Plant gifting has been on the rise in recent years. A move toward sustainable and environmentally friendly gifting choices has pushed to plant gifting behavior, and the millennial men and women have received it well. But besides being ecologically friendly, plants for gifts also have special meanings associated with them. They communicate a thoughtful and symbolic message to the receiver and let you express your warmth and love. Moreover, having plants at home attracts positivity; hence, plants for gifts are fast becoming ideal and the best options in today’s world.

From birthdays to anniversaries, weddings, return gifts and more, plants for gifting purposes are a perfect choice. So, let’s hear more about them today.

30 Unique Indoor Potted Plants for Gifting Purpose 2022:

We have custom compiled the best plants to give as gifts. These are perfect gift ideas for plant lovers, and you sure will appreciate them too. However, the plants also have hidden meanings within them, and these gifts will be unique, delivering their symbolic meaning with it. So, continue reading, and let’s explore more about them together!

1. Money Plant:

Money plant is among the most popular house plant we see across the globe. It is a versatile and multipurpose, easy-to-maintain plant and is a perfect gifting choice. Do you know the meaning of giving money plant as a gift? Well, the plant is famous for bringing positivity, prosperity and peace to the home and has a positive effect even on the household’s finances. In addition, the plant has extra perks, such as having air filtering capabilities and increasing oxygen flow. Money plant can be kept indoors and outdoors and requires only medium sunlight. Numerous varieties within the money plant require watering only once in a few days.

2. Lucky Bamboo:

Another very popular plant for gifting choice is Lucky Bamboo. Infact, the lucky bamboo plant is famous as a housewarming gift. As you can guess by its name, it brings good luck to the person and household it goes and has positive energy with it. It also has good meaning in Feng Shui science. They are quite easy to maintain; you can place them in a bowl of water and bright indirect sunlight. It’s a great decorative plant too.

3. Cactus:

Most people have mixed emotions about gifting cactus to others. We also know that cactus is very hardy plant, is very easy to maintain, and hardly requires watering. However, you may not know that cactus symbolically means endurance. Gifting cactus plants also implies that they are fighters and come whatsoever; they will always stay strong. Do you like cactus plants as gifts?

4. Orchid:

Orchids are a perfect choice to gift a loved one. It is indeed among the fancy plant gifting ideas from birthdays to weddings or anniversaries. It has associated meaning with luxury, love and comfort in it. They come in various colors and options, and you can easily choose a potted orchid plant as a gift to celebrate a significant event or milestone. They add good brightness to any room. Orchid plants need bright sunlight and watering according to the requirements. Won’t this make an amazing gift idea?

5. Anthurium:

Anthurium is a perfect gift for weddings. Wondering why? The lovely plants have beautiful meaning – they bring good luck and understanding to any relationship. Moreover, anthuriums are among the beautiful fancy plants too. They come in various colors, and the heart-shaped flowers are absolute love. They bring joy and happiness, and there is no way to deny a good anthurium in one’s home. You can place Anthurium plant indoors and outdoors; however, it requires good indirect sunlight. This is among our top plants idea to gift for love.

6. Jade Plant:

The Jade plant falls under the family of succulents and is among the famous plants in Indian homes. It is also effortless and affordable to maintain. Jade plant gift has a beautiful meaning; it wishes for financial prosperity and luck to the household. Gifting is the perfect choice for those starting a business or career. It is a symbol of good fortune and growth. In addition, it also has air purifying properties. The jade plant should be placed in indirect sunlight and requires watering once a week.

7. Succulents Plants Gifts:

Succulents are also among the best gift choice in plant ideas. The plants are drought-resistant and hardly require care and watering except in bright sunlight. It is a perfect gift choice for beginners or those who do not have time to care for plants. They come in tiny little cute sizes and are charming. In addition, succulent plants also have beautiful meaning that symbolizes enduring love and timeless friendship between individuals. Isn’t it adorable?

