Pregnancy is a beautiful experience in any woman’s life. But it comes with a bit of problem like nausea and increasing belly. Normally woman would over-size dress, skirts or flowy gowns. One of the great options to traditional maternity clothes is maternity jeans. Wear your maternity jeans with your regular t-shirt or tops, add a few accessory and you will be rocking in glowing skin.

Designer Short and Long Maternity Jeans:

Maternity jeans comes in various types and colors such as white and black, here are few of best long maternity jeans for tall womens.

1. Boot Cut Maternity Jeans:

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Boot cut Maternity Jeans is the most famous style in Maternity Jeans. It is same as your regular boot cut, which has little flare leg opening. They are the best option in your maternity wardrobe. You can wear a top or t-shirt, according to your comfort.

2. Flare Bottom Maternity Jeans:

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Flare Bottom Maternity Jeans has a comfortable fit around your waist. These Jeans are tight till the knee and have a little flare. They aren’t as dramatic an effect. It gives you an elongated appearance. The flare takes the attention downwards. A sleeveless top or a shirt tucked in adds beauty in your appearance.

3. Skinny Maternity Jeans for Women:

Skinny jeans are new style in the denim world. Why to sacrifice your style even when you are pregnant? It has the same fitting as any skinny jeans would have. It is tight overall and has just enough room for your belly. You can wear flared top, long t-shirts, anything on it.

4. Ankle Length Maternity Jeans:

Ankle length maternity jeans are maternity jeans with length up to the ankle. These jeans give you length. You can team it with long kurtas or flared tops. Big pearls or long chains are perfect accessory for this look.

5. Straight Maternity Jeans:

It sits in waist, and has fitting till the knee. It is straight from the knee usually. Sometime straight maternity jeans are straight through out from the waist. You wear your casual t-shirt or roll your sleeves of shirt. It is the kind of jeans in which you can live.

6. Seamless Maternity Jeans:

Seamless Maternity Jeans is made for the comfort of mother to-be. It has no joint or seam. It feels like yoga pants. You can even sleep in them. Seamless Maternity is quite a hit in mom to-be.

7. Plus Size Maternity Jeans:

Plus size Maternity Jeans is for plus size pregnant women. Such jeans provide same comfort and look. These are usually boot-cut or flared. It can be teamed with any regular t-shit or top. It comes in various shades and sizes.

8. Capri Maternity Jeans:

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Capri maternity jeans are for young pregnant women. These are usually worn for walks or work out. It has length till mid of calf. It can be worn with t-shirt and has a young look too.

9. Stretch Maternity Jeans:

Stretch maternity jeans are of stretchable denim material. It fits you through-out your pregnancy. The material of stretch maternity jeans is soft, breathable and never looked so good. It gives the same cool as of denim. Usually these jeans have belly supporters. It comes with boot cut, and skinny fit. It is blessing for working pregnant women and the second time mom to-be.

So now you are pregnant but you don’t want to give up on your jeans and don’t want to compromise on your comfort. Then maternity jeans are here to save you. You can still look fabulous as the way you looked as you did before. It is your body, your style. Don’t hide it or feel ashamed of your increased size. Don’t shield it. Flaunt it.

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