Makara Rashi or Capricorn is the tenth Zodiac sign that can be identified by a symbol of a horned goat. Children who are born in the Nakshatras- Uttarashada (2,3,4 Padas), Dhanishta (1,2 Padas) and Sravana (4 Padams) fall under this Rashi. In this article, we have curated a list of the 60 Best Makar Rashi baby names for children who are born in these Nakshatras and Padas.

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Before we get into the details, let us look into the Makara Rashi starting alphabets* (sounds):

  • Be, Bo, Ba, Ji, Juu, Je, Jo, Kha

*may change with Panchangam

60 Best Makara Rashi (Capricorn) Names for Boys and Girls with Meanings:

Here are the top 60 names for baby boys and girls born in Makar Rashi. The list also includes popular Unisex and twin baby names that start with the specific letters of the Zodiac sign:

25 Makara Rashi Baby Boy Names:

A baby born in the Capricorn sign is known to exhibit certain qualities like thoughtfulness, intelligence, and positivity. They are also known to have attractive personalities and end up being as crowd-pullers wherever they go. Now, let us check out some best names for these smart kids born in Makar Rashi:

1. Badri:

Badri is a powerful Hindu name for baby boys born in Makar Rashi. The word “Badri” is one of the many names of Lord Shiva or Badrinath. The alternate spelling variant is Bhadri.

2. Bagira:

This name is sure to allure all the “Jungle Book” fans out there, especially those who love the character “Bhageera”. The actual meaning of this word is “nurturing”, which exactly describes the loving and caring nature of this black panther in the movie. You can also use “Bhageera” as a spelling variant.

3. Bajrang:

The word “Bajrang” is commonly used for baby boys in Hindi speaking communities. It is a Sanskrit word that comes from “Vajrang” (diamond), one of the many names of Lord Hanuman.

4. Baalan:

The name “Baalan” is an apt word for your son, which means “young” or “child”. The name is derived from the Sanskrit language, and the related names can be “Bala”.

5. Bansi:

Bansi is a lovely name for baby boys which means “flute”. The name is associated with melody, harmony and purity. You can also add a suffix to this name using certain names like “lal” to make it sound complete.

6. Bhaumik:

The name “Bhaumik” means Land Owner or who owns the Earth. It is derived from the Sanskrit language where the word “Bhau” means “Earth”. There are no other variants for this name!

7. Bhadra:

The name “Bhadra” has many meanings and interpretations. Some people associate this word with the occult Goddess “Bhadrakali”. Many others interpret this word as blessed, fortunate, protection etc. The name is usually used on its own without any additions.

8. Bhagyanath:

The name “Bhagyanath” is one of the traditional names for Makar Rashi baby boys. It is derived from the words “Bhagya” meaning luck and “nath” meaning “one who possesses”. So, the word translates to “one who owns luck”. Isn’t this the perfect name for your lucky little charm?

9. Bhavdeep:

“Bhavdeep” is a compound word that comes from the two Sanskrit words “Bhav” meaning world and “deep” meaning lamp. So “Bhavdeep” translates to the Lamp of the world or Lord Shiva, according to Hindu mythology.

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10. Bodhan:

The word “Bodhan” means clever, intelligent, wise and enlightened. It comes from the Sanskrit word “Bodhana” meaning teaching. So, Bodhan can also be interpreted as “one who teaches or instructs”.

11. Boopal:

Boopal, commonly written as “Bhupal” is another meaningful name for Makar Rashi baby boys. The Sanskrit derived name means “Land Owner” or “Ruler of the Land”. There is also a raga called “Boopal” in Classical music. So, you can choose the spelling based on the meaning you intend to achieve.

12. Bhoopathi:

Boopathi is another name that has a royal meaning. It means “Lord of the Earth”, which comes from the words “Bhoo” meaning earth and “pathi” meaning Lord. The spelling variant is “Bhupathi”.

13. Bibin:

The word “Bibin” is quite unusual for Hindu baby boys as it is commonly found in Kerala Christian communities. However, the meaning of this name makes it suitable for all cultures and religions. “Bibin” means “one who thinks big”.

14. Bijal:

The word “Bijal” is an adaptation of the original Hindi word “Bijli” meaning electricity or lightning. The name symbolizes high energy and creativity.

15. Bijesh:

The word “Bijesh” is considered to be one of the many names of Lord Shiva. The original version of this word was “Vijesh” which means “Lord of Victory” or Mahadev!

16. Biren:

“Biren” is a Hindu name for baby boys which means “Lord of Warriors”. According to Hindu mythology, this title was given to Lord Vishnu, as was he was considered to an Athimaharathi or a person capable of fighting very large armies.

17. Jignesh:

The name “Jignesh” comes from the Sanskrit word “Jignasa” which means curiosity. So, “Jignesh” can be interpreted as “one who has intellectual curiosity”.