8. Snake Plant:

Snake plant gifting has a unique hidden meaning. It symbolizes persistence, a good heart and happiness. The snake plant belongs to the easy maintenance family that hardly requires watering once a week or more and can grow quickly even in bright to dim indirect sunlight. They come in many variants and are a perfect indoor home decorating plant gift idea.

9. Bonsai Plants:

Bonsai plant is excellent for those who require some balance and peace of mind. They are a perfect retirement gift idea and a classic plant gift idea and choice. Bonsai plants has lovely meaning, it symbolizes harmony, wisdom and calmness. They require watering once a week and is a classic statement piece in any home. Most times, bonsai grows well when placed outdoors. However, they require regular care, such as pruning and misting.

10. Monstera:

Monstera Delicoisa is among our favorite plants. If you search for a statement home indoor piece to be placed in the living room to give that eye-catchy element, you don’t need to search any other plant than Monstera. It symbolizes family and longevity and makes a great wedding plant gift. It thrives well in an indoor environment, requires indirect sunlight and is easy to maintain. However, it can grow pretty big soon enough and hence may require support or pruning.

11. Ficus Plant:

Ficus plant is a good housewarming gift choice. It is a great decorative plant that usually comes in large sizes and is a good indirect sunlight plant suitable for huge balconies. They have fancy variations even within the Ficus, with shaded colors too. Ficus generally symbolizes knowledge and leadership qualities. It belongs to the fig tree family and requires little to no maintenance.

12. Peace Lily:

Peace lily symbolizes prosperity, hope, tranquility and purity. It is generally an excellent plant to gift for those who are going through distress or in need of some warmth and love. Peace lily also has good air-purifying properties and requires some sunshine with watering once a week. It gives out a gorgeous bunch of flowers and will excite you.

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13. Philodendron:

Philodendron is a beautiful plant to gift someone who is unwell or sick. It symbolizes good health and abundance. Philodendron comes in various designs and colors, and you can easily pick your favorite variety from the crowd. It is a very easy maintenance plant with indirect sunlight and can grow beautifully as an indoor plant.

14. Chinese Money Plant:

As you can guess by the name, the Chinese money plant means and symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. It has a great symbolic meaning and is a perfect gift for people who are starting out on a business or a new venture. The cute little round green leaves grow as a center of attraction in the home. Since it requires indirect sunlight, it goes very well as a tabletop or centerpiece.

15. Air Plant:

Air plant is the new craze among several households. As you may guess from the name, it does not require potting or soil and is a super-fancy plant choice for indoors. Air plant is perfect for smaller places, those who need unique plants and a change with the regular ones. It symbolizes creativity. The plant requires indirect sunlight and does not have any cold or hot sudden air drafts. It requires occasional soaking in water every two weeks.

16. Birds Nest Fern:

This is a lesser-known plant in several homes; however, it deserves all our attention. The bird’s nest fern has beautiful foliage with a unique leaf design, catching our eye and mesmerizing us. Since the foliage resembles a bird’s nest, it has got the name. The plant gift symbolizes calmness and a smooth relationship. It is the best birthday or special event gift and is further perfect for those who like houseplants with unique features and look.

17. Prayer Plant:

Prayer plant is yet another lesser-known yet excellent plant for gifting. The plant symbolizes devotion, gratitude and focus and is ideal for those who like unique features in a plant. It can effortlessly survive in low to medium light and is hence ideal for indoors. The plant may require less water depending on sun conditions, but it should not be over-watered at all.

18. Spider Plant:

If you are confused by the name of the spider plant is a good gift, let us clarify that the spider plant is a symbol of health, good luck, and prosperity. It is an ideal gift, especially for those who are moving to a new place to start new beginnings. In addition, the plant gifting is ideal for those who like easy maintenance, too, as it hardly requires any attention. It is good choice for both indoors and outdoors.

19. Venus Flytrap:

This is a unique plant we have come across recently. However, as distinct as it may seem, the plant is ideal for those who are adventurous. Venus Flytrap symbolizes strength and courage, and hence it is perfect for those who are taking an adventure in life. The plant requires direct sunlight and warmer climates to survive and requires particular attention in taking care.

