‘Mandala’ is derived from the Sanskrit language, which means wholeness or completeness. Mandalas are symbols of sacredness and sanctity in many religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. The original Mandalas were created around an inner structure of four squares and a circle in the centre. They were used while performing Vedic rituals to capture those performing by creating a sacred space. Getting Mandala tattoos etched on one’s body is the latest trend in many countries, particularly the west. The complex geometric patterns are quite intriguing in terms of the design and the associated meanings. Let’s delve more into these extraordinary Mandala tattoo designs and their meanings.

Mandala Tattoo Meaning and Significance:

Mandalas are used as tools of spiritualism and religious rituals. Many religions, like Buddhism, use Mandala art to create a place of sanctity for the practitioner during meditation. Mandalas are also symbols of symmetry, balance and perfection. The circle of the Mandala represents the circle of life and symbolises unity and harmony. People who appreciate the idea of bringing harmony and completeness into their lives opt for Mandala tattoos.

Best and Stylish Mandala Tattoos With Images:

Here are a few selected designs from mandala tattoos and pictures.

1. Mandala Flower Tattoo:

The mandala flower tattoo used here has a beautiful flower image with repetitive designs. This makes a complete look and is very pretty. The Mandala used here can be made with lines or dot work too. This design prefers women, such as women who are religious and sensitive. You will find such a design in meditation rooms where peoples do yoga and pranayamas.

  • Best Suitable For: This floral Mandala tattoo is for women who like to add a touch of delicateness to their look.
  • Preferable Ink: Best done in black coloured ink
  • Where: Arms and shoulders are the best spots for this tattoo
  • Size: A medium-sized design is appropriate
  • Skin Tone: Suits lighter skin tones

2. Lotus Mandala Tattoo Designs:

This tattoo design has the lotus flower as the central design. The lotus mandala tattoo has stunning dot work that looks simplistic and natural. The tiny drop chains are another pretty addition to this design. In Buddhism, such a type of lotus symbol is mainly used; they feel such a design describes the purity of the soul. You will get this design in a different colour of lotus tattoos.

  • Best Suitable For: This design is specially made for women who believe in Buddhist principles.
  • Preferable Ink: Best done in black coloured ink
  • Where: Get it done on the arms for a sensuous look
  • Size: A medium-sized design looks wonderful
  • Skin Tone: Suits lighter skin tones

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3. Mandala Circular Style Tattoo Designs:

The mandala tattoo meaning is a circle which denotes wholeness and balance. This is one of the best mandala tattoos representing perfection when you measure from the circle’s centre, as all remains the same. Choose these beautiful circular tattoos to represent the Mandala. To a great degree, this pattern is versatile and can convey various implications restricted by the maker and the spectator.

  • Best Suitable For: This complex mandala design resembles the cosmic universe and is perfect for men.
  • Preferable Ink: Opt for black coloured ink for a mysterious look
  • Where: Forearms are the ideal areas
  • Size: A medium-sized design looks wonderful
  • Skin Tone: Suits lighter skin tones

4. Colorful Style of Mandala Tattoo On Back:

This colourful tattoo is perfect if you like beautiful colours that can be represented in the Mandala. This looks stunning on the back and can be made in various colours. Choose this for the perfect tattoo. If you want to show your back with a tattoo design, go with this style of colourful tattoo. Such design gives a good and spiritual look to viewers. You will get good reviews for this style of tattoo.

  • Best Suitable For: This tattoo is best for women who are inspired by the colours of nature
  • Preferable Ink: Opt for black coloured ink for a mysterious look
  • Where: Get it inked on the back
  • Size: Choose a medium to large-sized design
  • Skin Tone: Suits lighter skin tones

5. Hand Pattern Mandala Tattoo Designs:

You can also get a stunning mandala hand tattoo to stand apart from the crowd. This hand tattoo covers the front of your hand and looks gorgeous. The details are very intricate and delicate. If you are a college-going student or a person who likes to try a different style of tattooing, this one is the right design for your hand. This is one of the best traditional mandala tattoo designs.

  • Best Suitable For: Women who love traditional henna art can go for this design
  • Preferable Ink: Go for a natural black coloured ink
  • Where: Get it done on your hands, especially on the outer palms
  • Size: Depending on the size of your hands, you can try a large-sized pattern
  • Skin Tone: Suits lighter skin tones

6. Mandala Arm Special Tattoo Designs:

This mandala design is perfect for the arm. The mandala arm tattoo covers the arm and uses the curvature of the peninsula. The lotus flowers used here are perfect for the tattoo. You can also try or mix this design with other styles of patterns and get some dark shades with this type of tattoo. While designing this tattoo on your hand, get some small designs temporarily to check skin tone.

