Yoga as a means of exercise has slowly and steadily spread throughout the world touching the hearts and minds of multitudes of people. There is no definite origin to the foundation of yoga as it is an age old art form. Everyday new and improved postures are elaborated showing how personal yoga can be. To practice yoga in your home every day is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself.

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Yoga is like a regime that must be followed everyday to achieve the best results possible. Yoga is specifically a slow and gradual paced workout followed by a variety of twists and turns with a deep and continuous breathing. This process is integral to achieving the best yoga posture.

In today’s article we are going to discuss the Mayurasana posture and how to do it effectively along with its various benefits.

How To Do Mayurasana And Its Benefits:

How To Do It:

The Mayurasana speaks of peacock as ‘mayur’, ‘asana’ meaning the posture. However, this stance has nothing to do with peacocks but can be a real struggle for the beginners. This is mainly a balance over heavy weight pose where you balance your body, vertically on your hands. Even though it might sound scary, with practice and a proper guideline to the How to you can easily achieve perfection at it.

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  • To start off, we would need a yoga mat as a base.
  • On your mat, kneel down on your knees with your hips resting on your heels.
  • The knees should be touching the ground as you widen out the gap between the two knees.
  • Place your arm there with the palm twisted backward pointing your inner thighs as you straighten out your spine and take a deep breath.
  • This was the easy part but now comes the most important of the stances.
  • Lean forward so that you can spread your bent leg all the way to the back straightening them as you do.
  • Use your elbow as a push to your sides as you tense up the abdominal muscles, lifting your lower body up.
  • The initial stages might require an extra pair of hands and it is always better to use a cushion as a support in case you lose your balance.
  • As you tense up your lower body hoisting it up, your body will form a horizontal line supported by your elbow which should still act as a catalyst.
  • Try to keep your body as straight as possible and lock the position for five seconds before releasing it one by one.

Do not opt for this exercise if you have high blood pressure or hernia problems. Once you finish with the stance, unlock yourself step by step, one at a time not all together. While you are up there you might want to take a deep breath and hold it in for the few seconds.

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How Does It Help Us?

1. You will feel the calories sweating out of you as you straighten your abdomen trying to hold on to the horizontal position. You can feel your fat shedding away as you put strain on your lower body.

2. While the other yoga only focuses on either the upper or the lower body, here you get two birds with a single stone. This yoga would firm not only your buttocks and thigh muscles, but also be helpful for your forearms and shoulders.

3. Upset stomach will just be a tale with you if you indulge in this exercise which takes care of all the improper indigestion that always holds you down.

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