Have you ever heard of a Mango-hater in this world? Not even possible in the dreams, right? Mango is the “King Of Fruits” and has enthralled many generations with its juicy, tangy pulp. The usual way to eat a mango is to scoop out the flesh and discard mango seeds. But wait! These Seeds are medicinal gold! The white Kernel of Mango seeds or Gutli is full of vital nutrients which can surprise you. Their importance has long been recognized in the ancient Ayurveda and is used as a home remedy for many ailments. Let’s learn more about the incredible benefits of mango seeds in detail.

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Nutritional Value Of Mango Seeds:

Below is the nutrition breakup of 100 grams of Mango Kernel Powder:

  • Total Calories: 117 Kcal
  • Carbohydrates: 32.24 gm
  • Total Dietary Fiber: 2 gm
  • Total Fat: 13 gm
  • Protein: 6.36 gm
  • Calcium: 10.21 mg
  • Magnesium: 22.34 mg
  • Potassium: 158 mg
  • Vitamin B6: 14.62 %
  • Vitamin B12: 5 %

How To Eat Mango Seed?

Mango seed is not edible in its direct form. The hard cover of the seed makes it impossible for you to chew or digest it. Mango seed is used in food and medicines in powder form. You can easily get Mango seed powder at almost all herbal stores in the market. It can also be made at home by drying up the seeds under sun rays and making them into a fine powder.

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Research-Based Mango Seeds Benefits:

To know about mango seeds and to gather all the information about the benefits of these seeds, you can go through this guide below. It has some of the major ideas why you should consider using the mango seeds benefits for health, skin and hair.

1. Eliminates Pesky Dandruff:

The butter prepared from mango seeds can be evenly applied to the scalp and the hair strands to treat the dandruff problem. It also adds strength and lustre to the hair. Hair loss, greying and alopecia can also be controlled.

How To Use:

  • You can just make a paste out of mango seed powder with water and apply it to your scalp for the best results.

2. Treats Symptoms Of Diarrhea:

Take Powdered mango seeds about 2-3 times a day can help in curing diarrhoea and dysentery. The powder can be prepared by drying the seed in the sun. About 1-2 grams is the right dose for each day and should be taken with honey for the best outcomes. It even helps in reducing spasms in the stomach and alleviates the symptoms quickly.

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3. Promotes Good Dental Health:

Mango seeds can be used to prepare tooth powder. The powdered mango seed powder can be used to dip the moistened toothbrush and then used to brush the teeth. This helps in keeping the teeth healthy and free from the plague. Beware! It can be slightly bitter, but is definitely worth the effort!

4. Reduces Cholesterol Levels:

The circulation of the blood improves with the consumption of mango seed powder. This reduces bad cholesterol levels, also known as LDL, in the body. It also helps in regulating the blood sugar levels in the body. It is one of the best and most important benefits of mango seeds.

5. Promotes Weight Loss:

By improving blood circulation and treating the levels of bad cholesterol, mango seed powder helps in the reduction of weight and treatment of obesity which is caused by high levels of cholesterol in the body. It increases the metabolic rate as well.

How To Use:

  • Mixing mango seed powder in warm water and consuming it every day will definitely notice the results in a few weeks.

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6. Strengthens Hair Follicles:

The essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals make mango seed powder a perfect remedy for the treatment of hair problems and restoring hair health. The oil of mango seed can also be extracted and used for the purpose. It is bound to give you the hair that you always desired.

7. Prevents Heart Problems:

A balanced dose of mango seed powder in the diet helps reduce hypertension and prevent cardiovascular problems. All kinds of heart problems can be prevented and treated with mango seed powder, which gives you a strong reason to include it in the diet.

8. Prevents Chapping Of Lips:

A 100 % natural lip balm can be prepared with mango seed powder and oil. It hydrates as well as softens the lips. Mango seed oil can be applied to the lips at night. This helps in rejuvenating the skin cells of the lips. It also heals the dryness and cracks.

How To Use:

  • You can use it as a lip scrub by mixing with water or honey and massaging it on your lips to remove dead skin.

9. Keeps Skin Soft and Supple:

The butter of mango seed is a boon for the skin and definitely hydrates and nourishes from the inside. The gentle ingredients make it perfect for use on the skin and act as a barrier to dryness. You can easily get Mango butter in the market, which is the best and most natural way to soften your skin.

10. Controls Diabetes:

Mango seeds are one of the most effective natural remedies for Diabetes. When taken regularly, the powdered form of these seeds is shown to lower blood sugar levels. This is definitely a boon for Type II diabetic patients, who can easily control their blood glucose levels with this ingredient. It is also known to lower LDL cholesterol levels.

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11. Protection From Acne:

One of the best benefits of Mango seed powder for your face is its anti-microbial properties. It is known to clear your skin from stubborn acne and pimples that can cause embarrassment.

How To Use:

  • Mix 1 tbsp of Mango seed powder with 1 tbsp of tomato pulp and use it as a gentle scrub on your face to notice a visible difference.

12. Throat Gargle:

Mango seed powder is quite effective in treating common throat infections. It has many microbe-fighting properties that can eliminate bacteria and viruses in your throat.

How To Use:

  • The best way to treat this symptom is by mixing 1 tbsp of Mango seed powder in 1 glass of warm water and using that as a throat gargle.

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Aren’t you surprised reading about these uses of mango seeds? Next time you eat a mango, don’t throw away the seed. Instead, dry them under the sun and make a powder. This lasts almost a year until the next mango season when stored properly. Taking it regularly can protect you and your family from many health disorders and ensure good well-being. Do try this wonderful elixir and let us know your experiences.


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