  • Best Suitable For: For women who wish to adorn their hands with an intricate pattern, this is the best design.
  • Preferable Ink: There can be no better design than a basic black
  • Where: This design is best done from the elbow joint and covers the forearm
  • Size: Depending on the size of your hand, you can opt for a suitable design
  • Skin Tone: Suits lighter skin tones.

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7. Mandala Signage Type Tattoo Designs:

This is a gorgeous mandala tattoo back that has the addition of signage. The tattoo is done in dark black colours that are stunning. The centre of the tattoo has signage that can be customised according to your choice. The dark black colour gives proper attention in-crowd, it takes little time to design, but you will get a good design statement. This is one of the best men’s mandala tattoos.

  • Best Suitable For: This complex pattern is designed for those who are spiritual and suits both men and women
  • Preferable Ink: Best done in black coloured ink
  • Where: There is no best place than back
  • Size: A large-sized mandala is best for you
  • Skin Tone: Suits lighter skin tones

8. Small Designed Mandala Tattoo:

This small mandala tattoo can be used anywhere on the body. The tattoo is a lotus tattoo that is perfectly simple and delicate. The points of the tattoo are exact and sharp. If you plan a tattoo for the first time, try this design. This is one of the small mandala tattoo designs suitable for keeping it minimal yet meaningful.

  • Best Suitable For: Suitable for both men and women
  • Preferable Ink: Keep it minimal and go for black
  • Where: Opt for the area above the elbow area
  • Size: A small-sized mandala is ideal for your requirements
  • Skin Tone: Suits lighter skin tones

9. Shoulder Mandala Tattoo For Men:

Mandala shoulder tattoo for men is of various types. The shoulder tattoo is also commonly used. Here the tattoo covers the shoulder and part of the upper arm. The shoulder is an excellent place to tattoo for showing off; such a design prefers bikers who like to travel on a bike. Women also can try this design on their shoulders; they can use sleeveless or off-shoulder tops for this.

  • Best Suitable For: This exquisite looking Mandala tattoo male design is for those who can effortlessly flaunt their bodies
  • Preferable Ink: This elaborate done is best done in black coloured ink
  • Where: You can cover the shoulders and the entire hand
  • Size: This is an extra-large image that is suitable for only those who have well-tones bodies
  • Skin Tone: Suits lighter skin tones

10. Mandala Dark Shade Tattoo Designs:

This gorgeous tattoo is a mandala tattoo for men. The tattoo has dark black filling and white spaces, giving it a stunning effect. The men’s tattoos are very dramatic and sharp. This sound, high-shaded pattern will get a permanent basis; this design is soft and needs proper attention. As per your skin tone, you will get the effect of dark-coloured shade designs.

  • Best Suitable For: This male mandala tattoo suits men who are true warriors and display great valour and strength
  • Preferable Ink: Use black coloured ink for a sharp look
  • Where: Get this design inked on your forearms
  • Size: A medium-sized pattern is preferred
  • Skin Tone: Suits lighter skin tones

11. Mandala Tattoo For Wrist:

This lovely mandala wrist tattoo is great for men and women. You can have it simple or complicated with dark lines. The perfect ones are those that are delicate. If you like to use bracelets, then instead of bracelets, try this design of mandala tattoo. It attracts attention in public too. You can personalise this pattern and structure of the design; you will get more collections in this design style.

  • Best Suitable For: This design is for those women who wish to use tattoo art to accessorise their hands.
  • Preferable Ink: A primary black ink looks perfect
  • Where: As this is inspired by the haath phool design, you can get it done on the outer palms
  • Size: A medium-sized pattern is preferred
  • Skin Tone: Suits lighter skin tones

12. Forearm Designer Mandala Tattoo:

The mandala forearm tattoo is another beautiful representation of the Mandala. Use this for an elegant tattoo design that covers the forearm. You can choose to have it in the inner arm or outer. Women also can try this design on their forearms too. This combines line work and dot work tattoo style, a thick line with proper dots gives a nice look.

