You are seeing a doctor who has confirmed that you are going to be a baby in a few months. Your baby takes about ten months for developing and growing within you. Doctor suggests daily good balanced diet, no-smoking and no-alcohol that is good for baby. Some of you are also told to exercise lightly such as walk. Other times, you would find yourself spending time with your favourite book or TV program.

Most of the times you will find you are lounging. Why hide yourself in your bedroom?  You should wear trendy, fashionable, extremely comfortable and yet practical clothes. Normally when you are expecting, you will have to run to relieve yourself so best is select clothes that can be easily removed.

Different Types of Maternity Shorts:

Here are 9 best casual shorts for women in Pregnancy.

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1. Mama Couture – Navy Blue with Pink Dots Shorts:

This pair of Shorts is made of waterproof polyester material. It is superbly comfortable and stylish. It is easy on your expanded stomach so it would not harm your baby growing within you any way.

2. Mama Couture – Blue Check-Printed Shorts for Pregnant Women:

Item is made of waterproof polyester material. This pair of maternity shorts has blue-checked. You would look attractive when you wear this with white or coloured T-shirt. Salient feature of this item is that this pair of shorts sits comfortably and well around your stomach so you can wear this when you are expecting.

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3. Asos – Green Stripe Scarf Print Shorts:

This pair of maternity shorts is made of material that has green stripes and looks very fashionable especially when you wear a white T-shirt. When you wear this pair of shorts, you give the illusion of being slim despite of your figure changing because you would soon be a mother.

4. Lilac – Maternity Women’s Denim Short:

This maternity short is made of stretchable denim material. Design of the short is specially made so that panel is over the stomach. Also there is an adjustable waistband.This would see you throughout your months of pregnancy and after.

5. Jules & Jim Women’s Maternity Classic Short:

This sand coloured pair of maternity shorts has buttons and pockets. In addition, there is a removable belt to adjust around your waistline. Hence you can definitely use this pair of shorts when you are expecting. You would look good when you wear dark coloured T-shirts.

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6. Ingrid & Isabel – Women’s Maternity Lounge Short:

This pair of maternity shorts is made of very soft, micro, modal, knitted blends. There is an adjustable string that can be drawn to change to your required fittings during all the stages of pregnancy.

7. Asos- Maternity Scallop Hem Short:

This item,made of 96% cotton and 4% elastane (stretchable material),has elastic waist band that sits under the bump. This pair of maternity shorts is named after the stylish scalloped hem. This item fits all sizes so while you expand because of pregnancy you would have no difficulty.

8. Women’s Maternity Bermuda Shorts:

Bermuda shorts, made of stretch denim, is dark coloured so it is easy to maintain. Being a Bermuda this pair is longer than other regular shorts. Special feature of this pair is that there is a panel that falls over stomach and there is internal adjustable waistband. This item can stretch to 12 inches.

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9. Maternity Jeans Short Shorts:

This pair of maternity shorts, made of soft, stretchable denim, has pockets at the back and waistband falls over stomach. You can wear this pair with any T-shirt.

Hence items are most suitable for you before, during and after pregnancy because they are stretchable, adjustable, easy and comfortable.

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