The matching tattoos have got hold of all young couples as well as among families between mother- daughter, brother-sister or father-son. Unique matching tattoos are well recognized due to its simple and elegant design. These matching tattoos can be inked on an arm, ankle, wrist or back shoulder tattoo design. The Couples are in deep love who like to express their emotions through tattoo design or for lovers who like to have a funny matching tattoo designs, and then this article will help you´ll out in finding the best matching tattoo from the listed top 25 matching tattoo types.

Selecting a matching tattoo design can get easy only if you have an idea what exactly does matching tattoo signifies and what is all the type currently in the market which has become super hit among the younger generation. To know about all that this article is helpful which stresses on the recent trendy matching tattoo types and what kind of tattoo suits for what type of relation.

Best and Amazing Matching Tattoo Designs:

Let’s find here with shown matching tattoos to get more affectionate with your wife or family.

1. King & Queen Matching Tattoos for Couples:

As well all know the wife is the Queen of the house and husband the king of the house with this as a motivating concept the king and queen couple matching tattoo design is inked as a wrist tattoo. Lady and men have their wrist inked with writing King and queen with a crown on top. The word King and queen can be written in a calligraphy writing in a bold format. The crown can be either painted black or bottle green ink or can be decorated using colourful paint and stones.

2. Matching Pinky Tattoo Design:

Among friends, Pinky promises word is quite a familiar sentence in everyday conversation. This Pinky promise can be carved as a pinky matching tattoo design. This tattoo has two small fingers holding together, which is the ideology behind the Promise to keep among friends. This tattoo design best suits as a bet friend matching tattoo design. The ink used in creating the tattoo is made subtle and plain which is by using plain black ink.

3. Matching Colorful Bird Tattoo:

This colorful tattoo design is quite a familiar matching tattoo for couples in love and liked the design among college girls who like to display their friendship more colorfully by having a matching bird tattoo design. As birds are considered to have a lot of freedom the same thinking is thought by the young girls who love to enjoy their freedom like birds. The shape and size of the tattoo is of personal choice.

4. Lock & Key Couple Tattoo Design:

This old school of tying Lock and key which is the standard way of showcasing love by a couple in a wire wall is now used as a matching couple tattoo design. One among the couple will have the lock and the other will have the key design. This tattoo goes well as a wrist tattoo. The Shape of the lock can be modified according to personal choice; the most common choice would be the heart shaped lock design which has the small design on the centre of the lock.

5. Matching Infinity Love Tattoo Design:

Infinity is the symbol which is used in mathematics has now become a fashion design, which is used as a dollar or an earring by girls. The infinity symbol symbolizes the endless love, which is used in signifying love among the couple. Instead of wearing a removable accessory, this permanent tattoo design is an awesome tattoo type. This his and hers matching tattoo design is a simple way of sharing them and sharing their love in an diagrammatic manner. This modern way of matching couple tattoo is a real boost to youngsters.

6. Matching Cross Finger Friend Tattoo:

Cross finger as we know that we keep them when we wait for some important results. This symbol is now used as a matching sister tattoo design or as a best friend matching tattoo design. This is a small cute tattoo design which can be drawn on the finger tattoo. The second and the middle finger is used to signify the cross finger. The finger is inked with black or bottle green ink.

7. Matching Coffee Cup Tattoo Design:

For that couple or friends who are in a craze about having a cup of coffee and making them as an individual recognizing the symbol, then this tattoo design would be an apt design. The size of the cup can be an individual choice. The coffee cup is designed using black ink with hot vapour coming out of the cup. For coffee lovers that too couple who are found of coffee then treats among each with a matching coffee tattoo or as family tattoo deigns who like coffee.

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8. Matching Owl  Tattoo Design:

Owl bird is known for its huge eye and which doesn’t sleep in the night. This owl figure is commonly used by girls as an accessory. Instead of going for a removable jewel, girls and boys like to wear. The owl is a small bird which suits as a small foot tattoo design.

9. Interlocking Sun Matching Tattoo:

This flame designed Interlocking Sun tattoo design is a creative artwork which is drawn on the fingers by Husband and wife or lovers. The fingers of two different people are needed to form one tattoo design which is called as the matching tattoo design. As two fingers are needed to join a tattoo likewise two people are needed to form a couple is a concept used in creating this tattoo.

10. Matching Heart -Sister Tattoo:

Sister-Sister bonding is definitely a stronger emotional bond than a mother-daughter bond, which is symbolized as a matching heart tattoo design. This creative way of expressing sister bonding is an amazing artistic way of sharing emotion. The tattoo is designed with two interlocking heart symbols with a small write up below stating as sisters. This is indeed a fascinating way of sharing a sister-sister love.

