The baby names in Marathi are trendy throughout the country and even overseas. Though most of these names have their roots in Sanskrit, they are very meaningful and stylish. In this article, we have brought you more than 150 Marathi names to choose from so that you can get the ideal name for your little bundle of joy that will go well with their personality. Some of these names are hard to spell, and some are small and really cute. In this article, we will enlighten you with some of the best Marathi names for both boys and girls. Also, take a look at the meanings of every one of them. The list below has been made based on the popularity of the names.

50 Best Baby Boy Names in Marathi:

1. Aak:

This is a short and sweet Marathi name that means sky or nature.

2. Avi:

Avi in Marathi means honest. This unique Marathi baby boy name means one who is born to rule.

3. Advik:

Advik is the Marathi word for unique. It also means love and affection and is a name for Lord Shiva.

4. Ashwin:

Ashwin means the possessor of horses. In fact, the Aswins are the twin Hindu Gods of the sunrise and the sunset.

5. Bhav:

Bhav means emotion. It is also used for Lord Shiva and means all upon God.

6. Bala:

Bala in Marathi means small child. It also means newly risen and is a name of God Murugan.

7. Balaji:

Balaji is a widely used Marathi name which also means Lord Vishnu and Lord Venkateshwara.

8. Bhavya:

Bhavya in Marathi means huge. It also means auspicious, suitable or excellent.

9. Chitt:

Chitt means mind or heart in Marathi. It is a very simple and unique name for your child.

10. Chahit:

Chahit in Marathi means loved from the heart. It can be a good name for your little one.

11. Charan:

Charan means legs or God’s feet. It also means a humble person. A significant and lovely name for kids.

12. Chandrakant:

This Marathi name has been derived from the Sanskrit word Chandra or the moon and Kant, which means beloved. Chandrakant thus means beloved by the moon.

13. Chirag:

Chirag means the lamp or light. It is a very meaningful name for your child.

14. Chaitanya:

Chaitanya means consciousness or knowledge. It is also the name of the famous saint.

15. Daksh:

Daksh is the word used for the perfect being. It was the name of the son of Lord Brahma is also used to denote Lord Shiva. It means the son of a perfect being.

16. Dhruv:

Dhruv is the Marathi/Hindi name of the Polar star which is one of the unique stars that is always constant. It also means one who is faithful.

17. Deep

A deep means a lamp or a light. It is superior to infinity

18. Dhaval:

Dhaval is a Marathi word used for the fair one. A fair child can rightly be christened as Dhaval as will go with his complexion.

19. Ilesh:

Ilesh is a unique and beautiful Marathi name which is used to symbolise Lord of the Earth

20. Mirajkar:

This name is generally used for the people who belong to the city of Miraj.

21. Namniya:

This name means a very polite and respectful.

22. Nandedkar:

A person who hails from Nanded City is generally symbolised as Nandedkar.

23. Navjat:

One who is newly born is termed as Navjat in Marathi.It also means a fort which is the mountain of the ocean.

24. Nidhra:

This word is used for a person whose beauty resembles the moon.

25. Narendra:

This name has been derived from the two Sanskrit words Nar, which means man and Indra, which means lord. Thus Narendra means Lord of the Men.

26. Neeraj:

It is an alternative way of writing Niraj and means water-born Lotus.

27. Neerav:

It is an alternative transcription for Nirav which in Sanskrit means silent or quiet.

28. Nishant:

It means the end of the night when it is dawn. It is a combination of two Sanskrit words “Nisha” meaning night and “ant” meaning end.

29. Nitin:

This name has been derived from the Sanskrit word “Niti” which means guidance or moral conduct.

30. Pranay:

This Marathi name has been derived from the Sanskrit word, which means leader, or guidance or love.

31. Pratap:

Pratap is the Marathi name, which means impact or glory. It even means heat or splendour.

32. Punit:

Punit means cleansed or purified. It is a Hindi or Marathi variant of the name derived from Sanskrit.

33. Rajendra:

Rajendra is the Marathi name derived from the Sanskrit word Raja which means king and Indra which means lord. So Rajendra means lord of the kings.

34. Sarvesh:

Sarvesh means the ‘ruler of all’ It has been derived from 2 Sanskrit words “Sarv” which means all and “Ish” which means ruler or God.

