Mangalsutra is the main item of jewelry that every married woman wears and it symbolizes her marital status. The mangalsutra chains that are available in the market are very vibrant and stunning. The chains are also available without pendants and these can be used for daily wear too.

Latest and Stunning Mangalsutra Chains Without Pendant for Womens:

Let we have to look at the top 9 designs of mangalsutra chains without pendant.

1. 22k Gold Mangalsutra Chain:

This gold mangalsutra chain without pendant is very simple yet elegant. Choose this for daily wear purposes as the chain is designed to be easy. The tiny black beads used on the chain are set in a pattern of two-three-two beads all around the chain. The gold used is pure 22 Kt which is certified by Hallmark gold.

2. Single Line Mangalsutra Chain:

This is another example of a simple and beautiful mangalsutra chain that is made of a single line of black beads. The chain consists of black beads that are the same size and are placed in sequence one after the other with gold links in between. Choose this uncomplicated chain for a hassle free approach to style.

3. Multi Layer Mangalsutra Chain:

Here is a gorgeous mangalsutra chain that is made with multi layers of black beads joined together. The gold detailing in between the beads is also very pretty. There is a wonderful pattern of black beads that are placed together and also some that are placed a bit apart to create a gorgeous stunning design. Get this mangalsutra chain to wear on occasions as the gold here is quite a lot and makes for a more formal piece.

4. Minimalist Mangalsutra Chain:

If you prefer to have your jewelry kept very simple and to the bare minimum, then this minimalist mangalsutra chain is just what you need. The design is perfect for those intending to wear something for daily use. The chain just consists of four black beads that are set on either side of a gold bead. The ends of this pattern have a tiny gold bead each. The rest of the chain is plain gold without any design.

5. Subtle Mangalsutra Chain:

Go in for something unique with this subtle mangalsutra chain without pendant. There is combination of three beads – one black bead and two gold beads on either end. This setting is placed at regular intervals across the length of the chain.

6. Hand Crafted Mangalsutra Chain:

This exclusive hand crafted mangalsutra chain is a two strand black beads chain. The mangalsutra chain has the option of adding a pendant to it. You can select this mangalsutra chains without pendant for a simplistic look and elegance.

7. Gold Plated Mangalsutra Chain:

This is a stunning mangalsutra chain that is perfect for occasions and functions. This gold plated chain has black crystals that are of varying sizes. The white beads that are placed in the sides of the chain are perfect complements to the black beads. The overall pattern of this mangalsutra chain is very dramatic and looks awesome.

8. Modern Mangalsutra Chains without Pendant:

Ideal for the young and hip crowd that always like to steer away from the traditional, this modern take on the mangalsutra chain is a sure hit with the ladies. The design here is a bunch of three strands of gorgeous black beads that are strung together. To keep things modern, the black beads are offset with gold beads that are set towards the right of the chain.

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9. Multi Color Mangalsutra Chain:

Choose this mangalsutra chain for formal occasions. This design has a chain with black beads that are placed together with black and red crystals. The red crystals used here are great complements to the black color and make the mangalsutra chain look dazzling.

Mangalsutra chains are perfect for occasions as well as daily use. There is very dramatic design as well as simple with elegant ones. Catch some unique designed mangalsutra designs for your daily routine. You will get good varieties in mangalsutra designs.


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