There is nothing more anxious than planning to extend your generation. It doesn’t mean you’ll be successful after every attempt though. To make sure you know it all about your feelings and priorities after you undergo labour, read on and you will be as prepared as it gets and knowing how to make a birth plan is essential. In case you plan to involve a midwife, we’ll cover that as well.


A birth plan is just what it sounds like- a record that ensures that your midwife can help when she needs to when you undergo labour that is. With the advancement in technology, you have options to fill it online and get a printout or go the traditional way and discuss it all out with your partner and then consult the midwife.

There is no doubt that your birth plan is rather personal. How you formulate it depends on a lot of factors and circumstances, such as your medical history, your needs, and your background.

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Things To consider:

A good birth plan has it all and is a self-fulfilling document. When it comes to a plan, pain relief, place of birth, instrumental delivery preference, an intervention of the procedure and care for your baby are some of the many things that you need to consider. You can always work on some aspects more than others, which you can, of course, talk to your partner about. His support would come in handy in pitching a perfect plan. After all, he is just as involved as a parent as you are.

How To Write A Birth Plan:

To begin writing a birthing plan, take help of these guidelines, that describe in detail each of the important aspects to cover.

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About The Birthing Room:

This is the most important key point to include in your birth plan. Describe the kind of room, setup, and atmosphere that you see yourself giving birth in. Also, it would be wise to include the people you’d like to be around through the birth.

About Labor and Delivery:

Move on to the next most important aspect and describe whether you want a normal or a caesarian birth and what to do if something goes wrong in the process. In case you have preferences about the birthing positions, make sure to include them all accordingly. You might want a mirror to see your baby being delivered. If so, mention that as well. Apart from these, you can also mention if you want the birth filmed and do not forget to mention if you want painkillers or not. The final thing to do is mention if you want to save the cord for the future or not. That should be about it.

After Your Baby Is Delivered:

Mention here if you want to see your baby right away or you want the baby washed and clothed instead. Besides that, you need to mention how long you wish to stay in the room once your delivery is successfully carried out.

Postpartum Care:

Coming down to the final words, you need to mention if you want additional services from the baby’s doctor like taking care of the baby’s health or if you want the foreskin removed if it is a boy.

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Done with the article? Well, you now know all that there is in a birth plan. Don’t let it go to waste. If you are willing to have a child soon, go on and sit with a pen and paper right away and make a birth plan.


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