18. Jishanth:

If you are looking for a modern Maraka Rashi baby boy name, then try “Jishanth”. This contemporary style word is interpreted as “one who has the highest feelings for himself”. However, this word can be taken as “self-love” or as narcissism. So, do think twice before you pick this one!

19. Jivesh:

The name “Jivesh” comes from the Sanskrit word “Jiva” meaning life and “eesh” meaning God. So, Jivesh means “God of Life”, who according to Hindu mythology, is Lord Shiva.

20. Jiyaan:

Jiyaan is a stylish name for baby boys born in Makar Rashi. It means “one who is always happy” or “one who is very close to the heart”. Either way, the name is perfect for your lovely little boy!

21. Jogendra:

The name “Jogendra” means “Ruler of the Yogis” or Lord Shiva. It is derived from the Sanskrit words “Jogi” meaning Yogi and “Indra” meaning ruler or king. This is one of the many names that represent Shiva.

22. Joshith:

Joshith is a nice name for Makar Rashi baby boys which means pleased or delighted. The female variant for this name can be “Joshitha” and the nickname “josh”. Power-packed with energy, isn’t it?

23. Jeevesh:

The word “Jeevesh” means God of Life. It is formed by joining two words, “Jeeva” meaning life and “Esh” meaning God. In other words, “Jeevesh” can be the name of Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu depending on the individual beliefs.

24. Khailash:

Khailash is a tweaked spelling of “Kailash”, the sacred mountain of Lord Shiva. It is derived from the Sanskrit language and can be used as a name for Makara Rashi baby boys.

25. Khajan:

Khajan is a different name for boys born in this Rashi. It means “Wealth” and probably could become from the Hindi word “Khazana” meaning treasure.

25 Best Makara Rashi Baby Girl Names:

Makar Rashi born baby girls are believed to have traits like self-confidence, dedication and sensitivity. They are also said to have very strong family values and fairness in judgement. So a girl with such great qualities deserves a beautiful name, such as these top 25 picks:

26. Bairavi:

Bairavi is one of the many names of Goddess Durga, which means “terrifying (to the evil)”. The spelling variant is “Bhairavi”. Another interpretation is that “Bairavi” is the name of a traditional Indian raga.

27. Banditha:

Banditha can be a beautiful name for your Makar Rashi born baby girl. It means “blessed” or “one who is worshipped”. It comes from the Hindi language and has no other variants.

28. Bandhini:

The word “Bandhini” means a bond or one that glues everything together. So, this is a suitable name for your little baby who you think will play a key role in keeping the family united.

29. Basanti:

If you are a fan of yesteryear’s Bollywood movies, the name “Basanti” might strike a chord. Even in real life, “Basanti” can be a lovely name for baby girls as it means “Spring”. The name is associated with happiness, growth and new beginnings.

30. Bavisha:

The name “Bavisha” means Future. It is a modern variant of the Sanskrit word “Bhavishya” meaning “Future”. So, if you want a futuristic name for your daughter, this can be a great pick.

31. Bhadrika:

“Bhadrika” is a powerful name for girls which translates to “woman with good fortune”. It can also indicate qualities like nobility, beauty and intelligence. Although many people prefer writing the name as “Badrika”, the first three letters “bad” may not give a very positive start.

32. Bhanuja:

Another trending name for Makar Rashi girls that starts with “B” is “Bhanuja”. This word is said to be the name of River Yamuna. The actual meaning comes from the Sanskrit words “Bhanu” which means Sun and “Ja” which means daughter.

33. Bhaskari:

If you are looking for a sun-inspired name for your daughter, then try “Bhaskari”. It is derived from the Sanskrit word “Bhaskar” meaning sun. So, Bhaskari can be taken as its female variant.

34. Bhavigna:

The word “Bhavigna” is considered to be one of the many names of Goddess Durga. The name is associated with bravery and a powerful and fearless personality.

35. Bhanu Rekha:

“Bhanu Rekha” is a two-word name in which “Bhanu” means Sun and “Rekha” means rays. So the complete meaning of this name is “Sun Rays”. As the name is associated with Sun God, it can indicate brightness and positivity.

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36. Bhavya:

The name “Bhavya” means Grand or magnificent. It comes from the Sanskrit word “Bhavyam” and is one of the most popular names for baby girls in India.

37. Bindu:

The name “Bindu” means Drop. It is used alone or combined with other words like “Hima”, “Madhavi” etc. to form different meanings. Some people prefer to use “Bindhu” as an alternate spelling.

38. Binodini:

Binodini is a Bengali variant of the actual word “Vinodini”. The meaning of this name is “one who is beautiful”, and some even interpret it to be one of the names of Radha.

39. Birth:

“Biruntha” is a rare name for Makar Rashi girls which means courageous, powerful, authoritative etc. Along with a different pronunciation sound, the name also has an impactful meaning to it.

