Mechanical clocks are the clocks that run on machinery. They are not bound by nature like a sundial or an hourglass. They tell time with great precision and that is why they are widely used. Mechanical clock designs are great to look at as well. The numerous gears that are joined to each other to form the clockwork with ease and precision. The mechanical clocks also have the look very industrial as they do not cover the mechanics of the clock. You can see all the parts of the clock easily and this is what makes these clocks very special.

Cool & Best Mechanical Clock Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 15 simple and latest mechanical clock designs with pictures. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Garden Mechanical Clock:

Get this large-sized mechanical clock that you can use for the garden. This clock has large dials and is made from metal. This looks amazing in a large space. The rugged edges of the clock give it an industrial look.

2. Multi Gear Mechanical Clock:

Image Source: Pinterest

Here is a multi-gear mechanical wall clock that looks very cool and unique. The five gears are joined together to form one special piece that works well to tell the time. The mechanical gear wall clock is just a wonderful piece to have in your home.

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3. Mechanical Show Piece:

Get this mechanical time clock for your home or as a gift for someone. The mechanical skeleton wall clock is superb to look at and has several gears that are joined together. The combined look of the clock is industrial in its look. The central clock has large Roman numerals all around it.

4. Vintage Mechanical Clock:

Image Source: Pinterest

Try this lovely vintage mechanical clock that comes with large numbers all around. The display of the clock is such that there are two layers. The outer layer has the numbers in brass. The inner layer has a mechanical gear system that houses the hour and minute hands. This is an old mechanical clock that looks elegant.

5. Silver Mechanical Clock Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

If you fancy some nice silver articles in your home or office, then this silver mechanical time clock is just what you need. This mechanical alarm clock is also a precious timepiece that you can have. The bright colour of the clock is eye-catching. It has a black hour and minute hands that give a good contrast to the clock.

6. Wooden Mechanical Clock Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

Wood is also a great choice for clocks. This wooden mechanical clock is great to look at. The 3D effect of this clock is formed by layers of gears. The large Roman numerals are perfectly placed all around. This is also a mechanical pendulum clock.

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7. Revolving Mechanical Clock:

Image Source: Pinterest

Some unique mechanical clocks come with revolving designs. The unique and modern mechanical clocks are retro and decorative. The revolving motion wheel of the clock is special and it also has an alarm clock attached to it. This is a great desk clock that you can use at home.

8. Mechanical Clock Kit:

Image Source: Pinterest

You can create your own simple mechanical clock by a DIY method. The toolkit provides you with all the parts for the clock. You can create this intricate-looking clock with ease. This mechanical pendulum wall clock will look great against a dark wall. The contrast is just right for any room.

9. Mechanical Grandfather Clock:

Image Source: Pinterest

Grandfather clocks have been a wonderful thing of the past and they are also great as fashionable items now. The mechanical grandfather clock is a great piece for any house. The clock is large in size and has a wooden framework. The pendulum on these clocks chimes at the right hour.

10. Mechanical Pocket Clock:

It is a great gifting option for many people to have this mechanical pocket watch. The brass cover of this pocket watch has a glass set. The small mechanical clock at the centre of this pocket watch is what makes it work. The clock can have a chain with it to clip on the coat pocket.

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11. Bronze Mechanical Clock Design:

Bronze is another great option that is used for making clocks. The intricate designs used here are normally from the old days. The designs make this mechanical table clock the best. The bronze metal can be shined easily and kept spotless for a long period of time.

12. Mechanical Clock Timepiece:

Having a wonderful looking timepiece in the house is a matter of great pride for some people. This mechanical desk clock is superb to look at and can be the focus of your conversations. The design is elegant and simple yet looks spectacular. The Roman numerals of the clock are large in size and the contrast of the white and black is beautiful.

13. Wood Work Mechanical Clock Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

Here is a superb clock that is made from wood. The designer has incorporated a maze runner at the bottom of the clock. The ball in the maze runner moves from one end to the other during the hour. This is one of the best mechanical clocks that are built.

14. Eagle Sculpture Clock:

Get this eye-catching clock that has an eagle sculpture at the top. The little rabbits at the base are cute as well. This round mechanical clock has a bronze covering and a glass cover. You can get this clock as a table setting and keep it as a centrepiece.

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15. 3D Printed – Cool Mechanical Clock Design:

3D printing is the latest art feature that is catching up with everyone. The printer used here creates a 3D object of the picture you want. This clock is made using the 3D printer and works wonderfully.

Mechanical clock designs come in various styles. The wooden clocks along with brass, bronze and copper are the best sellers in the mechanical clock world. The clocks can have pendulums as well. Some of them can be with the alarm or 3D modelling.

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