9 Trendy Makeup Bags in Different Sizes and Models

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Makeup bags are the small or big piece of bag in which the cosmetics are kept separately. While you are on the move and want to keep your cosmetics in one place then the makeup stands out and is pretty handy as every cosmetic is intact in the makeup bag. Now you get makeup makes in many sizes and designs, pattern and you can choose the one according to your comfort.  They are made from materials like Velcro, fabric, leather, and even from threads to make your bag appear beautiful.

Different Types of Makeup Kit Bags for Womens in India:

Let’s have a look at top 9 best designs of Makeup Bags:

1. Heart Studded Branded Makeup Bag:


Now a day’s big brands have started designing awesome looking makeup bags. The bag is made of from high quality leather and the small golden heart embossed on it make it look mind-blowing. The top of the bag has zipper with fringes attached to it thus making it look stylish. A fashionable bag where the cosmetics are safe.

2. Travel Makeup Kit Bag:


If you are planning to travel and wants to carry the cosmetics with makeup brushes, toiletries then thus kind of  portable makeup kit bags stands to be the perfect choice. The bag has two large cabinets and strong zipper for closure.  A perfect makeup bag while you travel.

3. Cute Small Makeup Bags:


Some women prefer to have small makeup bag for keeping their cosmetics as the bag is handy to use and even comfortable to carry. The colour combination of black and silver enhances the appearance of the bag.  A perfect bag which can be kept in your handbag.

4. Bridal Makeup Bag with Golden Heart:


As brides want everything to be special for them then why not makeup bags also? Thus this black leather make up bag with golden heart stands to be an ideal make up. The small stylish fringes attached to zipper make the bag look more stylish and pretty to look at.

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5. Big Makeup Bag:


The makeup looks simple but looks classy when used. The makeup bag has perfect look and the stitching and the piping give the bag a professional look. The white zip with the blue fabric makes it look fantastic. The size of the bag is big so that you can accommodate your entire essential cosmetic in one bag.

6. Cool Floral Makeup Bag:


The makeup bag looks cool and gives a woman perfect urban fitter appearances. The bag has is made from the fabric and has good storage area for cosmetics. The small colourful woolens balls attached as fringes makes the bag more beautiful.

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7. Pink Hard Case Makeup Bag:


The wave pattern on he make up makes and the pink colour of the bag make it appear more appealing. The bag is designed with hard case but is very light in weight to carry. The case protects the cosmetics from any kind of spoilage and breakage while you are on the move.

8. Pretty Large Waterproof  Makeup Bag:


As the name displays the bag is large in size and is designed from waterproof fabric thus the makeup bag will last a long time. The bag has big compartment with small pinner pocket thus a perfect bag for everyday use.

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9. Pretty Crochet Makeup Bag:


Crochet is an art where threads are knotted to turn into a beautiful designed fabric. The makeup bag looks very pretty and the small grey bow attached to bag enhances the appearance of bag by many folds. A trendy looking makeup bag for teenagers to keep their cosmetic intact.

The makeup bag helps you to keep the cosmetics safely without any breakage or spoilage. The bag proves to be very essential while you are travelling. The bags are now designed in many pattern and styles with a professional touch keeping the functionality in mind .So now choosing the makeup becomes easier as you have various options available.

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