Mangalsutra is a precious and auspicious ornament in Hindu marriages. The very jewelry in ancient times was made with precious sutra thread that is a thread dipped in haldi (turmeric) and made yellow in color. The thread signifies goddess Shakti, the wife of lord Shiva. The sacred thread is then beaded with black beads that are considered to be holy seeds that signify lord Shiva. With the making of jewelry designing the mangalsutra also got a new look with gold and silver alloys.

The new form of mangalsutra added beautiful motifs of different characters and designer pendants. The traditional mangalsutras still go with pendants related to their cultural beliefs.

Simple and Best Mangalsutra Pendant Designs with Pictures:

While modern mangalsutras look trendy with diamond studded and crafty pendants. here is a list of 15 beautiful mangalsutra pendants in diamond and gold.

1. Heart Shaped Gold Mangalsutra Pendant in Diamond:

A heart shaped pendant made in gold and silver and studded with white diamonds, will just look awesome paired with the black beaded mangalsutra. Such a designer pendant would go with one line or even multiple lined mangalsutra.

2. Club Design Encrusted Mangalsutra Pendant in Gold:

The Marathi culture has not largely accepted modern designed and fancy looking mangalsutra. The two coins, spherical in shape, resemble the bride and groom sides and lord Shiva and Maa Shakti. The pendants look similar though with different designs on top of the metal. The pair of these to spheres is traditionally known as ‘vatis’.

3. Floral Design Round Vati Pendant in Gold:

The Marathi design of mangalsutra also appears with a vati designed pendant with it. A vati is a round coin shape pendant with religious symbols on it. The modern vati also come in diamond studded pendant. Here is a beautiful vati pendant in floral design.

4. Mangalsutra Peacock Design Pendant:

A very unique design and loved by almost all ladies is the peacock pendant design. Peacock is a very beautiful bird that is colorful as well as beautiful in looks. The motif of peacock also looks very awesome whether it be in any jewelry. The peacock pendant and earring pair is made with crafted designed and colored with diamonds and meenakaari work.

5. Rhodium Plated Mangalsutra Pendant:

Rhodium is a chemical process done on the final jewelry piece. The process is done to add a silvery glow on the gold alloy or any other metal. The silvery shine of the rhodium chemical gives an extra ordinary effect to the ornament. Rhodium pendants are very much adorned by people.

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6. Mangalsutra with Lakshmi Pendant:

The south Indian bride and groom families desire to have mangalsutra to be traditional precious. They love the designs of jewelry have the god and goddess deities impressed on the surface of the jewelry. Mangalsutra pendants are also opted to have goddess lakshmi designed on it. Normally coin shaped pendant with the idol of goddess Lakshmi is a common design seen on mangalsutra.

7. Loop Mangalsutra Pendant Design:

A loop mangalsutra pendant is again a different though, one that goes through the traditional meaning of the pendants related to the spiritual belief. The Marathi belief of the two spherical coin shaped motifs that relate to the bride and groom is designed with same shape but crafted with diamonds on platinum or white gold.

8. Exquisite Vase Design Pendant:

A vase shape design is one most common gold pendants used in mangalsutra. The two sided hooks are used to attach the pendant to the mangalsutra chains made with black beads. Such pendants are also seen In other shape like leaf, heart, rectangular, round and many more. The remarkable difference is only the craft used on it. It may be gold self design, or gems in laid, or meenakaari work or any other.

9. Emerald Studded Mangalsutra Pendant:

Another very much loved pendants are the ones with precious gems studded in gold and decorated with more contrast diamonds all over it. Such pendants are also worn with simple gold chains too. Paired with similar earrings the set looks awesome on the brides face.

10. Three Piece Mangalsutra Pendant:

A very trendy and unique design of pendant very much looking like a part of the chain is adorned by the purchasers. The black beaded chain ends with a drop like or a motif that matches the main pendant is attached. The chain is then inserted from the both sides of the main pendant and joins it making it inflexible. Here the pendant is made in heart shape and is processed under rhodium.

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11. Grape Like Pendant Design for Mangalsutra:

A unique pendant made from the black beads of mangalsutra. The black beads are joined together forming a loop and given a hook or attached to the chains of the mangalsutra. The loop looks like grapes hanging. One can wear it like wearing simple plain gold chain with a set of pendant and similar earrings.

12. Round Solitaire AD Stone Single Mangalsutra Pendant:

The shine of AD diamond stone is adorning. Pendants made with AD Diamonds always gather attention. A simple one large AD diamond studded in gold pendant can do all what we need to beautify the mangalsutra.

13. Fancy Round Gold Mangalsutra Pendant With Flower And Stone:

A fancy round gold pendant is also one of the most common gold pendants used in mangalsutra. The round shape of the pendant is designed with colorful stones or even sometimes pearls. The self designed gold surface also is a design of such pendants. This type of pendant normally accompanies similar pair of designed earrings.

14. Traditional Thali Mangalsutra Pendant:

Here is a traditional kongu vellalar thali pendant usually seen worn by south Indian ladies. The Tamil Nadu religious culture consists of vellalar community in Kongu village. The Community has its own way of marriages. The pendant looks somewhat like the Hindu temple, wherein we see the images of god and goddesses.

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15. Karugamani Thali:

The karugamani thali is also one of the designs of the mangalsutra pendants traditionally used in south India. The pendants come in a simple thin and flat piece of gold that is attached to a yellow thread known as sutra. The original way the ancient introduced mangalsutra.

Pendants in the neck jewelry are like a must. Without pendants the ornament looks unfinished. Mangalsutra has so many designer pendants to attach to it. The combination of black beads with a beautiful pendant enhances the shine of the jewelry. From ancient traditional age to the modern fashion world, mangalsutra pendants give a large range of designs.


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