Now a day’s looking at the favourite celebs looks like everyone is on a weight loss spree. Looking at the hourglass figure of the celebs we adore we often desire and crave for a figure like that because it’s not as easy as it looks like.

These celebs work very hard throughout the day and night and hence can achieve such flawless figure.

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Diet Meal Plan to Lose Weight for Female and Male:

Nothing comes without determination and patience. What we see are many teenagers go on diet to lose weight like their favourite stars bit due to lack of proper knowledge and determination often come back normal. These crash diets reduce the weight to a particular level but as soon as we leave them they prove to be detrimental on the entire health because we gain more than we could lose during that span of time. So instead of going on crash diets for some period of time and then returning back to the normal self one should always plan and balance their diet. Planning a balanced meal packed with all the nutrients like protein, vitamin etc required by the body will not only help in achieving weight loss at a faster rate but also keep us away from various disease and last but not the least keep us healthy from within. One should plan a proper diet chart for everyday use which contains proportionate amount of carbs, proteins, vitamins and mineral.

Fruits and vegetable needs to be consumed in a lot of quantity.

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Balanced meal charts which will help you understand the requirements of the body and hence also help you in preparing a chart that suits your body requirement weight and type.

1. Mornings:

early mornings should always start with 2 glass of lukewarm water with lemon. This helps us in flushing the toxins out of the body and keeps us away from other constipation problems.

2. Breakfast:

one should start the day with heavy breakfast. Breakfast can include a tasty serving of oat meal. Or it may include two egg whites with some juice and some cereal. Try eating less fried stuffs and foods prepared in lot of oil are unhealthy for the body. For breakfast one can also eat muesli as it is considered very healthy.

3. Lunch:

lunch should include chapattis, veggies, salads, chicken, dal and curd.

Veggies should include a cup of green veggies cooked and 2 days a week one may eat fattening foods like paneer etc.

Dal and chicken provides us with protein so one of the two or in some cases both the food should be included in the diet. Curd is also a non fattening product and very refreshing as well

4. Dinner:

one should indulge in heavier meals in the daytime and eat a very light dinner with less carb and more of protein.

5. Snacks:

for snacks one can always have little bit of fried twice a week. Otherwise you can prepare yourself a brown bread sandwich. One can also eat a lot of nuts and juices for mid snacks in evening. There are a lot of digestive biscuits available in the market. One can even consume that as it is a healthier option over other biscuits.

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Fruits should be consumed everyday as they contain lots of vitamins which are required by the body.

This tentative meal plan chart can help to women and men to start the goal of extreme weight loss. You can prepare a chart for yourself depending on your body weight and requirements. Along with following balanced meals throughout the day indulge in some cardio which will help you in achieving your target faster.


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