35. Shankar:

It is the modern transcript of Shankara. It is another name for Lord Shiva and means auspicious or lucky.

36. Subhash:

The word Subhash has been derived from the Sanskrit word and means eloquent.

37. Surendra:

Surendra means Lord of Gods. It is another name for Lord Indra.

38. Sushil:

It is the masculine form of Sushila and means good-tempered. “Su” in Sanskrit means good and “sheel” means compositions or temper together meaning good composition.

39. Swapnil:

It is derived from the Sanskrit word Swapna or dreams.

40. Tushar:

Tushar in Marathi means cold, snow or frost.

41. Vasant:

It is the upgraded version of vasanta. It means brilliant or spring.

42. Vijay:

It is one of the names famous in all the languages. Vijay means victory.

43. Vimal:

Vimal means clean, something that is pure and spotless.

44. Vinay:

Vinay is the simple Marathi word for leading, guidance or modesty.

45. Vipin:

Vipin means forest in Sanskrit and is one of the famous names for kids in Marathi.

46. Vishal:

Vishal means huge, spacious or broad. It is a very famous Marathi name for boys.

47. Vishnu:

Vishnu means all-pervasive. It is also the name of Lord Vishnu, who is the protector of the universe.

48. Vivek:

Vivek means distinction, wisdom or discrimination in Sanskrit, and it’s a common name in Marathi.

49. Viraj:

It is the masculine form of Viraja and means ruling or sovereign.

50. Yash:

Yash means fame, glory or praise in Sanskrit and is a common Hindu name in Marathi.

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Top 50 Baby Girls Name in Marathi:

1. Aarti:

This is one of the most famous baby girls names in Marathi. This name is associated with one of the Hindu rituals of offering lights to the deity.

2. Aditi:

Aditi in Sanskrit means boundless. This name is also associated with the Hindu goddess of Sky and fertility and is said to be the mother of all gods.

3. Aishwarya:

It means prosperity. This name tops the Marathi female names list because of its association with the famous Bollywood actress and past Miss World, AishwayaRaiBachchan.

4. Amita:

This modern Marathi girl names meaning is immeasurable or infinite. It is the female version of the name Amit.

5. Anita:

This is the feminine form of Anit, which means not guided.

6. Anjali:

Anjali means salutation in Sanskrit and is a famous Marathi name for girls.

7. Ankita:

This is the female version of the name Ankit which means marked.

8. Anuja:

Anuj means younger or the one who is born later. This name is usually given to the younger sibling.

9. Aparna:

This name of Goddess Parvati also means leafless one.

10. Apoorva:

This name can be used for both boy and girl. It means unpreceded or new.

11. Archana:

This name means honouring or praising. It is also a Hindu ritual of offering prayers to God.

12. Asha:

Hope in Sanskrit means Asha. It’s a wish or a desire of a person.

13. Avani:

This Marathi name has a beautiful meaning associated with it, and it means mother Earth.

14. Bhavna:

This is the alternate transcription of the name Bhavana and means producing or manifesting. It also means feelings.

15. Chandra:

It is derived from the Sanskrit word Chand or the moon and means to shine.

16. ChinaChetana:

This is the feminine version of the name Chetan and means conscious or soul.

17. Darshana:

This is the feminine version of the name Darshan and means seeing, understanding or observing.

18. Deepa:

This is the alternate transcription of the name Dipa or Deep and means lamp or light.

19. Deepali:

A row of lamps means Deepali and is a beautiful name for a Marathi girl.

20. Deepti:

Deepti means brightness or light.

21. Disha:

Disha means region or direction. It is one of the popular newborn baby girl names in Marathi.

22. Divya:

Divya means divine or heavenly in Sanskrit.

23. Gauri:

Gauri means white. It is also the name of Goddess Parvati and mother of Lord Ganesha.

24. Gayatri:

It refers to a particular hymn that is used to woo the god. It is also a name of the Hindu deity.

25. Grishma:

This is one of the unique Marathi baby girl names, which means summer in Sanskrit.

26. Harshada:

This is the female version of the name Harshad which means happiness in Sanskrit.

27. Hema:

Hema refers to a golden colour in Sanskrit and is a very popular name.

