30+ Standard Marathi Baby Names With Meanings

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Baby names in Marathi are quite popular all over the country. Some of these names are hard to spell and some are small and really cute. In this article we will enlighten some of the best Marathi names there is, for both boys and girls. Also, take a look at their meanings of each and every one of them. The list below has been made based on the popularity of the names.

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Top 15 Maharashtrian Baby Names with Meanings Are As Follows:

1. Aarit:

The meaning of the name Aarit is “one who seeks the right direction”. The meaning is quite beautiful and people find this name quite attractive as well. It comes with a catchy pronunciation. One can easily spell this name which means that it will remain in their mind forever. This baby boy name in Marathi is used in some of the most royal Marathi families in the country.

2. Aahva:

This is one of the most used Marathi names for boys out there. The name sports a quite beautiful meaning. The meaning of Aahva is “beloved”. The name will be suitable for someone who is loved by his family members. It is one of the most beautiful and latest baby boy name in Marathi.

3. Aagam:

Looking for some Marathi boy names? This is one of the most popular ones out there and has been used and is still being used widely. The meaning of Aagam is “arrival”. It kind of describes the person as a positive and good force which is coming to perform good things. It builds up the hope among people.

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4. Anjul:

The meaning of the word Anjul is “health. The name is quite beautiful just like it’s meaning. The name is very popular among the middle class Marathi families and is also regarded as one of the best Marathi names for baby boy. The name is a unique baby boy name in Marathi.

5. Mayank:

Something that starts with the alphabet “M” is always beautiful and that’s why this name sound so beautiful. The meaning of the name Mayank is “lucky”. This is one of the mostly used Marathi baby boy names. The name is quite different from the ones discussed above. It is easy to fall in love with the beauty of this name and the name will be remembered for a long long time.

6. Mangesh:

The meaning of the word Mangesh is “Lord Shiva”. This is an extremely beautiful name and the name suggests the authenticity of the name as well. The name is really beautiful and one can easily fall in love with it. The name Mangesh is very much in use among the Marathi families. If you’re in need of some Marathi baby names, then this might be the right one for your child.

7. Ria:

Here is anotherbeautiful Marathi name for girl. The name Ria suggests “a singer”. The meaning can be figured out from the name as it is one of the most popular names among Marathi people and you might have heard of it as well. The name has numerous meaning such as anger, merry, victor, earth, river, love, etc. The name can thus be used based on the numerous meanings of the name.

8. Rodasi:

Rodasi is very cute name and the pronunciation of this name is quite beautiful as well. The meaning of this name is “the earth and the sky”. The name creates a link between the earth and the sky and given the child that God-like feeling as if she lies in between these two elements. It is a great decision to name your girl child by this name.

9. Rijuta:

The meaning of the word Rijuta is “innocence”. The name is really popular among the Marathi families and can be said to be one of the most used names as well. The meaning of this name is quite beautiful as well. It will be appropriate to name that child with this name, who shows signs of innocence from a very little age.

10. Farha:

The meaning of the name Farah is “happiness”. The name suits the Marathi girls the best and has been claimed as one of the best Marathi baby names. The name sounds quite amusing by itself and will be suitable for the girls who look pretty as the name will be suitable for complementing their awesome looks.

11. Tithi:

The general meaning of the word Tithi is “date, time, etc”. The name is quite famous among the Marathi women and is one of the most used Marathi baby names. This beautiful name is used by most of the families for naming their female child.

12. Tarli:

Tarli means “star”. This is another one of the best names for girls out there. Marathi girls love this name and they have a great time spelling this name. It is really beautiful and can be said to be one of the most famous names for the Marathi women. A lot of Marathi girls are named by this name and it is expected that the woman will love their name when their grow up, become mature and finally understand the actual meaning of their name.

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13. Toral:

The meaning of the word Toral is “soft”. The meaning of the name is quite similar to the name itself. It will denote a woman who is soft from the inside.

14. Tulika:

This name sound a bit Bengali, but it is also a Marathi name. In fact, it is one of the most famous Marathi baby girl names. The meaning of the name is quite simple. Tulilka means ‘artistic”.

15. Wajeeha:

The meaning of the name Wajeeha is ‘eminent”. Like the meaning of this name, the woman will also be distinguished when they carry this name. This is another new born baby girl name in Marathi.

Marathi Baby Names for Twins:

Naming a child is very important. Name is a sense of identity and it is necessary to call someone by name. They define who they are. While some parents like to name their twin child much identically, Marathi world baby names help cover that. So, we thought we’ll help you with some Marathi twin baby names that you may want to name your child. Take a look.

