Mangalsutra is something that every married woman wears at least once in her married life. The idea of changing mangalsutras according to occasion is now much in vogue because of the wide range of options available to women. The locket designs itself have seen a vast change and you can select designs that are traditional to outright modern and quirky.

Modern and Beautiful Mangalsutra Locket Designs with Images:

Let we have to look at the top 9 designs of mangalsutra lockets for ladies in Trend.

1. Side Design Mangalsutra Locket:

This is one of the newer contemporary designs that are available. The mangalsutra has a locket that is quite traditional but the necklace design is very modern. The locket is placed at the side of the necklace as opposed to the center which is the traditional method. Choose this unique style for a more modern look.

2. Gold Locket with Mangalsutra:

This gold mangalsutra locket is one the more traditional designs. It has delicate gold work done in the center of the locket. The locket edges are trimmed with tiny gold beads that are bunched together. The black bead at the center of the locket completes the pattern.

3. Diamond Mangalsutra Locket:

Here you have the best of fashion and tradition. This diamond studded mangalsutra locket is very modern in its design. The diamonds used are of a good size and they make the pattern of a twig with leaves. Select this dainty mangalsutra for a nice formal occasion and also for parties.

4. Sparkling Locket Mangalsutra:

Choose a dazzling locket for your mangalsutra with this curved V shaped locket. The mangalsutra used here is quite simple with just a strand of black beads, but the stunning eye catcher is the sparkling locket that is made in leafy design and has a tear drop stone at the tip.

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5. Multi Stone Locket Mangalsutra:

Gold mangalsutra locket designs have plenty of options. But the best is the one which features multiple colored stones. Here the locket has red and green crystals that are set with white crystals. The red beads are in a circular fashion and the white stones are set in between. This makes a beautiful flower shape that glows.

6. Round Drop Locket Mangalsutra:

One of the more traditional designs uses these round drop gold discs. The symbolic nature requires two of the gold discs to be set side by side. Choose this locket design especially if you are from the south of India where this tradition exists. The round drops are made of gold and the disc shape is made by hollowing the disc out.

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7. Temple Coin Locket Mangalsutra:

The temple coin design is again one of the most famous and requested designs for mangalsutra. The temple coin design has coins with the impressions of gods and goddesses on them. The coins are joined together to form the locket in groups of two or more than two.

8. Initial Letter Locket Mangalsutra:

Select the initial of your husband or even your own to be part of the locket for your mangalsutra. The locket made in gold has the initial in thick gold and is adorned with tiny diamonds too. The lockets are more a modern take on the traditional. Choose this if you prefer to keep things simple and charming.

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9. Crystal Studded Locket Mangalsutra:

Get this cute heart shaped crystal studded locket for your mangalsutra and see heads turn with admiration. The dainty design has a heart shape that is half studded with pink crystal and half with opaque white. This is a modern design that will suit the young married ladies.

Lockets for mangalsutras are a great fashion statement. They are available in gold, diamonds or even crystals. The idea of being able to change your lockets as per the occasion is what appeals to most modern married women.


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