28. Indira:

Indira means beauty. It is also the name of Goddess Lakshmi, the wife of Lord Vishnu. India’s first female Prime Minister Indira Gandhi shared the same name.

29. Isha:

Isha means Lord or master. It is also the name of one of the Upanishads of the Hindu scripture.

30. Jaya:

It is derived from the Sanskrit word Jay, and it means victory.

31. Jayashri:

This name symbolizes the Goddess of Victory.

32. Jyoti:

This name can be used for both male and female, and it means light.

33. Kajal:

It means Kohl but is also associated with talent and beauty.

34. Kalpana:

Imagination or fantasy is the meaning of this famous name, Kalpana.

35. Kalyani:

It means beautiful, lovely or auspicious. It is another name for Goddess Parvati.

36. Kavita:

It means poetry in Sanskrit.

37. Kiran:

It is derived from Sanskrit word Kirana, which means sunbeam.

38. Kishori:

This is the female version of the name Kishore and means adolescent.

39. Lakshmi:

This is the name of the goddess of wealth, good luck and prosperity. It also means a sign or a mark.

40. Lalita:

It means playful, charming and desirable. According to Hindu mythology, it was the name of one of the playmates of young Lord Krishna.

41. Madhavi:

This name has been derived from Madhav, which is another name for Lord Krishna. It is also the name of Goddess Lakshmi.

42. Manjusha:

This is one of the latest baby girl names in Marathi that means a small box or chest of jewels.

43. Mohini:

It means enchanting, charming, celestial. This was the name adopted by Lord Vishnu when he took the form of a woman.

44. Namrata:

It means bowing down or being humble.

45. Nandita:

This name has been derived from the Sanskrit word Nanda, which means joy.

46. Poornima:

Poornima means the full moon night which also symbolises brightness and full of light.

47. Pratibha:

It means light, splendour or intelligence.

48. Pratima:

The meaning of this beautiful name is image or reflection.

49. Rajani:

Rajani means one who is very dark. It is another name of the goddess Kali or Durga.

50. Sandhya:

Sandhya is a Sanskrit derived word which means evening or twilight. It is also the name of the daughter of Lord Brahma.

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Top 20 Twin Baby Names for Boys and Girls:

1. Aasav and Aarav:

Aasav is the Marathi name that means essence, while Aarav means peaceful and smart. Together they rhyme well to be ideal names for your twins.

2. Javin and Kavin:

Javin is a beautiful name that means swift or fast, while Kavin means beautiful and handsome.

3. Navin and Navya:

Both the names Navin and Navya means the same – New and thus ideal for your twins.

4. Baladitya and Baladeva

Baladitya means the young sun and Baladev means the young god.

5. Aadit and Aadir:

Aadit means the first one, the peak while Aadir means the origin or the beginning.

6. Arsh and Ansh:

Arsh means the sky or one with importance, while Ansh means part of our body or a small portion of someone.

7. Asish and Atish:

Asish means blessings while Atish means fire, explosive. Both the names together make a good combination for your twins.

8. Laksh and Naksh:

Laksh means aim while Naksh means having great quality. This combination is one of the best twin baby boy names in Marathi.

9. Aayush and Aarush:

Aayush means the one with a long life, while Aarush means the first rays of the sun. Together these names are great combination names for your twin boys.

10. Anjul and Anjum:

Anjul means the one who stays in the heart while Anjum is the name of a star. Unique Marathi baby boy names for twins.

11. Janu and Manu:

Janu means a sweetheart while Manu means of the mind, desirable. They are the modern Marathi girl names for twins.

12. Sana and Yana:

Sana means prayer, brilliance while Yana means God gifted, precious. A great combination of Marathi twin girls.

13. Aksha and Ansha:

Aksha means God’s blessing and Ansha means a portion.

14. Tasha and Yosha:

Tasha means born on a Christmas Day while Yosha means a young woman. This is a great combination for twin Marathi girls born on Christmas.

15. Nisha and Naisha

Nisha means night and Naisha mean special or sharp-minded.

16. Anupama and Nirupama:

Both Anupama and Nirupama mean the one who cannot be compared. They are very deep, meaningful modern names for Marathi twins.