1. Anuj-Tanuj:

This is a good twin baby boy name in Marathi. Anuj means ‘younger brother’ and Tanuj means rising sun. They sound identical and could be an ideal choice if you like your twin boys to share the name by the difference of a sound.

2. Mridul-Mukul:

If you are looking to name your child with the starting letter ‘M’, here is an option for you. Mridul means soft and Mukul means blossom. This is not a common name and hence could be a good choice of name.

3. Hemal-Heman:

Another uncommon and unique twin baby boy name in Marathi is Hemal and Heman. This is a Sanskrit that means golden and gold respectively. It is another rarely chosen name and is a truly unique choice.

4. Lalith-Lohith:

Here is a unique Sanskrit baby boy name for twins. The name is inspired to be unique and means elegant and red, made of copper respectively. It is also an indication of how well they will shine in their life.

5. Tapan-Tapas:

Tapan and Tapas means sun and heat respectively. This is a unique Sanskrit name in Marathi for baby boy. The name is as similar as how they look and is a indication of the radiance and light they will spread in their life.

In case you are wondering what you could name your baby twin girl, we have suggestions for you. Finding the right name or probably just finding a name could be tedious. You don’t have to worry, take a look at some unique names that you could name her.

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1. Anandi-Aeisha:

Here is a beautiful Sanskrit baby girl name in Marathi that you can consider. Ananda means fearless and Aeisha means wonder girl. It is a unique name that indicates how courageous the girls will grow up to be.

2. Ambar-Divya:

Ambar and Divya are twin baby girl names, which although might not sound similar, however, means sky and divine respectively. This Sanskrit name could be a choice for the girls who don’t look identical and indicates how innocent and pure they are.

3. Mohini-Shreya:

This beautiful Sanskrit baby name is for those fearless twin baby girls. Mohini and Shreya both means ‘most beautiful’. They don’t sound alike but mean the same. This baby name in Marathi is for your beautiful munchkin.

4. Farrah-Muskaan:

If you are looking for happy names, here is our choice. Farrah and Muskaan means one who smiles. It reflects their positivity and happiness they will carry throughout their life.

Buddhist Baby Names in Marathi:

In case you are still looking for something more unique to name your twins, here are the popular Buddhist choices that we suggest, along with their meaning.

1. Adhiarja-Agung:

This is a beautiful Buddhist name for your twin boys. Adhiarja means safety, while Agung means grand or great. Both will signify your boys’ personality and is a unique name choice.

2. Arkar-Asnee:

This is probably a very rare and unique Buddhist twin name for your twin boys. Arkar means sky and Asnee means lightening. Both signify light and color that will be the true representation of the personality of the baby boys. How about this truly unique choice?

3. Bu-Buddhamitra:

Bu as a name is something you probably wouldn’t have come across much and means ‘he who is a leader. Budhamitra means ‘one who is Buddha’s friend’. This Buddhist baby boy twin name with B is a unique choice and is a name that will be remembered forever.

4. Boon-mee- Boon-nam:

Boon-mee is a popular Buddhist choice which means lucky or a fortunate boy. Boon-nam means ‘someone born with a good fortune’. The names are an indication of how well they will lead their life and they sound alike. For those twins who look alike, this could be an ultimate choice. This is a unique Buddhist baby name in Marathi.

5. Batuhan-Batukhan:

Batuhan means someone who is firm and hard, whereas Batukhan is a firm ruler. These names will stand for someone who has a tough personality to uphold.

6. Altansarani-Altantsetseg:

Ever heard of this Buddhist baby name in Marathi for the twin girls? Probably not! This unique name means golden rose and golden flower respectively. Both are a promise of the finest color and positivity they will reflect in their personality.

7. Angkasa-Anong:

This Buddhist twin baby girl name means the sky and gorgeous women respectively. This unique baby name for twins is not a common choice and is a latest Buddhist name that you can consider naming your children.

8. Bi-Bayarmaa:

Bi means ‘Green Jade’ and Bayarmaa means ‘mother of joy’ Both are an indication of happiness and is a unique twin baby girl name.

9. Chesa-Chewa:

This twin baby girl name means greatness and one who is great or powerful. This a truly unique baby name choice that will aptly reflect their personality and mould them to be one.

10. Chime-Chimeg:

Chime and Chimeg means immortal and ornament respectively. They signify they will stand the test of time and could be an ideal choice for the baby twins who look alike.

The article has brought out some of the best names ever which will be suitable for the Marathi girls and boys. The baby names discussed are quite attractive and cute at the same time. These names are pretty popular among woman and can be said to be some of the most famous names for the girls and boys who belong to Marathi families.