Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life. Generally there is a misconception in the society that there is no need to be fashionable at this stage. But that is a wrong concept. There is a separate section in the fashion world that designs dress for pregnant women. Get your beautiful maternity design and be stylish wherever you go.

Check out some trendy maternity dress designs here,

1. Blue Flowery Designed Maternity Dress:

Are you a fan of long maxi dress? Then this is a suitable design for you. Long maternity dress is always popular. The design is very cute that can beautifully project your baby bump. The material is stretchable with beautiful flowery designs. This deep V-neck dress with a satin belt is there in the waistline. Wear this dress with beautiful pearl accessories to enhance your look.

2. Long Maternity Wedding Gown:

You will get maternity wedding dress with beautiful designs. They will make you a gorgeous bride. This is a scoop neck design with full sleeve design. It is made of lace embellishment and chiffon material with satin inner lining. Try this vintage style lace up type white long wedding gown to get a classy beautiful look.

3. Lace Maternity Evening Dress:

Try this beautiful maternity dress for special occasion and be comfortable. It is made of lace material with satin inner lining. This is a bottle neck design and will project your baby bump beautifully. It comes with a satin belt in the waistline to show your curvy look. Wear this beautiful evening dress and be pretty.

4. Pink one Shoulder Maternity Dress:

You can be more stylish by trying this maternity wear dress. This pink dress is a skinny type dress and you can be classier by wearing it. Enhance your cuteness by choosing this dress which is made of stretchable material. So you can wear this comfortably as long as you want.

5. Black and Silver Maternity Dress:

Are you looking for a formal maternity dress? Here is a good choice for you. This dress is a black and silver maternity wear. You can try this for office parties and functions also. Upper material is made of lace material and inner satin lining. Wear it with simple accessories to enhance your beauty.

6. Sexy Maternity Front Open Dress:

Do you want to be sexy in your pregnancy period? This is a best sexy maternity dress for you to show your lovely baby bump. This dress is a strapless design and is made of flowy chiffon material. This dress is suitable for all baby types. Try this comfortable dress to be pretty and shows your body shape beautifully.

7. Net Type Maternity Dress:

You can try this lovely formal maternity dress for your office party. This dress is made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex material with inner polyester lining. This is a deep V-neck material with hidden back zip. This dress is designed to give you maximum comfort with stretchable material. You can wear this as a party wear, evening gown and formal wear.

8. Beautifully Knit Black Maternity Dress:

This is a beautiful black maternity dress women can wear. This is a black dress with cream tapestry knit one. This printed dress is available with new beautiful features. This comes with ¾ th sleeve and front tie scoop neck. Wear this knee length dress and be beautiful and unique.

9. Cold Shoulder Maternity Dress:

Try this cold shoulder maternity dress design next time. It is made of stretchable cotton material and is very comfortable. This is a long sleeve, crew neck dress cold shoulder trendy maternity wear dress. You can wear this knee length dress in Bordeaux color as a casual wear.

10. White Flowery Maternity Dress:

You will get many designs in white maternity dress. But, this is a new stylish design that you can try out in white this time. It comes in viscose, polyester and stretchable elastin material. Try out this beautifully designed high neck knee length maternity wear to protectyour cute baby bump beautifully. This is a back open type with a zip.

11. Red Maternity Dress:

This is a beautiful red maternity evening dress for parties. This is a classic design in new look. It comes with neat slim line sleeves with above the bump tie. You can try this ankle length dress with simple accessories. Give a ravishing maternity look with this pretty dress.

12. Stylish Summer Maternity Attire:

You can try this cute maternity dress to wear on summer season. This dress is embellished with lace material with inner polyester lining. You can try this as a casualwear and club it with simple accessories to look pretty. As this is a maxi type you can be comfortable as long as you wear it.

13. Front Knot Design Maternity Dress:

This is a perfect dress to wear to make you comfortable. This emerald green dress is made of lycra material which stretchable. The material is of high quality and comes in a front knot design. You can choose it for photo-shoots and other events. Flaunt your beautiful baby bump in this trendy dress.

14. Black Printed Maxi Dress:

Are you looking for a summer maternity outfit? Be comfortable in this black and white printed maxi dress. It comes with a high neck collared design and comfortable stretching material. The material is cotton and you can wear it with ease, club it with simple accessories and casual look.

15. One Shoulder Maternity Maxi Dress:

You can choose this one shoulder maternity dress for parties and functions. It is beautifully draped with sleeves to create a wonderful look. You can wear this red carpet black maternity dress which is made of polyester and spandex material to get a royal look. To enhance look club it with a silver bracelet and a golden purse.

Are you wondering by seeing all those designs? There are plenty of maternity wear designs in various materials. Most popular materials are polyester, cotton and lace embellished materials. Whatever you choose try to bring something special that projects your sexy curvy body shape.

Maternity is a period when women pass through many disorders in the body. The baby bump makes the women feel unfit in all the dresses in her wardrobe. While women today have bulk of work in their routine life like job, gym, walk, parties, shopping and almost all that can be done in a normal lady life.