  • Best Suitable For: This unique mandala design is inspired by traditional Arabic art and can be worn by both men and women.
  • Preferable Ink: A black ink elevates the look of the design
  • Where: This is best done on the hands
  • Size: Depending on the length of coverage, you can opt for a medium to large-sized design
  • Skin Tone: Suits lighter skin tones

13. Mandala for Sleeve Tattoo:

This eye-catching mandala sleeve tattoo is intricate and covers the whole arm and hand. The details on the tattoo are intense and can be a combination of many mandalas done together. Select this style if you like a full design. Full design mandala looks good on a single full hand; fitness or wrestlers want to try this complete sleeve design. It gives a friendly attitude towards your friends; it helps maintain your differentiation look in the crowd.

  • Best Suitable For: This Asian-inspired mandala design suits both men and women who are driven by the complexities of this art
  • Preferable Ink: Use black coloured ink to make it look attractive
  • Where: You can opt for hands or legs for this tattoo
  • Size: This design is made with a cluster of small-sized mandalas
  • Skin Tone: Suits lighter skin tones

14. Mandala Female Tattoo Designs:

Here is a beautiful mandala tattoo that is perfect for women. This delicate shoulder cap tattoo has thin lines and very delicate shading. This looks great for off-shoulder garments. A woman related to music or bands can also try this design; creative-minded girls need to check such a design for their tattoo collection. It helps them to charm looks while performing stage shows.

  • Best Suitable For: This floral-inspired mandala art is excellent for girls and women who like to adorn their bodies with exquisite patterns.
  • Preferable Ink: This is best done in black coloured inks
  • Where: You can opt for hands or legs for this tattoo
  • Size: This design covers the entire length of the hands
  • Skin Tone: Suits lighter skin tones

15. Forefinger Mandala Tattoo Designs:

Choose this finger mandala tattoo if you like delicate stuff. This is perfect for women. The tattoo covers a single finger and looks like a ring. Those girls or boys who don’t want to make a tattoo on their body part can also this design on their fingers. You must check this pattern if you are doing it the first time. Get some advice from your friends or tattoo artist for this style.

  • Best Suitable For: This cute mandala tattoo is great for those who like minimal art on their bodies and is specially designed for women.
  • Preferable Ink: Opt for a basic black coloured ink
  • Where: Get it done on the fingers
  • Size: A small-sized design is ideal
  • Skin Tone: Suits lighter skin tones

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16. Mandala Rose Tattoo:

A rose is a personification of female beauty and grace. What can be better than combining fully bloomed roses with an intricate mandala? This fantastic design looks like a beautiful ornament on the body of the woman! It is given a realistic look using white coloured ink and looks no less than a museum-worth art. This is best done on the thighs to make it appear like an accessory and is the best women’s mandala tattoo.

  • Best Suitable For: Rose mandala tattoos are for women with a penchant for wearable art!
  • Preferable Ink: The entire design is done in black coloured ink with hints of white
  • Where: The ideal place would be on the thighs
  • Size: A large-sized design can cover the thigh region
  • Skin Tone: Suits fair skin tones

17. Tribal Mandala Tattoos for Guys:

Mandala design can also be created using tribal motifs; this design is a genuine artwork. It is created circularly using different tribal symbols. Each of these symbols is associated with a specific meaning, like the village, weapons used, the chieftain and the way of tribal life. These tattoos are specially for men who wish to pay respects to their ancestors and remember the struggles they have gone through.

  • Best Suitable For: Tribal mandala tattoo is specially designed for men with warrior-like qualities who are proud of their roots.
  • Preferable Ink: Tribal mandala tattoos are generally done using black coloured ink
  • Where: Arms are the best places to get these designed inked
  • Size: Choose a fairly large-sized design for better visibility
  • Skin Tone: Suits fair skin tones

Additional Tips For Mandala Art:

Before getting a Mandala tattoo, check out these valuable tips:

  • Mandalas are all about perfection. It is advised to take a printout of the design and stencil it on the body to create accurate circles.
  • By opting for different patterns inside the Mandala art, you can reveal many details about your personality.
  • Mandala tattoos are best created in medium to large sizes, as they involve many intricate details.
  • If you are looking for a statement tattoo, go for a reasonably large image on the back, abdomen, and chest.
  • Medium-sized designs can be done on shoulders, arms and legs
  • Adding a touch of colour can make the design pop-out


Mandalas are great pieces of art and must be done with the utmost precision. The distance from the Mandala’s centre to each point is constant, making it a perfect circle. By creating different geometric shapes, you can bring in new ideas and interpretations of these fantastic designs. These looking aesthetic designs will impress the crowd with their fine detailing and symbolic importance. If you want unique body art, try these tremendous Mandala tattoo ideas!

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