Want to attend an important function of your life, but worried about the dark circles! The dark circles diminish the beauty of the face, as the eyes are the main portion of your face outlook. No doubt there are a number of ways to get rid of it, but when looking for some instant changes, makeup would be the best way to get ready with an equalized tone face look.

Best Makeup To Hide Dark Circles:

Here are some of the best ways to use makeup to hide dark circles,

1. Go for a Light Concealer:

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Concealers have proved to be the best way to hide the dark circles. Going for a light concealer would be the best makeup to cover dark circles. The concealer wouldn’t completely cover the dark circles, but would still give a natural looking balance to the skin. The light and thick concealers when applied in a dotted form give the under eyes a perfect skin tone for a balanced look.

2. Use Eye Shadow for The Under Eyes:

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Yes, having some eye shadow for under eyes would also be a good way to hide the dark circles. A light stroke of the eye shadow with light colors like pink, orange, light brown, etc. covered with the concealer would be the best way to hide the dark circles. All you need to do is simply apply a thick layer of the eye shadow under the eyes, and cover it with the help of a foundation or concealer forming on it a light layer that would give you a shade similar to your skin tone.

3. Use Some Glitter:

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Glitter has also been the best makeup for dark circles under eyes. Applying some glitter under the eyes, would help in covering the dark circles completely. Go for some light-coloured glitter in silver to that perfect match you are looking for. If attending a heavy function, you can also go with some dark glitters that would totally cover the dark circles, while for the light-dark circles, some light glitters would be the best to go with.

4. Apply Some Foundation:

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A smidge of foundation would also be helpful in dealing with the dark circles. Wearing a light layer of foundation combining it with colour corrector or powders would help you obviously to lighten the dark circles. Using the foundation would give you a peach colour tone to settle the dark toned under eyes with an equalized tone.

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5. Use Shimmer Beige and High Light Cheekbones:

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Shimmer beige and highlighting the cheekbones has been a good part of makeup to cover dark circles. This means you can use the shimmer beige for the duct areas of your eyes. This would directly brighten the under eyes portion. Also, highlighting the cheekbones with relevant shadows would help in making the under eyes look brighten. Applying some light foundation under the eyes, and using some dark colour over the cheekbones in a bottom to top portion would help in giving you a fine tone.

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6. Use Red Lipstick to Cover Dark Circles:

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The red lipstick has been a well-balanced trick of makeup to hide dark circles. All you need to do is apply a premium amount of lipstick below the eyes in a balanced way. When applied, use a slight layer of concealer or foundation over it to provide the under eyes with a leveled skin tone without the dark circles. It is the best to use while visiting marriages of similar functions. It neutralizes and also covers the under eyes with a bluish tone.

The makeup to cover the dark circles is available in a number of shades to select from according to your skin tone and the colour of the dark circles. People basically go for foundation and eye-liner in white and black for improving the look and hiding the dark circles.

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