The length of the skirt has always been a subject of constant debate. While some people argue that minis are the best, some vouch heavily for midis! Now, what about maxi skirts for women? These oh-so-stylish garments keep coming and disappearing in the fashion scene. The fitting, ankle-touching skirts first made their appearance in the 16th century!

They were quite high-waisted and began from the bust part all the way down to the ankles. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the skirts underwent many changes to suit the then trending fashion. From wearing steel cage frames to bustles, women tried different styles to exaggerate their body proportions. In the 20th Century, a more “natural” form of maxi skirt came into the market, which turned into a classic outfit.

Today, many varieties and styles of women’s maxi skirts work for different body types and occasions. Read along to know some styling tips for these outfits and explore the 20 best maxi skirt models available in the market.

How to Wear a Maxi Skirt for Your Body Type?

It’s quite obvious that maxi skirts don’t come in a one-size-fits-all model! Choose the wrong style for your body type, and they can make you look like a fashion disaster. Fret not! Go through these expert tips to choose your pick and slay the maxi skirt game like a pro:

  • Petite Bodies: If you are petite, avoid volume around the waist or patterns like stripes that further ‘shrink’ your appearance. Instead, go for darker colours with bright, bold prints. Also, pick fluidic fabrics and make sure that the skirt length doesn’t go beyond the ankle.
  • Straight Bodies: If your body lacks curves, then try empire line skirts which flatter your waistline. Avoid skirts with pleats, belts or accents around the waist. You can pick straight-cut skirts that align with your body shape.
  • Curvy Bodies: Show off those gorgeous curves with skirts that have cinched waistlines, belts and soft pleats. Fluidic fabrics are the best! Avoid layered skirts or straight cuts that will take away your look.
  • Plus Size Bodies: Pick dark colours like black and navy to conceal that extra body. Go for fish cuts, high-waisted skirts with belts and slimming straight-cut styles to flatter that beautiful body. Avoid pleats, boxy skirts and heavy prints, which add up the ‘X’s to the plus-size figure!

Latest Maxi Skirts Pattern Outfits For Girls And Women:

Below we have different types of wonderful maxi skirt outfit patterns which are very fashionable and perfectly suitable for girls and women.

1. Vero Moda:

Vero Moda has all the latest collections in this fashion world. Their collections will be in demand only. Collection from relaxed tees and pretty tops to breezy bottoms. Maxi skirts are made from viscose and polyester. It has elasticised waist. This floral maxi skirt can be used for a regular fit. Maxi skirts are available in all sizes.

2. Rena Love Maxi Skirts:

Rena Love collections are feather-light layers, sheer inserts and breezy cuts etc. The maxi skirts have the ultimate stamp of bohemian chic. They have varied designs and pattern styles. Rena Love maxi skirts are completely made of polyester. It has beautiful neck designs. The maxi skirt patterns are used for regular fits.

3. Noble Faith Clothing:

Noble Faith has excellent designers. Generally, Noble Faith collections are made of Ritesh Sidhwani and are life partner Dolly Sidhwani. It is an Indian brand. Noble Faith collection is on-trend and in demand. The fabric used for clothing is polyester. This maxi skirt outfit has different styles. Available in online stores.

4. Kiss The Sky:

This brand consists of seasonal collections. The most used fabric for making a skirt is polyester. Designs of this brand will touch the sky. It means after the skirt is a worn girl will look like a star in the sky. It means the wearer will be brighter and charming.

5. Femella Skirts:

Femella is a branded collection that is available globally. It has catwalk trends that are in street style fashion. It has fabulous fashion with great value. This brand has trendy tops and bottoms. It has excellent designs and styles. Well qualified designers in the fashion stream are also available. The fabrics used are polyester and georgette. It has side zipper fastening and three-layer tulle styling. This simple blue maxi skirt is the regular outfit.

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6. Forever New Front:

It is a versatile brand in the apparel industry. It has collections for all occasions which will be suitable for women. Collections all are of designer pieces. It even includes a diverse assortment like tops, dresses and shorts etc. Forever attire will be simple and pastel hues with modish textures. Fabrics used are viscose elastane blend. It has elasticised waist with a front slit design. Attires are regular and common fit. This is one of the latest designers, maxi skirts for girls with long patterns.

7. Warehouse:

The warehouse has a lot of collections in apparel and clothing. This type of fabric used is viscose. It has side split detailing with a drawstring and elasticised waist. It is a very common green maxi skirt outfit in western countries.

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8. New Look:

New Look is a British fashion which brings all the latest fashions in trend. These are made from viscose fabric. It has unique styles in designs. This is one of the finest brown maxi skirt patterns in the latest designer maxi skirts collection.

