is a very centralized look that can be worn with some accessories like a kundan stone studded Maangtika. These can also be worn with various types of banarasi or other silk sarees.

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3. The Top Floral Look:

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This hairdo can be easily done by puffing the frontal sections. A person can do this without much professional help but with some helping hands of family or friends. The sections should be washed and then blowing can be done to create more airiness. These can be then clipped at back by rolling or with some clipping or padding. This is dependent on the comfortability of the person. A woman can also wear these in other fashions. The frontal portion can be adorned with some heavy Maang tikka set which can be hidden beneath the sections which have been made into puffed.

4. The Low Bun:

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This is another popular type of look which is quite easily done so many women do these for the parties. This is also common for any Maharashtrian function. This will not require much products and these can be sported with heavy kundan or other types of stock neck pieces or traditional sets. The bangles can be worn in bunches to give these more glamorous effect.

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5. The Open Tresses Look:

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This open hairstyle is for those women who do not like to sport any forms of clipped or other back clipped looks. These can be worn with any form of heavy neckpieces. This will make the neckpieces and the hand bangles more prominent.

6. The Side Waterfall Look:

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This is a popular look which many women try out for traditional parties or occasions. The back can be adorned with fresh flowers or other artificial gears to make this more party like.

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7. Side Shifted Braid:

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This simple bridal hairstyle is easy to sport look which any woman can do if that person does not want some high end clipping or other forms of wear for the sections. The sections can be shifted to a side and then a normal floral clip can be used. These can be worn with heavy neck or ear pieces.

8. Accessorized Messed Look:

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This is a low messed look which has a clipped stone studded accessory. These can be tried out for casual and also other bridal parties.

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9. The Vintage Bun:

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This is a very stylish hair setting which can be worn by Maharashtrian brides or any women for any type of party or family functions. Professional parlour help can be taken for these.


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