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9 Latest designs of March Birthstones Jewelry

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The birthstone for the month of March is Aquamarine and is composed of beryllium aluminium silicate. The colour of March birthstone is like seawater. And thus the name Aquamarine relates seawater. It is considered to be a lucky stone for those born in March. It is a very beautiful stone. Wearing this stone can give you lot of benefits. It re-generates the love between two couples, it heals all mental problems, it helps to cure many diseases etc. and it is cool colour complements the skin tone of wearer. You can also use this stone for spiritual aid. This is an all purpose stone which helps in almost everything.

Stylish and Trendy March Birthstones Jewelry Designs for Men and Women:

Let we have to look at the top 9 birthstones for march.

1. March Birthstones Rings:

March Birthstone Ring

This is March birthstone rings in different shapes. There are round, pear, heart and emerald shape aquamarine stones studded in a finger ring. The ring also possesses beautiful diamonds besides stone. The ring just looks amazing and awesome on wearing.

2. Rough March Birthstone:

Rough March Birthstone

It is rough birthstone for March which is like a rock. This looks so calm and tranquil. This rock is then heated on temperature and given variety of shapes. This gets transformed into jewellery pieces and used by wearer. This is of real seawater colour.

3. March Birthstone Necklace:

March Birthstone Necklace

There is a heart shape pendant on March birthstone necklace. The pendant is having one big heart of half gold and half diamond series. Inside this big heart, an aquamarine stone heart shape is attached. The blue stone is getting highlighted beside white diamond stones.

4. March Birthstone Earring:

March Birthstone Earring

This is simply gorgeous march birthstone earring in a sky blue crystal stone stud. There is small round shape aquamarine stone in a stud which is shining so brightly. Wearing this earring will catch up the attention of people and make you receive plenty of good comments.

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5. March Birthstones Pendant:

March Birthstone Pendant

This is really eye-catchy march birthstone jewellery in a cross pendant. The whole cross pendant is studded with aquamarine round stone. This pendant is of great importance in a Catholic culture. Few shiny stones together give twinkling to your eyes.

6. March Birthstone Heart:

March Birthstone Heart

This is simply stunning march birthstone in a heart shape glass. This glass contains the pattern of oceanic world over a glass. It feels so deep inside. The design is looking like waves of the ocean are going over the glass. It is really astounding to wear this pendant.

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7. March Birthstone Angel:

March Birthstone Angel

One angel like creature is made from the birthstone march. One sweet aquamarine heart stone is hanging on the angel. You can keep this show-piece at your home for your good-luck charm. This angel looks like it is of glass and is looking really pretty.

8. March Birthstones Rosary:

March Birthstone Rosary

This is rosary mala of aquamarine beads. This March birthstone jewellery can be worn and believed to keep at home for self-protection. It is considered to be auspicious in Christianity. This is a mala containing round shape crystal of March birthstone.

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9. March Crystal Birthstone:

March Crystal Birthstone

This is mesmerizing crystal stones and is having so cool march birthstone colour. There are so many rocks and one pear shape crystal aquamarine stone. You can use pear shape stone to make jewellery. This rough can be used to give variety of shapes to this stones.

March birthstones is considered to be lucky for the people born in March. This aquamarine stone is having many benefits for the wearer. It aids in spiritual and medical problems. One can also use this stone for meditation. Some use this aquamarine crystal ball for fortune telling too. Aquamarine possesses mystical powers like power of revelation, power of bringing victory to battles, etc.

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