11. Matching Friendship Year Tattoo:

Best friends, who are thinking of making a permanent tattoo design which has the similar design, then opt for the best friend matching tattoo design with heart shape design and the year signifying the first meet.

12. Matching Feather Tattoo:

This tattoo design can be considered as a feminine tattoo design due to its curvy and wavy pattern of design. The size and length of the tattoo are of individual choice. This elegant tattoo can be worn by the sisters or between a mom and a daughter.

13. Matching Kitty Couple Tattoo:

Kitty tattoo design is a cute little tattoo design which suits well as a couple or brother-sister tattoo design. The kitty is drawn using black ink and has a dressed with bright color and a colorful bow on its head. This kitty design is also common among small kids, for them the best choice would be getting a removable matching kitty tattoo design. Since kids are not recommended to have permanent tattoos.

14. Matching Elephant Tattoo:

Elephant tattoo design is a Typical Indian artistic way of designing a tattoo. The elephant is inked using black ink and has miniature designs on its body. This tattoo can be drawn by a couple who are engaged and telling their folks that they are about to marry.

15. Matching Chemistry Tattoo:

Chemistry tattoo is definitely a couple tattoo design. When a couple has decided to wear a similar tattoo design, then the first design type which can be thought about is the chemistry matching tattoo design. The tattoo has the Organic chemical formula which as a geometric shape. To make it more attractive small motifs can be drawn inside the geometric shaped chemical structure.

16. Matching Sun and Moon Tattoo:

The sun and the moon can be called as a matching image which has gained its importance among designers as a matching tattoo design. This tattoo can be inked as an arm tattoo design. This tattoo design is a brother-brother matching tattoo design.

17. Matching Bread Slice Creative Tattoo:

This funky matching tattoo design which has a bread slice as the main theme which is through a creative fashion two legs and hands are designed in a cartoonist fashion. This tattoo is chosen by most youngsters

18. Matching Butterfly Women Best Friend Tattoo:

This matching butterfly tattoo design is an apt tattoo women’s tattoo design. The butterflies are sketched with colorful colors which have a similar body pattern. As the butterflies are colorful it is better to get a colorful tattoo than a black ink tattoo.

19. Matching Anchor Tattoo Design:

Anchor stable instruments used to maintain the ship to stay in place against any damage while docking. This anchor can be used as a tattoo symbol as a matching couple love tattoo type suitable as a matching husband and wife tattoo design. This way the couple can remember always that both are ended to lead a stable life.

20. Mickey and Minnie Matching Couple Tattoo:

Mickey and Minnie matching tattoo design can be a good couple tattoo design which brings out humour and creates a joyous mood when couples see each other tattoo design. This tattoo shows the outline of the Mickey and Minnie head with Mickey as plain tattoo and Minnie with a bow on centre top of the head. The size of this tattoo is preferred to be small which bring out the cuteness of the cartoon character.

21. Matching Puzzle Block Tattoo Design:

For those who like games and think about childhood play time with friends who have become their best friends can use a creative idea in showcasing their friendly nature through a puzzle tattoo design. In this tattoo design, small puzzle blocks are used in designing the tattoo.

22. Matching Heart Rate Tattoo Design:

This type of tattoo design is a definite romantic design which can be classified as a matching husband and wife tattoo design. The ECG heartbeat expressed in uneven line is shown in most the movies with a romantic episode which bring out the love between the couple in a pictorial manner. This line design is drawn using green or black ink on the wrist mostly.

23. Boy & Girl Matching Line Tattoo:

This cute little tattoo design is a creative way of expressing love and childishness in the couple which is brought out in a line diagram as a matching boy and girl tattoo design. This tattoo goes well as an arm tattoo design. This line diagram is drawn as a cartoon character that is having a conversation using a thread and a hollow cylinder. This comic character is a romantic-comedy way of expressing love among each other.

24. Matching Word Tattoo Design:

Instead of going for a diagrammatic way of expressing love, friendship, brother or sister relationship expressing these emotions through wordings is stronger. The wordings can be of Proverb, famous poet verses or religious quotes which are absolutely individual choice. Proverb tattoo is suggested for people who get motivated by reading motivational verses, for romantic couple a simple two word poem or a four sentence sonnet can bring out their love between them.

25. Matching Flower Couple Tattoo Design:

A flower tattoo is a common tattoo design which many girls and nowadays guys also like to have them. Since it is most popular and commonly worn people can opt for matching tattoo design which can be easily done for both in a few hours. The shape and type of flower can be chosen in prior or discussed with the tattoo designer.

The cool matching tattoo designs are an excellent way of sharing love and emotions between Him and her, Sister-Sister emotional relation or between Mother and daughter or son. This article would have given you the best matching tattoo design for the various types of relations and the types in which a couple can express their love instead of getting a costly gift which is, in the end, a gift with no life in it.


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