We live in a very busy world. Everyone has a busy schedule these days. If you are a student or a teenager or even a working woman or a mother sometimes it’s very effective to not go to a salon and stay back and do your own manicure. This can save time and also cut off on your expenses.

So would you like to know 9 simple steps to doing a lovely manicure at home?

This article will show you exactly how easy it is to do a salon style manicure at home.

Step 1: Removing Old Nail Polish Stains


Remove all nail polish stains from your nails with a good quality nail polish remover. Too much use of nail polish remover can strip your nails of its natural oil. So use good quality remover because one hand you will require lesser amount of remover for removing nail polish stains and at the same time it will not make your nails brittle.

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Step 2: Shaping Nails, Buffing and Polishing Them


Clip nails to the desired size. Now file the nails to give them the shape you want. You can give them different shapes like rectangular, oval, pointed, and rectangular with rounded edges, etc. This will depend on what you prefer. We recommend that you use a nail file in one direction for smoother edges. Now use your buffer to buff the surface and edges a bit. This will provide nails with a natural shine.

Step 3: Pushing the Cuticles


Make a mixture in a bowl with 5 cups water to 1 teaspoon of your regular shampoo. It’s good if you have a bottle of special nail soak else you can use your normal shampoo. Now dip your fingers into it for 10 minutes. Your cuticles will become soft. Now use a cuticle pusher to push the cuticles back a little. Make sure not to push cuticles too much because then you are actually ripping off a protective thing from your nails. Cuticles actually give strength to your nails. Did you know this before?

Step 4: Cleansing and Exfoliation


Take some mild scrub and exfoliate the hands to wrist. Now cleanse the hands in water. Take it out. Soak and dry in a clean towel. Now use a bit of hand lotion on full hands or you may also use some drops of olive oil. If you are skipping the exfoliation step, then use some olive oil or cuticle cream on to the nails only after soaking hands dry from soap water. This is one of the simple manicure at home.

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Step 5: Apply a Base Coat


Time to apply a base coat. Apply at least 2 layers of base coat for giving strength to your nails. Base coat gives protection to your nails. Instead of a normal base coat, you can use a special base coat known as nail strengthening base coat if your nails are brittle.

Step 6: Nail Polish Application


Apply your favorite nail polish or put up with a nice nail art design of your choice.

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Step 7: Top Coat Application


Apply 2 coats of top coat to protect your manicure.

Step 8: Clean up Edges Perfectly


Take a small piece of cotton and wrap it around a toothpick or take a market available cotton bud and dip it into acetone or nail polish remover. Clean the edges of the nails perfectly to get rid of nail polish stains.

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Step 9 : A Tip


To keep your nails in shiny and strong condition, massage olive oil at night on to the nails and cuticles.

There you go a perfectly done salon style manicure at home right. So will you spend those extra bucks at a salon next time?

Hope you liked this simple manicure at home. Leave your feedback!


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