The hot summer’s trendy mangalsutra designs opt for stylish and outstanding styles. Today the black beads are not only remained designed with the black beads chain but an artful style of crafted gem stones and gold and kundan work and lots more to make the designer mangalsutra necklaces. Women out for work will definitely love the matching pair of earrings and bangles of the same design of the mangalsutra. Women who have to wear mangalsutra all time can definitely choose different designs at different moments. From the simplest one chain to the thickest five chained mangalsutra necklaces suit awesome for a decent look. Yes, the five chained mangalsutra too, designed with a modern impact looks beautiful on the office wear garments.

Amazing and Modern Mangalsutra Necklace Designs for Womens in Fashion:

Here are the best mangalsutra necklace designs for ladies in trend.

1. Lakshmi Pendant Silk Thread Mangalsutra Necklace:

Traditional and yet a fashionable touch in the mangalsutra necklace designs are the trend. The high neck chain designs mangalsutra necklaces look trendy with a distinct look with traditional outfit. Similar matching bangles and earrings make a beautiful pair. The large black beads and golden beads make a highlighted effect on the neck line.

2. Three Chained Mangalsutra Necklace:

Designer necklace mangalsutra with the distinct chained pattern also win the hearts of the young ladies. The exclusive design of three chained mangalsutras looks beautiful with dresses and sarees all well.

3. Heavy Mangalsutra Necklace:

Mangalsutra necklace designs with the five chained black beaded and golden thread mangalsutra necklace are one of the designer bridal mangalsutras. The heavy mangalsutra is not only broad with five chains but also long dangled from the neck.

4. Fancy Mangalsutra Necklace:

Apart from the black beaded mangalsutra necklaces, the gold chained bordered black beads design is exclusively new to the designs of mangalsutra necklaces. The designer pendant and similar earrings make a heavy wedding mangalsutra design.

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5. Stunning Designer Mangalsutra Necklace:

A stunning designer mangalsutra necklace with a spectacular pendant pattern eye catches the person who puts an eye on it. Such a designer mangalsutra highlights in marriage functions of get together. The gold pendant and matching earrings with the black beads combine make a wonderful design.

6. Red Thread Mangalsutra Necklace:

Red thread mangalsutra necklace design is worn by many women who also consider thread beads and red thread as one type of mangalsutra in the traditional way. A red thread bunch tying together with golden pendant and similar earrings look brilliant pair for a traditional outfit.

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7. Five Lined Silver Mangalsutra Necklace:

Mangalsutra neck chains with incredible delicate touch of the silver and tiny black beads look elegant. Small beads of mangalsutra tied in silver thread making a bunch of five chains looks beautiful worn on the neck for a traditional mangalsutra look.

8. Ruby Studded Mangalsutra Necklace:

A beautiful full neck mangalsutra necklace designs with rubies studded in every gold link entirely makes a dynamic mangalsutra necklace. The front part of the mangalsutra covers the neck with jewelry that includes the black mangalsutra thread and red ruby stud in gold.

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9. Short New Fashioned Mangalsutra Necklace:

A short mangalsutra of new fashion style looks exclusive and stylish with its new look. The short neck mangalsutra necklace has black beads entangled in the center of golden links joined with a chain at the back that holds high the mangalsutra to the neck.

The gratitude of wearing the mangalsutra in this age is being lesser day by day. But these beautiful designs will make any lady go for the traditional trendy look for their new get up. The newly wedded girls will definitely choose to be passionate about the traditional when such lovely designs have to be there to suit their designer outfits.


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