Are you looking for a way to deck up your bedroom that looks dull? Many of us want to change the way our bedroom space looks, but due to many reasons, we may not. But it is better to have research done before you make any changes. Here are the 25 best master bedroom designs you can check out to revamp your room. Some of these designs are simple to implement and others robust, but in the end, you will have a new look for your bedroom.

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Master Bedroom Layout Ideas:

The size of your bedroom does not determine its beauty, but how you arrange the furniture and other items to match the size of the room, utilizing every inch of space. Here are some of the best master bedroom layout ideas.

  • Customize your bedroom with furniture that fits the space.
  • You can arrange a rug that is not too small or too big.
  • Choose a nightstand that fits right into the bed.
  • You can divide the bedroom space into two, incorporating the sitting area.
  • Place a dresser thoughtfully.

Best Master Bedroom Designs In India:

Here are our 25 simple and modern master bedroom designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Contemporary Master Bedroom:

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If you are looking for a current and simplistic style, then this contemporary master bedroom is a perfect fit. The big bedroom has a bed in the centre, a nightstand on the side, and an armchair in one corner. The whole room has a simple colour scheme with clutter-free décor that is elegant and serene. There is a glass window that blends with the look of the room.

2. Romantic Master Bedroom Design:

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If you are a person who loves little romance in their bedroom, then this is one of the best romantic master bedroom ideas. Many of us consider red to be the symbol of love, which perfectly sets the mood. Another thing that elevates the room is the hardwood floor. The floor rug, bed, and side pillows come in a combination of red, with a side sofa in brown matching the floor.

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3. Minimalist Master Bedroom:

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Minimalist master bedroom design is the new trend that is best known for being clutter-free and elegant. The spacious bedroom has a colour palette of grey and white matching the bed, furniture, and decor. The place rug, mattress, and nightstand are in contrast with one another, making the room look classy without much equipment.

4. Rustic Master Bedroom Design:

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This bed is what decides how your room looks, the rustic look of this bed with the combination of the elegance of the surroundings of this room make one of the best rustic master bedroom ideas: the bed, nightstand, and a small wooden stand make up for the raw look of this room. If you want a combination of things, then the sophisticated place rug, curtain, and a side sofa can be used similarly to this room.

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5. White Master Bedroom:

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If you love white, these white master bedroom ideas are the best option, but keep in mind that they are high maintenance! The whole room, including the bed, side table, walls, place rug, and window panes, is pure white. The only contrast in the room is the throw pillow on the bed and a pink armchair.

6. Attic Master Bedroom:

If you are looking for attic master bedroom ideas, this serves the purpose. The simple wooden flooring matches the décor of the room, with a nightstand and a small almirah to store things. The in-built storage spaces in the attic area work well and help maintain a needed room. There are few inbuilt lights and enough ventilation in the form of a window.

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7. Transitional Master Bedroom Design:

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This design is a perfect example of a combination of contemporary and classic styles, hence the transitional master bedroom. The curvaceous furniture with a light colour palette is one of the brand features of a transitional bedroom. The flooring in this room has a unique design, unlike the simple colours on the walls, which complement each other.

8. Scandinavian Master Bedroom:

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Every place in the world has a style of its own inculcated into its home. The Scandinavian master bedroom represents the Scandinavian style in which the bedroom is left pure and airy. This spacious bedroom has a simple bed with high glass sliding doors for excellent ventilation. The remaining space is filled with minimal furniture, leaving a lot of space to move around.

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9. Shabby Chic Master Bedroom:

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The speciality of a shabby chic master bedroom is the inculcation of frills and types of flower designs with the help of antique materials. This bed has a beautiful design that has frills attached to the downward area, making it unique and chic. The thin metal rods around the bed give you a chance to design even more. The colour of the room is white, and there is a medium-sized nightstand in wood.

10. Black Master Bedroom Design:

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If you are a moody person, then the black master bedroom ideas represented in this room are the best choice. The colour black is imprinted everywhere in this room, including the furniture and wall colour. The square glass wall gives enough lighting to the space. The flooring and the place rug also match the colour black, giving the area a fresh look.

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11. Industrial Master Bedroom:

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The industrial master bedroom has a unique representation in the form of unpolished flooring and rustic walls where you can use your creativity to spruce up the place. The high glass windows on one side of the walls with unfinished walls are all part of the look. This place gives your bedroom a raw feel with a lot of space to go around.

12. Country Master Bedroom Design:

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If you love a rural area you want to incorporate into your bedroom, this is one of the best country master bedroom ideas. All you have to do is include the feel of the farm into your bedroom with comfortable furniture and décor. The stonewall in this room is another plus for this style, ventilation all around.

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13. Eclectic Master Bedroom:

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The representation of diverse elements in a space is what is known as an eclectic master bedroom. A modern sitting sofa alongside the bed with a simple reading table to one side of the room and two nightstands on either side is all that is needed. The pattern and texture of the room are unique with a modern painting on the wall.

14. Tropical Master Bedroom Design:

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This is one of the best tropical master bedroom ideas, with a high ceiling made out of wood along with the flooring. This ceiling is built in such a way that it gives the effect of a pyramid. The vibrant colours of this room match the beautiful scenery, making it one of the unique master bedrooms. Plants and the colours like green and yellow add to the tropical feel.