Maternity clothes, therefore have taken its major appearance in the fashion worlds especially for pregnant ladies. Celebrities have proved to be the pioneers in accepting the fashionable maternity clothes. And gradually every lady today opts to dress up beautiful and make her pregnancy glamour the beautiful moments of pregnancy. Women no longer want to disguise or hide their baby bump; instead she loves to wear beautiful clothes that make her look even more beautiful with the grown up belly.

Formal Dresses for Pregnancy:

Here are the 15 cute maternity dresses in all sizes with different colors

16. Casual Maternity Dress:

A casual maternity dress can be of an awesome style too. A long top loose end from the bottom suits well for a pregnant lady. Maternity dresses with radiant colors like red and purple make her feel special and no less beautiful with a grown up tummy.

17. Office Maternity Dress:

Women today do not stop going to work even in pregnancy. Keeping themselves busy is best thing in pregnancy. Dressing becomes essential when going out and working with a baby bump. A long shirt with a long light weight over coat is an awesome maternity dress pattern.

18. Summer Maternity Dress:

Summer maternity dresses can be ones with cotton material and stitched loose fit to the body. Women would love to wear cool clothes that feel comfortable in summer days. Short cotton jeans mini tops would look adorable as maternity dresses.

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19. Maternity Evening Dress:

While a baby bump is on you and a party in the evening is there to attend, a beautiful high waist fit top looks amazing even with a cute baby bump on you. A dark color long top with fleets below the waist line looks adorable evening maternity dress.

20. Party Maternity Dress:

To look gorgeous with a baby bump in artiest is sure a matter of new shopping for oneself. Party maternity dresses have variety of designs these days, but a best fit to one’s body structure is a thing to be thought of earlier. A loose fit long dress with a open end coat of same material can look awesome party maternity dress.

21. Winter Dress in Maternity:

Maternity dresses come in variety of designs these days. Winter collections in maternity dresses have awesome designs. T-shirts long enough to cover your body till your upper thighs and even over coats looks amazing outfit for pregnant ladies. Winter woolen t-shirts long enough to look like dress top is best example of winter maternity dress.

22. Cute Maternity Dress:

Maternity period is the beginning of mother hood. Cute little angles are soon going to become a part of the life. With such a feeling, women would love to wear cute maternity dresses to make her feel awesome for the going to come cute babies in her life. A short frilled dress top will look adorably cute on the baby bumps.

23. Black Maternity Dress:

Black is a color suit best on anyone. The fashion houses also emphasis more on the black outfits, as the color lightens up the person’s beauty. When the pregnancy days are a beautiful phase of life, women would love to look gorgeous with a black maternity dress. A three fourth sleeve black maternity dress with a bow belt that makes her body best fit with the dress will look amazing.

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24. White Maternity Dress:

White maternity dresses look amazing and beautiful on pregnant ladies. Embroidery is a beautiful way of spending time for women who are pregnant and have time to spend for creating beautiful memories in pregnancy period. A white embroidered top can make your baby bump and you feel special.

25. Baby Shower Maternity Dress:

Baby shower is a special occasion for pregnant ladies, where well wishers and friends and family bless the going to be mother with plenty of wishes. The special lady of the day dresses up amazingly beautiful. A baby shower maternity dress can be perfect with an off shoulder net fabric, stretchable gown. It can be white or any other color of the choice.

26. Indian Style Maternity Dress:

Indian women have special dresses that look adorable on them during the maternity period. Long anarkali dresses have pleats on them that make them feel awesome even with their baby bump.

27. Maxi Style Maternity Dress:

When talking about maternity dresses, maxi style dresses are hot favorite among pregnant ladies. The easy to wear maxi and soft comfortable material makes the lady feel relaxed. Maxi maternity dresses are considered best in the pregnancy period.

28. Stylish Maternity Dress:

Jumpsuits and dungaree suits are also one more fashion maternity dresses women love to fit her during pregnancy. Celebrities have largely opt for such outstanding maternity designed jumpsuits and dungarees in jeans and other fabrics.

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29. Two Piece Maternity Dress:

Two piece dresses such as skirts and blouses or tops on palazzo are also one in fashion maternity dresses. Women surely look adorable in skirts and short tops on their baby bumps.

30. Maternity Baby Style Dress:

Peek-a-boo t-shirts have currently emphasized a lot of pregnant ladies. The cute looking t-shirts with babies peeping out from the belly portion are fun looking at and are adorable as well. Such maternity dresses are a choice of many ladies.

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Choosing to look adorable in every phase of life are the skills of women. Why not stay fresh and look gorgeous even with a grown up body and a baby bump. Women have thousands way to look beautiful and as said the beauty of a lady even lies in the millions of ways she dresses up. Maternity dresses are a wonderful way to look amazing during the pregnancy period. And when talking about looking beautiful, women never says no. maxi dresses, long gowns and pleated dresses are some glamorous looking maternity dresses best suit for tall ladies.

Short dresses like the frock style and long t-shirts look adorable on short heighted ladies. Maternity special designed jumpsuits and trousers and skirts are also available for women in pregnancy. So there are plenty of options to go for when the baby bump starts to show out.