Yoga has been passed down from generation to generation by the most adept seers who have been the forefront of this great art form. Calling yoga an art form is adept as it truly is the art of the body. A proper master of yoga is extremely flexible and physically as well as mentally fit, but you do not need to be a master to reap the benefits of yoga. Yoga is a very personal exercise and can be done from the confines of your home giving you a sense of peace and confidence.

Yoga must be practiced daily so as to fully exercise and reap all its benefits. Yoga is comprised a series of many different postures to choose from followed by deep gradual breathing to fully recreate this exercise. In today’s article we will talk about the Matsyendrasana posture along with how to do it and its benefits.

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Matsyendrasana Yoga – Step by Step Instructions and Benefits:

Matsyendrasana Yoga – How To Do It?

The Matsyendrasana is also known as the spinal twist pose which is literally what we will do in this yoga posture. This may look like a difficult yoga posture, but to be honest, this is one of the simplest ones out there. Through a soft pattern of stretching and twisting, the entire yoga set is completed. However, the breathing is still an important part of the entire yoga.

  • To start off, sit yourself on a yoga mat with your legs stretched out in front of you, spine and neck aligned as your hands rest calmly beside you.
  • There is yet another start to this pose where you can start with the Padmasana where you sit with your legs crossed over also called the lotus pose.
  • Now that we are ready, let’s start with the workout.
  • Bring one of your fold limbs, say the left all the way across the right bent leg, the left foot touching the ground while the right limb still bent is laid underneath.
  • Now start by twisting your body, waist up. if you are using the left leg over right, you will twist to your right and vice versa.
  • All this time the spine and marrow should remain as straight as possible.

Now bring one arm all the way over to the crossed knee to hold it for support while the other goes all the way back. However, they often say you can keep the other arm free and rested as well. in the initial stages, the twist might seem a little constricted.

However, with time you will ease into the situation. Once you lock the pose in, breathe for one minute, normal but deep breathing before unlocking the position and going back to your base pose.

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Matsyendrasana Yoga – How Does It Help Us?

As soon as you twist your marrow to the other side, a slight tingling pain would run down your spine satisfying your long harbored muscle pain.

The spine and the lower back goes through a solid stretch in this exercise which is why the back and marrow pains are simply rubbed away.This yoga is known as an adrenaline booster.

To ensure quick digestion perform this yoga half an hour before meal time. As we twist the stomach, the intestines are put under pressure through which they work at a brisk speed thereby ensuring fast digestion.

The prior point mentioned brings me to yet another benefit which is high metabolism. High metabolism ensures all the food nutrients broken down in your body is working properly secreting the proper juices and nutrients so that no unnecessary food storage or digestive problems occur. This can be related to weight loss as well.

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