40. Bodhini:

The name “Bodhini” comes from the Sanskrit language which means “one who enlightens”. It is often used in Hindu and Buddhist religions due to its meaning.

41. Jaagruthi:

“Jaagruthi” is a beautiful name for baby girls which means “Awakening”. It is derived from the Sanskrit language and has spiritual vibes to it. You can also remove the extra “a” to make it “Jagruthi”.

42. Jaamini:

The word “Jaam” in the Sanskrit language means “night”. The name can be interpreted in many ways like calmness, serenity, darkness etc. Removing the extra “a” many alter the meaning.

43. Janisha:

The word “Janisha” means “one who dispels ignorance”. Because of this powerful meaning, it is often associated with Goddess Durga. So, you can use a modern-sounding name with a traditional background. How cool is that?

44. Jayanthi:

“Jayanthi” is a nice name for baby girls which means “Victory”. It is derived from the Sanskrit language in which the word “Jayam” means winning. The spelling variant can be “Jayanti”.

45. Jiya:

The word “Jaya” is one of the most commonly found Maraka Rashi baby girl names. This Sanskrit derived word means “Victory”. You can add suffixes like “Sri”, “Lakshmi” etc. to create more impact!

46. Joshita:

“Joshita” is a nice name for girls which means happiness, pleasure etc. The name has energetic vibes to it. You can try “Joshitha” as a spelling variant.

47. Joyshree:

“Joyshree” is a tweaked version of “Jayashree” which means “Goddess of Victory”. The first two letters “Ja” are modified to “Jo”, to make it suitable for Makar Rashi alphabet rules.

48. Josnika:

The word “Josnika” is a modern one which has multiple meanings. It can be interpreted as a lady Cupid. There are no know alternate variants to this name.

49. Jovithaa:

The word “Jovitha” means joy. It is part of the Sanskrit language, and its modern adaptation makes it open to interpretations.

50. Khushi:

A very popular name for baby girls in India is “Khushi”. It is a Hindi word which means “happiness”. The spelling variant can be “Kushi”.

5 Unisex Names for Makara Rashi Babies:

Here are the best 5 Gender-neutral names for Makar Rashi born babies

51. Jwala:

“Jwala’ is a unisex name which means “Flame”, “torch”, or “bearing light”. It is a Sanskrit word that is suitable for naming both boys and girls.

52. Jishna:

Another unisex name is “Jishna”, which means Lord Ganesha. Some even interpret the name of Lord Vishnu. The closest variant is “Jishnu” which means Arjuna.

53. Bhanu:

“Bhanu” is a nice name that works for both boys and girls, due to its gender-neutral meaning. It means “sunlight”. To make it specific to a gender, you can add suffixes like “Prakash”, “Rekha” etc.

54. Bakul:

The name “Bakul” comes from the Hindi language, which has multiple meanings. The word refers to a type of flower and some even interpret it as “clever”, “patience” etc. The neutral meaning makes it suitable for both genders.

55. Khrisha:

Khrisha is a modified word to suit the Makar Rashi Nakshatra rules. It is a short form of “Krishna” which is also a unisex name. You can add more words to make it suitable for your gender or use it alone.

5 Makara Rashi Twin Baby Names:

We have collected the 5 best combinations of names for Makar Rashi born babies including twin boys, girls, girl and boy.

56. Baruni, Basanth:

The names Baruni and Basanth are Bengali style words in which the “V” is replaced by “B”. The actual words are “Varuni” and “Vasanth”. Varuni means Goddess Durga or one who is powered by Varuna. Vasanth means Spring.

57. Bharath, Bhagesh:

The names “Bharath” and “Bhagesh” are suitable for twin baby boys. Both start with the sound “bha” and have deep meanings. Bharath means “one who descended from Bharatha”, and Bhagesh means “Lord of richness”.

58. Jagrithi, Jahnavi:

Here is a set of names for twin baby girls. “Jagrithi” means awakening (spiritual or mental) and “Jahnavi” means River Ganga or Sita Devi. Both start with “Ja”, making them perfect for Makar Rashi born twins.

59. Jaidev, Jaideep:

The two names “Jaidev” and “Jaideep” start with “Jai”, meaning Victory. “Jaidev” means Divine Victory and “Jaideep” means Victory of light. These names work well for twin baby boys born in Makar Rashi.

60. Jashith, Jayati:

Here is another set of Makar Rashi twin boy and girl baby names which start with the letter “Ja”. The name “Jashith” is for boys, which means Cool, and the girl name “Jayati” means victorious.

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We hope you loved this collection of 60 Best Makar Rashi baby names. Feel free to add your own flair of creativity to bring uniqueness to these names. If you have any more such meaningful words which start with the above-mentioned letters, do let us know!


It is important to note that these names might have different meanings in different countries, cultures and languages. So, make sure to fully understand the symbolism of a name in your local culture before choosing it for your baby. You should not rely upon the material provided in this article as the information is not backed with extensive research or expert opinion.


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