In 21st Century, Medical Science has developed much. They have discovered many new medicines and treatment has changed a lot. Pregnancy is a critical phase of life for women. She needs to take utmost care of herself and a baby in her womb. The pain she undergoes during these 9 months can’t be compared to any other thing in world. Thanks to Medical Science which founded new equipments to relieve somewhat pain of ladies. One of the equipment is Maternity Belt that a lady can wear during pregnancy to relieve her back pain, leg pain and to hold her belly weight. A lady should use it only after taking advice from Gynec Doctor. She should be aware that wearing maternity belt will not be harmful for a baby.

Different Types of  Belts During Pregnancy:

Maternity belt is blissful for a lady who is working during pregnancy. It is necessary to take aid of a Doctor on how to use a belt and for how much time she should wear it. It can give temporary relief from pain. However, one should not be dependent on it. It is just an external aid. Even one can wear post pregnancy maternity belt which helps to reduce her stomach part of body.

1. Belly Belt During Pregnancy:

This belly belt helps to cover the entire mid part of body, i.e. a womb. It gives protection to belly so that women can bend with comfort. It gives support to lower back which reduce the pain.

2. Prenatal Cradle Belt:

When you don’t get fit into your pants, this belt helps you to do. It is to be worn inside your pant. It gives comfort to body and helps in reducing the swelling of feet which many ladies get.

3. Plus Size Maternity Belt:

This belt is wider in back side which helps in lowering the weight of grown belly which causes the back pain. There is one extra strap in upper front side and the lower strap helps in lifting the belly.

4. Maternity Support Belt:

Many women complain about back pain as the months are passing. It is caused because of increase in weight of tummy. Support belt will reduce the pain and will give temporary relaxation to women.

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5. Post Maternity Support Belt:

Post Maternity Support Belt will have you gain back your original figure after pregnancy. During pregnancy, it is common that women will gain weight due to utmost care. So after pregnancy, this belt will help in reducing your tummy and belly portion.

6. Mini Cradle Belt:

This belt helps in reducing the swelling caused on legs and ankle portion by helping the circulation of blood. It is designed for ladies who are suffering from hip pain, sciatica and back pain.

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7. Maternity Bump Bands:

This belt is advisable to wear during early months when bump starts gaining weight. It will give a correct figure look. It is to be worn inside your pants to make your bump look trim. It is thinner in back and wider in front. It provides support to growing bump.

8. Prenatal Hip Brace:  


It is adjustable according your body shape and size. It provides support to hip and pelvic area. The fabric used in it is polyester and cotton. It gives maximum comfort. It helps in stabilizing your hips.

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9. V2 Supporter Belt:

The V2 Supporter belt is clinical proven by the Doctors. It helps to prevent from swelling. It is one type of compression therapy. It is safe and effective belt to be used during pregnancy. One can also wear it in night.

Maternity belt is an effective, useful and advanced research in Medical Science. It proves out to be blissful for pregnant ladies. It helps them a lot to get some relief from pain. During pregnancy, a lady undergoes through lot of difficulties. They suffer back pain, leg pain, swelling in body, stomach ache, etc. It is advisable to take proper advice and help while using maternity belt to avoid any discomfort.

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