Mandala art has been gaining popularity among older kids, young adults and elderly in the recent times. Mandala means “circle” according to the ancient Sanskrit language of Hinduism, and a traditional mandala is a geometric design or pattern representing heavenly worlds with cosmos or deities. The beautiful Mandala coloring pages presented in this article can be fun for adults and older children.

We have curated the list of some of the difficult to easy Mandala colouring pages you can go through and choose the right one for you. Read on!

Write 20 Best Mandala coloring pages:

We have presented you with the list of Mandala colouring pages you can go through before choosing the right page for yourself. You can use various tools like sketch pens or brush pens to make them look marvellous.

1. Lion mandala coloring pages:

This animal mandala colouring page looks divine with or without colours. But if you want to add an element of yourself to this page, all you have to do is pick up the colouring tools. Alternatively, you can use bright and mellow colours such as red, yellow, blue, green, and lavender to recreate a beautiful art piece.

2. Chakra mandala coloring pages:

Suppose you are a traditional person who is into a spiritual representation of your faith. In that case, this mandala colouring page is an ideal solution. Use light pink for the lotuses, blue for the water in the background and peach for the idol’s body in the centre. Furthermore, you can alternate between different shades of blue for the circle encircling the page. But you can use colours of your choice to make the page more colourful.

3. Flower mandala coloring pages:

If you are a fan of flowers represented in the mandala art, this colouring sheet is the perfect way to go. You can choose a single colour for all the flowers, green for the leaf-like structures and alternate between bright and mellow colours for the rest of the patterns. Brush pens or sketch pens are the perfect colouring tools to bring this page to life.

4. Butterfly mandala coloring pages:

Butterflies come in different colours naturally, and you can represent the same in the form of mandala art. This is the perfect mandala colouring page where you can add as many colours as possible to describe the naturality of the insect. You can alternate between bright and light colours like red-yellow, pink-blue, orange-black, etc.

5. Full page mandala coloring pages:

If you are looking for a full-page mandala art, this colouring page is everything you need. You can alternate between red, green, yellow, orange, and blue for the page as you see fit. Although these are only suggestions, you can choose colours of your choice if you want to go a different way. Make sure that the colours don’t clash and complement each other.

6. Christmas mandala coloring pages:

If Christmas is your favourite festival, then this mandala colouring page is all you would want. Use a combination of red, green and white for Santa and his dress. At the same time, shades of brown for the instruments and the finish use golden yellow for the musical instruments. Finally, you can add silver glitter to the mix to create a beautiful picture.

7. Halloween mandala coloring pages:

Halloween is a festival that honours dead ancestors in many cultures. But kids love Halloween because they get to eat tons of candies, and some adults would love to indulge too. This Halloween colouring page is ideal for adults who love this festival and want to express it through colours. Yellow, green, purple, red and black are the prominent colours used in the Halloween colouring pages.

8. Disney mandala coloring pages:

Whether kids or adults, Frozen has been a fan favourite. This Elsa mandala art is a dream for young teens and adults alike. Use blue as a predominant colour for this art because there is no other colour for queen Elsa. However, you can alternate between light and dark blue if you wish, with a touch of silver glitter.

9. Unicorn mandala coloring pages:

If you believe in unicorns and fairies, this mandala art is the perfect solution for adults or teens. Choose vibrant colours with a combination of bright and mellow colours like red, yellow, blue, green, and orange for the unicorn. At the same time, alternating between light and dark blue for the sky representation of the sky. Finally, choose pink or lavender for the flowers in the left corner of the page.

10. Elephant mandala coloring pages:

Elephants are known to represent spirituality and fertility in many cultures. This beautiful elephant mandala art looks the best when you use a variety of blue shades with pink and red for the flowers. You can either go for a single colour for the entire pattern or use three to four colours to make it look vibrant and colourful.

11. Cat mandala coloring pages:

This cute cat mandala art comes to mind when you are in love with cats and mandala art simultaneously. Alternatively, you can use multiple colours for the entire cat, such as pink, blue, red, brown, and yellow, which might help brighten the colouring page beautifully. So you can either go for all bright colours, all light colours or a combination of both.

12. Pokemon mandala coloring pages:

Suppose you are a fan of Pikachu from Pokemon. In that case, this mandala pokemon colouring page is the way to go, especially for adults or teens. Alternate between yellow and black for the entire body of the Pikachu and use red for the cheeks and tongue. Use sketch pens or brush pens to colour the pages beautifully.

13. Geometric mandala coloring pages:

If you are into geometric patterns, this mandala colouring page combines geometric designs with art beautifully. You can either go for two colours or use as many colours as possible. It all depends on how you want your mandala art to look. Therefore choose colours that blend and complement each other. You can also use glitter to boost the look of the design further.

14. Owl mandala coloring pages:

The owl is considered one of the wisest creatures, and it is a symbol of fortune, good luck, prosperity, wealth and wisdom. Make sure to use bluish grey for the prominent parts of the owl with minimal details using orange, red, yellow and brown, which makes the owl stand out beautifully. Or you cal alternatively go for bright colours instead of using grey.

15. Moon mandala coloring pages:

This is yet another beautiful mandala colouring page that looks exceptionally beautifully even without adding any colours. You can use bright red for the flower in the centre and alternate between golden yellow, orange, blue, pink, and brown for all the other design patterns. Make sure not to use too many colours. But even if you use them, make sure they don’t clash.

16. Horse mandala coloring pages:

The horse symbolises endurance, courage, freedom, determination, spirit and beauty. This horse mandala is the perfect way to represent all the above-said features on one single page. Go for pink and blue alternatives for the hair and tail. Alternatively, you can choose yellow, blue, red, and orange for the horse’s body.

17. Wolf mandala coloring page:

Wolf is a spirit animal for many, and it represents guardianship, loyalty, spirit and ritual. You can alternate between varying shades of pink and blue for the entire page. Or you can add some additional colours like yellow and light green into the mix to further brighten up the page. But make sure you don’t use too many colours.

18. Bohemian mandala coloring pages:

The bohemian mandala colouring page is an excellent way to realise your love for the art and colours in one place. Use light pink for the outer part of the designs with blue for the patterns inside. You can alternate with colours like yellow, red, or orange for all the exterior details of the patterns. At the same time, go for blue for all the internal patterns of the entire design. Of course, you can also use your choice’s colours if you don’t want to adhere to these suggestions.

19. Advanced mandala coloring pages:

If you are an expert in mandalas and want to explore more complex patterns, this design is perfect. Choose varying shades of green for the leaves all around the design and use bright colours like red, purple, pink and orange for the flowers alternatively. In addition, you can use peach or golden yellow for all the lines in between all the flowers.

20. Floral mandala coloring page:

Flowers and mandalas go hand in hand. This beautiful floral mandala art is a perfect way to represent your love for art and nature inclusively. You can use a single colour for all the flowers inside the circle and another colour for the flowers outside the ring. Use varying shades of green for all the leaves. You can also use different colours for each flower, making the mandala art more electrifying.

Mandala art is a beautiful representation of spirituality in the form of art, and it is quickly gaining popularity. We have curated some of this article’s best Mandala coloring pages, whether it is simple patterns or complicated designs. We hope you found them helpful, and don’t forget to let us know if you did.

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