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15. Bohemian Master Bedroom:

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This bedroom style incorporates the style of tropics into the bohemian style, making it a perfect option for bohemian master bedroom ideas. The wicker furniture in this room stands out with bright, vibrant colours. If you are a crazy fan of the bohemian rhapsody, add as many unique features with different patterns as possible, making your master bedroom a distinct place.

16. Master Bedroom 3d Design:

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When moving into your dream house or wanting to remodel your current space, a master bedroom 3d design can be considered the best option. You will be able to get a brief idea about the things you want and the colour patterns in a picture form, making it much more comfortable. The light colour patterns and the minimal furniture make it one of the stylish master bedroom ideas you can incorporate.

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17. Red Master Bedroom Design:

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One of the trending master bedroom colours people are going after is Red! It gives your room a bright look, making it classy with accessories in contrasting colours. This can be considered the best red master bedroom idea, with the walls in the glow of red and white, along with the mattress and throw pillows. The nightstand and the stylish décor add to the beauty.

18. Luxury Master Bedroom Design:

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Luxury is a broad term when you want to decorate your personal space. But if the most exquisite decor is what you have in mind, then this luxury master bedroom design works best. The décor behind the bed is decorated with beautiful grey-white 3D plant patterns that match the grey-coloured walls on the other sides. The upholstered furniture on either side of the room and nightstands on either side of the bed make the room more dynamic.

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19. Ultra Modern Master Bedroom:

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If you are a person who loves polished, aesthetic-looking spaces, these ultra-modern master bedrooms are the perfect fit for you. The flooring is smooth, with sliding glass doors on the side along with mirrors at the back of the bed, alternating with wooden slabs. This modern master bedroom design has a sitting area attached that doesn’t disrupt the flow of the bedroom and blends in well.

20. Grey Master Bedroom Decor:

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Grey gets a bad rap for being a bland and dreary colour, but if used correctly, it can be transformative. This is one of the best grey master bedroom decorating ideas that can include many other features in the neutral palette: the walls and the ceiling in the combination of grey and white. There are two large sliding glass door windows on the two walls that fill the room with all the light to brighten it.

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21. Japanese Master Bedroom Design:

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The speciality of a Japanese master bedroom design is to use earthy mild tone colours, without cramping it up with furniture. This bedroom is the perfect example of this design, where the walls are coloured brown with a shoji screen with modern-looking paintings. The bed is low to the floor in the form of a platform with as little furniture as possible. Only a single light source brings to life the Japanese style.

22. Gold Master Bedroom Design:

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Gold is a colour that adds sophistication anywhere it is used. If you are going to use it as the theme for your bedroom space, then this is one of the perfect gold master bedroom ideas. The room has an impressionable design at the back of the bed with gold-coloured walls and beds too. The inbuilt lights emulate the place even more. The décor is simple, making the colour gold stand out.

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23. Men’s Master Bedroom Ideas:

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Adding a touch of masculinity to the dull room makes all the difference, making it an attractive option from men’s master bedroom ideas. The grey colour walls have a painting of a cycle on the backside of the bed and mirror hangings on another wall. The bed is simple wood with a leather chair on the side and a simple nightstand holding a night lamp. The flooring has zebra lines, making it attractive for men, too.

24. Female Master Bedroom Ideas:

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Women and pink may not be the norm anymore. Women these days try to include many of their personal choices into their bedroom giving birth to female master bedroom ideas. This small master bedroom design has clean lines and a big white bed with colourful plush pillows. A DIY art craft on the wall and a long-standing mirror is a must-have for any women’s bedroom.

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25. Couples Master Bedroom Ideas:

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As the name suggests, this is a perfect option to incorporate the interests of the couple. This bedroom is one of the ideal examples of a couple’s master bedroom ideas. This master bedroom design is filled with a colour combination of brown, gold, and white. A picture of your family makes it even more personal. It has beautiful, modern lighting, an inbuilt nightstand, and a cupboard with glass doors. The fur place rug adds to the beauty of the room.

Master Bedroom Decor Ideas:

It is not a necessity to spend tons of money to get the aesthetic look you want for the bedroom you use for a relaxed time. Here are some tips for beautiful master bedroom designs.

  • Try to add greenery.
  • You can implement an ongoing or your favourite trend into the room.
  • You can add beautiful fresh flowers with vases.
  • Filling up space behind the bed with a simple painting is an option.
  • Using mirrors also beautifies the bedroom.
  • Adding personal artwork in the form of frames is another way.

Master Bedroom Remodel Ideas:

It is costly to completely change the structure of your bedroom, but you can remodel it cost-effectively with small changes.

  • Painting the walls with a new, improved colour palette.
  • You can change the interiors of the room.
  • By changing the lighting, you get to look at your old room in a new light.
  • Add a beautiful DIY art piece.
  • You can replace your old linen with new ones.

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The room you enter for a relaxed sleep after a tiring day, or to sip your favourite cup of coffee early in the morning is your bedroom. With the whopping 25 types of master bedroom designs, along with tips to decorate and remodel your current space, the process of making a choice is much more comfortable! Don’t you think? Do let us know how our designs helped you, though!


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