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9 Latest Mangalsutra Set Designs for Daily Wear

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Mangalsutra sets have so many varieties in today’s trendy fashion that one might choose not one but many designer mangalsutra to wear at different occasional matching with different outfits. Working women and housewife’s can choose their own choice of mangalsutra with the design they love to wear all the time. Some exclusive designs have been brought together in this article to make you choose the choice of your mangalsutra.

Beautiful and fashionable Designs of Set Mangalsutras for Womens in Trend:

Let we have to look at the top 9 set designs of mangalsutras for Weddings.

1. Gold and Rhodium Plated Mangalsutra Set:

Gold and rhodium plated mangalsutra set

The new gold and rhodium plated mangalsutra set looks so exclusive on any outfit you wear. The diamond studded pendant exclusively stylized with rhodium plaiting looks impressive. The black beads amazingly set with yellow gold will give a standardized mangalsutra look.

2. 24 Kt Floral Mangalsutra Set:

24 Kt floral mangalsutra set

Today’s newly wedding brides love to have designer mangalsutra style. The first year mostly is freshened with the memories of the wedding and the mangalsutra and the suhag bangle set and such jewelry is being worn every day. A floral mangalsutra set design looks awesome on any outfit, whether it is a traditional saree or choli suit or it is a Punjabi dress or a casual trouser and top.

3. Little Golden Balls Designed Mangalsutra Set:

Little golden balls designed mangalsutra set

A gold mangalsutra set is all time favorite and all time in the trend design of the mangalsutra sets. The similar earrings and the pendant of the mangalsutra is artistically designed with gold carvings and the black beaded chain also have gold balls inserted in between the black beads. The combination looks incredible on any outfit.

4. Double String Lakshmi Coined Mangalsutra Set:

Double string lakshmi coined mangalsutra set

The double string Lakshmi coin pendant mangalsutra set of a pair of matching earrings look so traditional and also the in trend design. The mangalsutra set in gold coined pattern is so famous and loved by the south Indian women for its traditional value in the name of god.

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5. Traditional Kundan Studded Mangalsutra Set:

Traditional kundan studded mangalsutra set

The imitation mangalsutra sets can be easily recognized with its finishing of the carvings in the pendants and the chains. Largely chosen to be molded pendants into traditional emblems the mangalsutra indeed look beautiful and matching to the traditional outfits. The art work done with these imitation mangalsutras are mostly the kundan work or the minakari work.

6. Fancy Mangalsutra Set:

Fancy mangalsutra set

The recently married girls love to go a bit simple in the today’s trendy and fashion passionate choice. The beautiful simple yet fancy designs in mangalsutra sets look so trendy with all kind of outfit. The simple black beads that are inserted in the gold chain look superb with the large black beads as the pendant in the center.

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7. Designer Pendant Mangalsutra Set:

Designer pendant mangalsutra set

You might think that this is a kind of pendant set that can be worn with any outfit choosing not to be mangalsutra. But, yes this beautiful pendant set is a mangalsutra designer set. The pearl white ball decorated with framed gold wires and similar earrings look so ravishing on dresses and plain sari outfits.

8. American Diamond Mangalsutra Set:

American diamond mangalsutra set

Diamond mangalsutra sets have been very common since many years. The designer pendants designed with studded American diamonds have exclusive designs that might make you forget the last diamond mangalsutra you have bought.

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9. Silver Mangalsutra Sets:

Silver Mangalsutra Sets9

Amazing and beautiful simple and sober is what you may call the designer silver mangalsutra sets. Delicate pendant and similar earrings look so magnifying on any outfit that you might hardly feel need of any other ornament. The simple double lined black bead beaded in silver wire with a diamond and ruby stud silver pendant is what you also might want for a simple rich look.

The variety of mangalsutra designs can make you purchase each of the type of design you see as the mangalsutra today can be made with affordable price and also with less of gold or silver with unique designs.

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