17. Jalpa and Kalpa:

Jalpa means discussion while Kalpa means thought.

18. Runal And Rupal:

Runal means kind and Rupal means made of silver.

19. Sejal and Tejal:

Sejal means pure water, while Tejal means lustrous and glowing. Both the names are very famous Marathi names and ideal for twin girls.

20. Hetali and Himali:

Hetali is someone who is very friendly while Himali means ice. It is also used to denote Goddess Parvati.

Top 19 Buddhist Baby Names in Marathi:

1. Adved:

Adved is one of the best Buddhist baby names in Marathi. It means Lord Buddha and also one with an advantage.

2. Nalak:

Nalak was the name of a little boy who whole-heartedly worshipped Lord Buddha.

3. Rahul:

The real meaning of Rahul is a conqueror of all miseries. One who is very different than others. It was the name of the son of Lord Buddha and also the son of Goddess Durga.

4. Aswath:

Aswath means the tree of knowledge. It is the tree under which Gautam Buddha meditated and gained most of his experience.

5. Buddha:

Buddha says the one who is awakened. It also means Lord Buddha himself.

6. Gautam:

Gautam means someone or something that is bright in the darkness. Buddha was fondly known as Gautam Buddha.

7. Khajit:

Khajit is another name for Lord Buddha and is a unique Marathi boy’s name.

8. Munish:

Lord of all the Munis or sages is known as Munish. It also means Lord Buddha.

9. Samyak:

One who is the Shadow of Lord Buddha. It also means appropriately, fitly or in the right manner.

10. Sugata:

It is another name for Lord Buddha. One who is well-bestowed.

11. Trigya:

This is also another name for Lord Buddha himself.

12. Trikay:

This is also another name for Lord Buddha.

13. Animesh:

Someone who is wakeful, bright and attractive. It also means Lord Buddha.

14. Bhargava:

This is another name for Lord Shiva as well as Lord Buddha.

15. Prashik:

The meaning of Prashik is someone who is full of love. It is also used for Lord Buddha as it rightly defines him.

16. Shaakya:

This is another name for Lord Buddha.

17. Siddham:

It means someone who is blessed or accomplished, perfect or Lord Buddha

18. Siddharth:

A man who seeks enlightenment or one who has accomplished his goal.

19. Maitreya:

Friend or disciple of sage Parasara. It is another name for Lord Buddha.

Top 10 Marathi Celebrity Baby Names:

1. Aarav:

Aarav means peace-loving. It is also the name of the son of celebrity couple Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna.

2. Aaradhya:

Abhishek Bachchan and AishwaryaRai’s daughter has been christened as Aaradhya, which means worthy of being worshipped.

3. Imra:

Imran Khan and Avantika Khan’s daughter’s name is Imra which means strong

4. Aazad:

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao’s son’s name is Aazad, which means someone who has independent thoughts.

5. Rayaan:

Madhuri Dixit and Dr, Shriram Nene’s elder son’s name is Ryan, which means door to paradise.

6. Arin:

Madhuri Dixit and Dr, Shriram Nene’s younger son’s name is Arin, which means strong like a mountain.

7. Aryan:

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s eldest son’s name is Aryan, which means soldier.

8. Viaan:

One who is full of life is the meaning of the name of Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Raj Kundra’s son.

9. Riaan:

Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza’s son’s name is Riaan, which means a young king.

10. Yug:

Ajay Devgn and Kajol’s younger son is named as Yug, which also means Kaal or period.

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Top 15 Maharashtrian Baby Names with Meanings Are as Follows:

1. Aarit:

The meaning of the name Aarit is “one who seeks the right direction”. The meaning is quite beautiful, and people find this name quite attractive as well. It comes with a catchy pronunciation. One can easily spell this name, which means that it will remain in their mind forever. This baby boy name in Marathi is used in some of the most royal Marathi families in the country.

2. Aahva:

This is one of the most used Marathi names for boys out there. The name Aahvahas a quite beautiful meaning. The meaning of Aahva is “beloved”. The name will be suitable for someone who is loved by his family members. It is one of the most beautiful and latest baby boy names in Marathi.