20. Rose Plant:

Rose is an evergreen flower, and everyone loves it. How about giving it as a plant gift? Rose is perfect to gift in different relationships – a red rose is ideal for expressing love; yellow rose for friends, etc. Isn’t it versatile? They are also very easy to maintain and require full sunlight. On overall, the rose symbolizes affection, and it is a perfect gift.

21. Carnation Plant:

If you are looking for a plant to gift someone special, this is a perfect choice. The Carnation plant symbolizes your love and respect and is ideal for gifting your spouse on your anniversary. The plant comes in different colors and is exceptionally fascinating and eye-catchy. The potted plant requires a good drainage system, soil, and water when dried out completely and in full sunlight.

22. Lavender:

Lavender is another fragrance flower plant that is ideal for gifting. They represent elegance and beauty and are a perfect gift for girls. The fragrance is immensely mesmerizing and will give you a fantastic feeling. The plant is ideal outdoors and requires watering when the soil gets dry with full sunlight.

23. Rosemary:

We all have heard of Rosemary as a medicinal plant or a herbs plant that adds impressive flavors to a few dishes. However, given the fancy features, Rosemary also makes a fantastic gift choice. The plant is ideal for those who are into gardening. It has hidden meaning, represents remembrance and trust, and is a perfect gift for husband and wife or partners. Rosemary plant requires no maintenance, needs full sunlight, and watering once in three to four days.

24. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is a very common plant. However, as simple as it may be, it is a good choice for plant gifting. The plant represents positive energy, healing and fortune. It is a simple care plant that requires regular bright sunlight with occasional watering. In addition, we know Aloe Vera is a great recipe to treat several health, skin and hair care issues through DIYs.

25. Oxalis:

Oxalis is a very underrated plant, according to us. We love the beautiful flowers. It comes in various variants, in green colour or purple colour, and is famously known as Shamrock. The Oxalis plant signifies good luck. It is indeed a perfect plant to gift anyone into new beginnings – a wedding or a new job. The plant is easy maintenance and can stay outdoors with indirect sunlight and water when the soil is dry. Check this plant, and you will be mesmerized!

26. Bird of Paradise:

Bird of Paradise is the new craze among plant lovers and we can’t get over it. The super-tall plant is a statement piece that can add glow and style to your living room. It is perfect for warmer climates and looks incredible when it’s blooming. The Bird of Paradise symbolically represents freedom. It looks beautiful and can be gifted to anyone across occasions. The plant needs humidity conditions with bright light with soil consistently moist. This is among best indoor plant gift ideas.

27. Holy Basil:

Holy Basil is a precious plant in several Hindu households in India. The plant, however, also belongs to the herb family, which has immense benefits. It has purifying properties and gives a good flavor. In addition, the plant symbolizes pure love and eternal life and is a perfect choice for gifting too.

28. Daisy:

Daisy is a fantastic choice for those who like simple plants. It symbolizes purity and innocence and gives a perfect bright look wherever it is placed. The plant is perfect, especially to be gifted to the new mothers. However, daisies require some attention to maintain, should be kept away from extreme heat, and should be watered only when the soil is dry.

29. Kalanchoe:

Kalanchoe is another excellent flower plant that looks beautiful while blooming. The plant symbolizes love and persistence and is a great gifting option. It requires indirect or (not harsh) direct sunlight and needs watering when soil is completely dry. Although it fits indoors as well, the flowers bloom beautifully when placed outdoors. The kalanchoe plants also make amazing return gifts.

30. Sage:

Sage plants are underrated and deserve all our attention. The plant symbolizes health, purity and wisdom. It gets away with negativity and spreads love. Sage plants require bright sunlight and are drought resistant too. However, they need watering when the soil is completely dry. So, the plant gifting is an ideal choice with ‘get well soon‘ greetings.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these gorgeous gifting ideas in plants. These are among the best ideas for plant gifts and will surely impress the receiver. They can express your love and gratitude immensely and also remain environmentally friendly. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts.


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