Creating your own t-shirt is definitely an interesting and creative way to spend our time on a leisure day or people who want to a start up a small part time business by designing some individual innovative design. For those who are interested in designing their own t-shirt, this article would help you’ll a lot through knowing what type and methods in which a T-shirt can be designed.

Steps in Designing Your Own T-Shirt:

A. Printing an Image onto The T-shirt:

1. Choosing The Cloth Material:

Selecting the right kind of cloth material is an important step in starting to design a t-shirt by oneself. For starters, it would be best to go for thick cotton material since it is easy to handle rather than the synthetic material which will slip away easily. You can personalize your t-shirt in proper way, try some accurate material to build your own t-shirt. Get some clear material to fit as per your style.

2. Selecting The Type of Design:

For men, who like bright colorful image should look into the type of image which suits well with the color of the t-shirt and for guys who like simple designs t-shirt, they should check out the alphabet design or a patch work design.

For girls, there are humpty number of design choosing the best for the type of t-shirt is crucial. You will get good options while you will search new designs in market. You can try some personalized designs for your t-shirt or you will get good portrait from wide collection of your favourite actor or player.

3. The Position of The Design:

Once the material and image have been selected it is mandatory to select the right position to fit in the image. The material length and breadth plays a crucial role in placing the image onto the cloth. The wider the image difficult it is fit the picture at the center of below the center level.

4. Punching The Image onto The T-Shirt:

Needs good amount of research in selecting the printing machine or a dying machine. Have a look on your stitching part for your t-shirt, get some proper information about needles if you plan some embroidery too. Try small logo designer prints also.

Choose the smallest image which can fit in the center of the t-shirt.

B. Painting Your Own T-Shirt:

1. Selecting The Material:

As we discussed sticking an image, it is the same when it comes to painting an image onto the t-shirt. Select a medium thick material in order to retain the paint for a longer time. You will get good options in 3D or watercolor modes too.

2. Selecting The Image:

When it comes to painting a T-Shirt, it is important to select the right type of paint and quality of the paint too. Go for a oil based paint which sticks onto to cotton material for a long time. Everything mostly depends on your washing t-shirt, get a good quality material too.

3. Leaving The Paint to Dry:

Is the next steps once the painting is completed. As per instructions let the paint dry and then wear with proud!!

It is utmost important when we create our own t-shirt that the material and the fabric used to create the image or paint an image onto the t-shirt. Before starting with the T-shirt, try practicing the painting on a different cloth and for printing an image onto the t-shirt try the image onto a different material which helps to know about the printing machine precisely.

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