3. Aagam:

Looking for some Marathi boy names? This is one of the most popular ones out there and has been used and is still being used widely. The meaning of Aagam is “arrival”. It kind of describes the person as a positive and good force which is coming to perform good things. It builds up hope among people.

4. Anjul:

The meaning of the word Anjul is “health. This name is very quite beautiful, just like it’s meaning. The name is very popular among the middle-class Marathi families and is also regarded as one of the best Marathi names for baby boy. The name is a unique baby boy name in Marathi.

5. Mayank:

Something that starts with the alphabet “M” is always beautiful, and that’s why this name sound so beautiful. The meaning of the name Mayank is “lucky”. This is one of the most used Marathi baby boy names. The name is quite different from the ones discussed above. It is easy to fall in love with the beauty of this name, and the name will be remembered for a long, long time.

6. Mangesh:

The meaning of the word Mangesh is “Lord Shiva”. This is an extremely beautiful name, and the name suggests the authenticity of the name as well. The name is really beautiful, and one can easily fall in love with it. The name Mangesh is very much in use among the Marathi families. If you need some Marathi baby names, then this might be the right one for your child.

7. Ria:

Here is another beautiful Marathi name for a girl. The name Ria suggests “a singer”. The meaning can be figured out from the name as it is one of the most popular names among Marathi people and you might have heard of it as well. The name has numerous meanings such as anger, merry, victor, earth, river, love, etc. The name can thus be used based on the numerous meanings of the name.

8. Rodasi:

Rodasi is a very cute name, and the pronunciation of this name is quite beautiful as well. The meaning of this name is “the earth and the sky”. The name creates a link between the earth and the sky and given the child that God-like feeling as if she lies in between these two elements. It is a great decision to name your girl child by this name.

9. Rijuta:

The meaning of the word Rijuta is “innocence”. The name is really popular among the Marathi families and can be said to be one of the most used names as well. The meaning of this name is quite beautiful, as well. It will be appropriate to name that child with this name, who shows signs of innocence from a very little age.

10. Farah:

The meaning of the name Farah is “happiness”. The name suits the Marathi girls the best and has been claimed as one of the best Marathi baby names. The name is suitable for the girls who look pretty as the name will be suitable for complementing their awesome looks.

11. Tithi:

The general meaning of the word Tithi is “date, time, etc.”. The name is quite famous among the Marathi women and is one of the most used Marathi baby names. This beautiful name is used by most of the families for naming their female child.

12. Tarli:

Tarli means “star”. This is another one of the best names for girls out there. Marathi girls love this name, and they have a great time spelling this name. It is really beautiful and can be said to be one of the most famous names for Marathi women. This name names a lot of Marathi girls, and it is expected that the woman will love their name when they are growing up, become mature and finally understand the actual meaning of their name.

13. Toral:

The meaning of the word Toral is “soft”. The meaning of the name is quite similar to the name itself. It will denote a woman who is soft from the inside.

14. Tulika:

This name sounds a bit Bengali, but it is also a Marathi name. In fact, it is one of the most famous Marathi baby girl names. The meaning of the name is quite simple. Tulilka means ‘artistic”.

15. Wajeeha:

The meaning of the name Wajeeha is ‘eminent”. Like the meaning of this name, the woman will also be distinguished when they carry this name. This is another newborn baby girl name in Marathi.

Marathi Baby Names for Twins:

Naming a child is very important. Name is a sense of identity, and it is necessary to call someone by name. They define who they are. While some parents like to name their twin child much identically, Marathi world baby names help cover that. So, we thought we’ll help you with some Marathi twin baby names that you may want to name your child. Take a look.

1. Anuj-Tanuj:

This is an excellent twin baby boys name in Marathi. Anuj means ‘younger brother’ and Tanuj means rising sun. They sound identical and could be an ideal choice if you like your twin boys to share the name by the difference of a sound.

2. Mridul-Mukul:

If you are looking to name your child with the starting letter ‘M’, here is an option for you. Mridul means soft, and Mukul means blossom. This is not a common name and hence could be the right choice of name.

3. Hemal-Heman:

Another uncommon and unique twin baby boy name in Marathi is Hemal and Heman. In Sanskrit, it means golden and gold, respectively. It is another rarely chosen name and is a truly unique choice.

