The primary birthstone of May is considered to be Emerald. The beauty of the gem as well as the boldness of it symbolizes the people born in the fifth month of the year ‘May’, one of the rarest and most precious gemstone-emeralds in known for its astonishing beauty.

Belonging to the Beryl family, this green colored gem derives its beautiful color from Chromium. The gemstone is believed to have many miraculous powers, including protecting the wearer from panic, curing epilepsy, dysentery, fever etc.

Latest and Beneficial May Birthstones for Newborn Babies:

Here are the best may birthstones and choose the best one.

1. Deep Colored May Birthstone:

The birthstone for May comes in different types and colors. The Deep green colored emerald is a beauty worth paying millions for. The astonishing look and feel of the May birthstone color and the effect it creates is truly mesmerizing.

2. Light Colored May Birthstone:

Emerald can also be found in lighter colors, which is more soothing to the eyes. The beauty of such May birth stone gems is also impeccable. The light colored emeralds with the combination of the deep colored gems were used in precious ornaments and crowns for the royal families across the world. It is found mostly in Brazilian mines.

3. Star May Birthstone:

The star emerald is referred to the trapiche emeralds. These kinds of gem stones are very rare in nature and occur asterism which brings an effect of a moving star inside the stone, giving the stone a unique finishing.

4. Trapiche Emeralds May Birthstone:

The trapiche emeralds are such mysteriously beautiful creation of the nature. The gem stone comes with black colored impurities inside the stone and it forms a hexagon shape inside, mimicking the effect of a six layered star. Found in the mines of Colombia, these emeralds have a unique charm and a magical effect.

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5. Cat’s Eye May Birthstone:

The cat’s eye emeralds are another kind of astonishing creation of Mother Nature. The stone is seen to have a wide slit inside the gem, shining which looks like the pupils in cat’s eyes. The effect is called Chatoyancy. Cat’s eye emeralds are a rare form of the gem can is mostly pale green in color.

6. Round May Birthstone:

The round cut emeralds are beautiful, majestic and everything royal. These types of cuts in quite popular in the emerald and is widely used for May birthstone rings and May birthstone earrings. The ornaments can be worn with proper outfit at occasions you wish. If you can carry the charm and boldness of the gem, then the gem in turn will for sure make you feel special.

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7. Square May Birthstone:

The square cut emeralds are another beautifully cut emerald shape that can be worn in a ring, necklace or in any other ornaments. The square cuts are popularly worn as large single stoned rings which radiate a regal effect. Any ornaments worn with a square emerald in it have a special charm about it.

8. May Birthstones Bracelet:

Bracelets studded with emeralds makes for a great May birthstones jewelry. The May birthstone bracelets can be found in narrow or broad designs and gives any dress a different vibe with which it is worn. The bracelet is often adorned with other precious gems, like diamonds and ruby.

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9. May Birthstone Pendant:

Just like May Birthstone necklace, a spectacular emerald pendant not only just looks good on you, but also gives you the protection that any birthstone is supposed to give you. The beauty of pendants in different shapes, such as heart, round, star etc. makes almost any outfit fabulous and sparkling.

Although Emerald is considered to be the primary birthstone of May, many people also consider Agate, Chrysoprase, Carnelian, Chalcedony and Sapphire etc. as alternative birthstones for May.

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