9. Paper Doll:

Paper Doll is a branded company in the fashion world. This type of red maxi skirt is made from cotton, viscose blend. It has twin pocket detailing with an elasticated waist. Most of the girls like to wear this type of Indian model fashion outfit.

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10. The Carefree Red:

This is one of the best red skirts out there, which sports the pattern of a maxi. It looks comfortable and is. The bottom portion sports a very nice and clean work of tailoring. One will be able to sport it with a short blue shirt or a denim t-shirt. It will be suitable for the tropical regions, where women will wear it carefree and make the designer maxi skirt look suitable to its name. The red looks comfortable and will be suitable for women of almost all ages. It is so beautiful that you can wear it carefree.

11. ASOS Maxi Skirt:

Are you looking for a trendy maxi skirt? Take a good look at this one. Women get impressed by looking at the alluring colour of this design. It is so unique, and the design works very well to attract all the attention. It will go hand in hand with a white top. You will have to wear a firm fitting or a tight top which will be of contrasting colour. It is one of the best ladies maxi skirts for all the confident women out there. Since it looks a little fancy, it will be most suitable for young girls. Mature women won’t look that alluring in this skirt as they think they are going to.

12. Yellow Magic:

This is something that will get all the attention out there. The way of designing this skirt is very impressive. The designer worked hard in making this design a success. It looks really good on younger girls and is one of the best designer-made maxi skirts that can be sported by almost all women out there. It will be most suitable with a light colour top such as a white one. It will make you look like a diva, and the comfort of this stuff will make you feel extremely confident when you want to carry it.

13. Maxi Skirt With Pockets:

You probably haven’t seen a maxi skirt like this one before. It is not a designer maxi skirt, even though it looks like one with a plain design. It comes with pockets that will allow you to rest your hands. The pockets are, however, not made to carry anything heavy. As you can see, the material used in making this maxi skirt is quite light and comfortable, and that is why there is a restriction for carrying something heavy in the pockets. However, it can support the weight of your mobile phone.

14. The Winter Wear Maxi Skirt:

This is one of the finest chiffon maxi skirts that can sport during the winter seasons. It will keep your body warm and sport some alluring designer touch as well. The girl wearing the skirt in the picture below is sporting it with a polka-dotted long sleeve top. That is not necessary. You can wear it with a plain and simple white top (maybe full sleeve or not).

15. The Shinning Yellow:

This is so far one of the best-pleated maxi skirts on this list. It comes with a very alluring glow, and the whole pattern is so attractive that almost anyone out there will be willing to carry this design. It will be suitable for most women and girls as well. The colour is quite bright and will give you a new and refreshing touch because it is one of the latest maxi skirt designs this year and has become one of most women’s favourite ones.

16. The Spring Maxi Skirt:

Are you looking forward to rocking the streets this spring? Here is one of the best maxi skirts that are comfortable and stylish at the same time. You will be amazed by the way this skirt sports the colour. If you are looking for something new, then this can be said to be one of the finest things out there for you. Also, if you’re tired of wearing jeans and want to move onto something stylish but sober at the same time, then this will be the right thing for you. Carry this and look your best self.

17. The Pink Allure:

Here we have one of the best-looking pink maxi skirts that a girl can wear. This looks alluring on the woman sporting the skirt in this picture, and you will look the same way as well. It can be worn with a white top or with a dress. If you are looking for something sober and trendy this year, then this skirt can be said to be one of the best maxi skirt outfits for you out there. It can be worn as a local dress in those places which are located near the beach. It can also be displayed at a party as well. It is probably a maxi skirt for all occasions. Rock the summer seasons with this beautiful maxi skirt.

18. The Stem Tube Skirt:

This is a good-looking stem tube maxi skirt. It sports the colour black, and because it is something towards the neutral and can carry it with a white top or any other light colour top that will complement the beauty of this maxi skirt. You can carry this skirt quite well at a party or any other festive occasion as well. It is one of the most trendy and unique maxi skirt outfits that you will come through this fall, and for this reason, this is one of the unique maxi skirts for women out there.

19. The Trendy Maroon:

This maroon-colour maxi skirt is probably one of the cutest skirts for all women out there. It can be worn with a denim shirt and is probably one of those skirts that will complement your looks and increase your beauty. You can wear this type of maxi skirt for all your functions and festivals.

20. The Black Maxi Skirt:

Here we have another maxi skirt that can sport with a denim shirt or a cool-looking top. The black colour of the maxi skirt is neutral and thus can be worn with almost any kind and colour of the top.

These are some of the most fashionable maxi skirts for girls and women that you can blindly pick from. Make sure you have the perfect top to go with it!

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