As a pregnant woman, you have to take care of yourself for the baby developing and growing within you. Doctors advice you to regularly eat balanced diet and abstain from alcohol and nicotine. Working out in the gym is dangerous because you can lose baby before time. Hence, light exercise such as walking or swimming is recommended. Physiologically, all babies develop in a water sack so swimming is gentle rand best option for mother and baby.

Swimming Dress Models for Pregnant Ladies:

Here are 9 best maternity swim wear and swim shorts for pregnant women in different models.

1. Mama Licious – Maternity Stripe Swimsuit:

The maternity swimwear, made of stretchable swim fabric and having a V-neck, looks very attractive. The print on this one-piece costume is very thin black stripes on a white background. You can use the adjustable wide straps to fit you the best.

2. ASOS Maternity Mix and Match Tankini Bikini Top in Rainforest Print:

This rain forest printed swimwear is a bikini that is it has two pieces. The costume is made of 82% polyester and 18% elastane that make the material stretchable like all other swim fabric. Also there are adjustable straps for you.

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3. ASOS Maternity Gathered Ruched Bandeau Swimsuit:

Item is a bright red coloured, stretchable designer swimwear made of 80% polyamide, 20% elastane. Design is very stylish with Bandeau neck, gathered material and brief cut. Also it looks fashionable because there are no supporting straps.

4. ASOS Maternity Baroque Paisley Print Plait Detail Bikini Bottom:

This item is Bikinis briefs made of 82% polyester, 18% elastane that makes the material stretchable. This has a brief cut and low rise style of the costume sits under the bump when you are pregnant. Also there are plaited trim.

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5. ASOS – Maternity Swimwear- Striped:

This item made of 82% polyamide and 18% elastane makes the swimsuit stretchable. The print is very attractive with broad dark blue and white stripes. Design is V-neck and adjustable straps. The back is cut-out in detail. There is a clasp that fastens it. There is also a brief cut.

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6. Polka Dotted Maternity Swimwear:

This item is made of stretchable swim-wear material. The print of the one piece suit is blue with white big polka dots on the swimwear. The design is plunging V-neck and has supporting adjustable straps on the shoulders. Also there are string for tightening and loosening for adjusting the swimwear as and when required.

7. Cutest Maternity Strapless Swimwear:

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This elegant, attractive and fashionable swimwear is made of the usual stretchable swimsuit material that has unusual sea green colour and black polka dots. The style covers the bump from pregnancy very well because the swimwear is like a mini dress. There are no straps to hold the swimwear so you look very sexy and cute.

8. Cute Black and White Striped Design:

Very attractive swimwear made of stretchable swimsuit material. The print is not the usual black and white stripes but there is a very interesting design that would look wonderful while your bump is growing and you are swimming. This style is one piece with no straps to hold the costume. Also there is brief cut.

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9. Old Navy and Pink Maternity Bikini Swimwear:

Wonderful two-piece or bikinis in navy and matching pink colours. Top has mostly navy colour the top is held by the two wide straps are fastened at the back of the neck. There is a thin line of pink on top that matches with the wide pink border on the brief. Also the brief has navy colour. This is made of the usual stretchable material.

We conclude there are many swim-wears that are available for this special when you are expecting your baby and want to swim to be healthy and fit.

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