4. Lalith-Lohith:

Here is a unique Sanskrit baby boy name for twins. The name is inspired to be unique and means elegant and red, made of copper, respectively. It is also an indication of how well they will shine in their life.

5. Tapan-Tapas:

Tapan and Tapas mean sun and heat, respectively. This is a unique Sanskrit name in Marathi for baby boy. The name is as similar to how they look and is an indication of the radiance and light they will spread in their life.

In case you are wondering what you could name your baby twin girl, we have suggestions for you. Finding the right name or probably just finding a name could be tedious. You don’t have to worry, take a look at some unique names that you could name her.

1. Anandi-Aeisha:

Here is a beautiful Sanskrit baby girl name in Marathi that you can consider. Anandi means fearless, and Aeisha means wonder, girl. It is a unique name that indicates how courageous the girls will grow up to be.

2. Ambar-Divya:

Ambar and Divya are twin baby girl names, which although might not sound similar, however, means sky and divine respectively. This Sanskrit name could be a choice for the girls who don’t look identical and indicates how innocent and pure they are.

3. Mohini-Shreya:

This beautiful Sanskrit baby name is for those fearless twin baby girls. Mohini and Shreya both means ‘most beautiful’. They don’t sound alike but mean the same. This baby name in Marathi is for your cute munchkin.

4. Farrah-Muskaan:

If you are looking for happy names, here is our choice. Farrah and Muskaan mean one who smiles. It reflects their positivity and happiness they will carry throughout their life.

Buddhist Baby Names in Marathi:

In case you are still looking for something more unique to name your twins, here are the popular Buddhist choices that we suggest, along with their meaning.

1. Adhiarja-Agung:

This is a beautiful Buddhist name for your twin boys. Adhiarja means safety, while Agung means grand or great. Both will signify your boys’ personality and is a unique name choice.

2. Arkar-Asnee:

This is probably a very rare and unique Buddhist twin name for your twin boys. Arkar means sky and Asnee mean lightning. Both signify light and colour that will be the true representation of the personality of the baby boys. How about this truly unique choice?

3. Bu-Buddhamitra:

Bu as a name is something you probably wouldn’t have come across much and means ‘he who is a leader. Budhamitra means ‘one who is Buddha’s friend’. This Buddhist baby boy twin names with B is a unique choice and is a name that will be remembered forever.

4. Boon-mee- Boon-nam:

Boon-mee is a popular Buddhist choice which means lucky or a fortunate boy. Boon-name means ‘someone born with good fortune’. The names are an indication of how well they will lead their life, and they sound alike. For those twins who look alike, this could be an ultimate choice. This is a unique Buddhist baby name in Marathi.

5. Batuhan-Batukhan:

Batuhan means someone who is firm and hard, whereas Batukhan is a firm ruler. These names will stand for someone who has a tough personality to uphold.

6. Altansarani-Altantsetseg:

Ever heard of this Buddhist baby name in Marathi for the twin girls? Probably not! This unique name means golden rose and golden flower, respectively. Both are a promise of the finest colour and positivity they will reflect in their personality.

7. Angkasa-Anong:

This Buddhist twin baby girl name means the sky and gorgeous woman, respectively. This unique baby name for twins is not a common choice and is the latest Buddhist name that you can consider naming your children.

8. Bi-Bayarmaa:

Bi means ‘Green Jade’ and Bayarmaa means ‘mother of joy’ Both are an indication of happiness and are unique twin baby girl names.

9. Chesa-Chewa:

This twin baby girl name means greatness and one who is great or powerful. This a truly unique baby name choice that will aptly reflect their personality and mould them to be one.

10. Chime-Chimeg:

Chime and Chimeg mean immortal and ornament, respectively. They signify they will stand the test of time and could be an ideal choice for the baby twins who look alike.

The article has brought out some of the best names ever, which will be suitable for the Marathi girls and boys. The baby names discussed are quite attractive and cute at the same time. These names are pretty popular among women and can be said to be some of the most famous names for the girls and boys who belong to Marathi families.

So those above are some of the best Marathi names lists with their meanings. I hope the list has been helpful to you to find the ideal name for your little one which will suit his/her personality. Do share with us your experience with the list as that will help us improve in future to bring an upgraded and better list.

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