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15 Alluring & Remarkable Mandala Tattoo Designs

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Mandalas are delightful circle designs that are drawn out of sand in extraordinary functions that started in India. These are progressively famous among a profoundly associated group of audience. This mandala is a strong decision for those hoping to ink themselves with something critical. Mandala describes “Circle”, this presents a religious pattern of symbol as well as it describes the wholeness. In this type of tattoo you will get four gates with square and in centre you will get a circle, this circle show perfection or balance.

The mandala is a wonderful representation of wholeness and sanctity. The whole idea of a mandala is to speak about the creation and the energy that you get from something that is spiritual. A mandala tattoo is one way that you can get this traditional image onto your body. You can choose from the various styles that are available. You can even select where on your body you would like the mandala tattoo to be placed.

Best and Stylish Mandala Tattoos With Images:

Here are few selected designs from mandala tattoos.

1. Mandala Flower Design Tattoo:

Mandala Flower Design Tattoo

The mandala flower tattoo used here has a wonderful flower image that has repetitive designs. This makes a complete look and is very pretty. The mandala used here can be made with lines or dot work too. This design prefers by women’s, such women’s who are religious and sensitive. You will find such design in meditation rooms where peoples do yoga and pranayama’s.

2. Lotus Mandala Tattoo Designs:

Lotus Mandala Tattoo Designs

This tattoo design has the lotus flower as the central design. The lotus mandala tattoo is made with stunning dot work that makes it look simplistic and natural. The tiny drop chains are another pretty addition to this design. In Buddhism, such type of lotus symbol mostly used they feel such design describes purity of soul. You will get this design in different color of lotus tattoos.

3. Mandala Circular Style Tattoo Designs:

Mandala Circular Style Tattoo Designs

The mandala tattoo meaning is a circle which denotes wholeness and balance. The mandala represents the perfection when you measure from the center of the circle as all remains the same. Choose these beautiful circular tattoos to represent the mandala. This style of pattern is to a great degree versatile and can convey various implications that are restricted just by the maker and the spectator.

4. Colorful Style of Mandala Tattoo Designs:

Colorful Style of Mandala Tattoo Designs

This colorful tattoo is perfect if you like the beautiful colors that can be represented in the mandala. This looks stunning on the back and can be made with a variety of colors. Choose this for the perfect tattoo. If you want to show your back with tattoo design, then go with this style of colorful tattoo. Such design gives good and spiritual look for viewers. You will get good reviews for this style of tattoo.

5. Hand Pattern Mandala Tattoo Designs:

Hand Pattern Mandala Tattoo Designs

You can get a stunning mandala hand tattoo also to stand apart from the crowd. This hand tattoo covers the front of your hand and looks gorgeous. The details are very intricate and delicate. If you are a college going student or you are a person who likes to try different style of tattooing then this one is the correct design for your hand. It helps you to become positive all the time.

6. Mandala Arm Special Tattoo Designs:

Mandala Arm Special Tattoo Designs

This mandala design is perfect for the arm. The mandala arm tattoo covers the arm and makes use of the curvature of the arm. The lotus flowers used here are perfect for the tattoo. You can try or mix this design with other style of pattern too, get some dark shade with this type of tattoo. While designing this tattoo on your hand get some small design in temporary basis to check skin tone.

7. Mandala Signage Type Tattoo Designs:

Mandala Signage Type Tattoo Designs

This is a gorgeous mandala tattoo back that has the addition of a signage. The tattoo is done in dark black colors that are stunning. The center of the tattoo has the signage that can be customized according to your choice. Dark black color gives proper attention in crowd, it takes little time to design, but you will get a proper design statement too. Girls can prefer this style of pattern on their back.

8. Small Designed Mandala Tattoo:

Small Designed Mandala Tattoo

This is a cute small mandala tattoo that can be used anywhere on the body. The tattoo is a lotus tattoo that is perfectly simple and delicate. The points of the tattoo are very precise and sharp. If you plan a tattoo for the first time, then you need to take a try with this design. This one is a small comfortable tattoo so when you take this design you will get first time try in proper way.

9. Shoulder Face Mandala Tattoo Designs:

Shoulder Face Mandala Tattoo Designs

Mandala shoulder tattoo for men are of various types. The shoulder tattoo is also commonly used. Here the tattoo covers the shoulder and part of the upper arm. The shoulder is good place to tattoo for show off, such design prefers by bikers who like to travel on a bike. Women’s also can try this design on their shoulder, they can use sleeveless or off shoulder tops for this.

10. Mandala Dark Shade Tattoo Designs:

Mandala Dark Shade Tattoo Designs

This gorgeous tattoo is a mandala tattoo for men. The tattoo is made with dark black filling along with white spaces to give it a stunning effect. The men tattoos are very dramatic and sharp. This one good high shaded pattern which you will get permanent basis, this design is soft and need proper attention while designing. As per your skin tone you will get an effect of dark colored shade designs.

11. Mandala Tattoo For Wrist:

Mandala Tattoo For Wrist

This lovely mandala wrist tattoo is great for men and women. You can have it simple or complicated with dark lines. The perfect ones are those that are delicate. If you like to use bracelets then instead of bracelets try this design of mandala tattoo. It attracts the attention in public too. You can personalize this pattern and structure of the design; you will get more collection in this style of design.

12. Forearm Designer Mandala Tattoo:

Forearm Designer Mandala Tattoo

The mandala forearm tattoo is another beautiful representation of the mandala. Use this for an elegant tattoo design that covers the forearm. You can choose to have it in the inner arm or outer. Women’s also can try this design on their forearm too. This is a combination of line work and dot work tattoo style, thick line with proper dots give a nice look.

13. Mandala for Sleeve Tattoo:

Mandala for Sleeve Tattoo

This eye catching mandala sleeve tattoo is the very intricate and covers the whole arm and hand. The details on the tattoo are intense and can be a combination of many mandalas done together. Select this style if you like a full design. Full design mandala looks good on single full hand, fitness or wrestlers like to try this type of full sleeve design. It gives nice attitude towards your friends; it helps to maintain your differentiation look in the crowd.

14. Feminine Special Mandala Tattoo Designs:

Feminine Special Mandala Tattoo Designs

Here is a beautiful mandala tattoo that is perfect for women. This delicate shoulder cap tattoo is made with thin lines and very delicate shading. This looks great for off-shoulder garments. A woman who is related to music or bands, then they can also try this design; creative minded girls need to check such design for their tattoo collection. It helps them to charm look while performing stage shows.

15. Forefinger Mandala Tattoo Designs:

Forefinger Mandala Tattoo Designs

Choose this finger mandala tattoo if you like delicate stuff. This is perfect for women. The tattoo covers a single finger and looks like a ring. Those girls or boys who don’t like to make a tattoo on their body part, they can try this design on their finger too. If you are doing first time, then you need to check this pattern surely. Get some advice from your friends or tattoo artist for this style.

Mandala tattoos are brilliant for any part of the body be it the arms, back, hand, wrist, etc. Select a pattern that embodies the very essence of completeness. Such type of designs you can mix with other tattoos or you can take single big tattoo as per your choice. These kinds of tattoos are mostly preferable by those peoples who are related to religious category. Some peoples like to draw a tattoo for their fashion, but few are really interested to make a design because of its purity towards feelings. Every tattoo has its own meaning. You can check as per your thinking and if you are a beginner then go with some experts’ advice. Whenever we go in market for tattoo designing, that time you will find tattoo budgets range from low to high, so you need to take care of these things too.

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