Cold is an viral infection causing runny nose, sore throat, sneezing and low body temperature. The virus affects from all age group including newly born babies who have very less immunity to fight against for gain bodies and infections.

To treat cold there are many forms and types of medicines available in medical store. Antibiotics cannot be administred since cold is an viral infection, thus treating a cold consists of reducing the inflammation of the pharyngeal type, layrnx and nasal cavity swelling along with irritation.

Syrups and Tablets for Common Cold:

Here are top 15 cold syrup and tablet medicines listed out briefly which gives knowledge about what kind of medicine is suitable for kids, adults and for pregnant women.

1. Decongestants – for Kids and Adults:

It helps in reducing stuffy nose by relaxing the upper respiratory passage due to its alpha agonist action. It comes as a topical application formula or oral administration. The commonly used medicine are Phenylpropanolamine(PPA), Pseudoephedrine. This medication shrinks the mucosa which provides relief. Nasal decongestants should be very carefully used by hypertensive patients since it constricts the blood vessels and leads to raise in Blood pressure. Some of the side effects of this anti cold tablets are Atrophy caused by prolonged use leading to shrinkage of atrophied mucosa.

2. Nasal Sprays for Cold:

This is a non-medicated nasal spray used to relieve nasal congestion which consists of sea salt, aloe vera and other natural elements like Ulmus Fulva, marshmallow root extract etc. The nasal spray has to be used with head in an upright position and inserting the tube into the nostril and spraying.

This will help the mucosal lining of the throat and nasal cilia to get wet and soothes the irritated nasal passage and relieves the nasal congestion. This is been indicated for children above 6 years if any allergic reaction immediately consult the doctor.

3. Otrivin Nasal Spray for Adults:

Otrivin is a nasal congestion relieving medicine for cold which consists of Xylometazoline hydrochloride as the main ingredient. It is used by holding the head upright and the spraying part of the tube is inserted into the nostril and sprayed. It is recommended to use two to three times a day. This cold meditation gives a temporary relief. Patients who have allergies, women who are pregnant, old patients, Type 2 diabetic patients should avoid this medication. The dosage of this medications depends upon patient health condition.

For adults and children above 12 years of age very ten hours, three drops can be sprayed into the nostril with 0.1 percent solution. Children less than 12 years 0.05 percent of the solution should be administered into the nostrils. The side effects can be Dizziness, nausea, rash and severe side effects can be difficulty in breathing.

4. Equate Children s Cold and Allergy Syrup:

It is an antihistamine used for curing a cold used due to allergic in children. During allergic reactions, the nasal cilia are been irritated and caused sneezing and nasal congestion. To reduced the allergic reaction Brompheniramine Maleate is used too reduced the mast cell secretion which causes the allergic reaction. This medication drug for cold has a sedative action thus it is recommended to be given in the night time before bed to the kids.

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5. Claritin (Antihistamine) Non-Sedative For Adults:

It is an antihistamine drug used to reduce dripping of nose since when someone is affected by cold it is not only mucus formation but a runny nose. To reduce the watery nose especially to avoid embarrassment at the workplace this medicine comes in for rescue. Its main ingredient is Loratadine. It helps to relieve Sneeze, itching nose and throat and watery eyes.

6. Cold Medicine Capsules – Cetirizine:

It is an antihistamine drug with the sedative property. This helps in curing itchy noise by depressing the action of histamine. Due to its sedative effect is recommended to taken only in the night. Some of its side effects are Tremors, confusion, dry mouth, sore throat and constipation. For breastfeeding women, it is best to avoid this medicine since it can entry the milk to the breastfeeding mother.

7. Mucinex Cold and Cough Suppressant Syrup:

Cold with a cough is the norm. In order to stop a cough, suppressant which reduces the cold is very much needed for kids to sleep well. This is a cold cough syrup helps to relieve a cough along with a sore throat which consists of vitamin C, other vitamin Elderberry another vitamin which boosts up the immune system.

8. Expectorant Cold Syrup for Kids:

Expectorants are medicines which help to get rid of the mucus formed during the course of the cold. By expelling the mucus the airway passage is cleared and the kid can do its daily work without any tiredness. The main expectorant ingredient is Guaifenesin 100mg with a combination of nasal decongestion medicine Phenylephrine 2.5mg.

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9. Expectorant for Adults:

Cold is a viral infection which cannot be treated by any antibacterial tablet. This viral infection is accompanied by mucus formation which leads to congestion of the chest. To expel this mucus out an expectorant is used. The main ingredient in Mucinex tablet is a Bronchial secretion supporter, the Guaiphenesin which has an extended effect for 12 hours. So two time daily is recommended for the patient who has thick mucus deposits. Side effects are generally lacrimation.

10. Strepsils -Lozenges:

Cold is combined by the sore and itchy throat, to prevent itchiness and hoarseness of voice a soothing agent is prescribed by doctors which can be bought over the counter in any medical store. Strepsils are lozenges. the lozenges reduce the afferent impulse which helps to reduce the irritation of the pharynx. It also contains vitamin C as a booster to build up immunity. Since it is not a swallow able tablet it can be used as a candy which gives a good relief during work hours

11. Sambucol – Lozenges:

Sambucol is an natural medicine in list of cold medicines which is extracted from Black elderberry. It is available in capsule form for adults as lozenges which can be chewable as well in Syrup form for adults and kids too. It does not cause drowsiness which helps to take the chewable lozenges three times a day or even five times since it is natural extract medicine.

12. Oscillococcinum for Cold:

This is an homeopathic medicine used in relieving cold and flu symptoms. The ingredients used in this medicine are Allium Cepa, Eupatorium Perfoliatum, Gelsemium Sempervirens and other natural extracts. This medication should be taken only with doctors advised.

13. Tylenol -Pain Killer:

Tylenol is an pain medication which contains the main ingredient Acetaminophen which can be got over the counter. It helps to cure headache, Body ache and sore throat and flu. It is available in tablet form, Capsules, drops and in syrup form. The NIH recommends that not more than 4000mg per day should be consumed. Continuous usage may lead to liver damage. Tylenol is available for both kids and adults separately. Administering the right medicine and dosage is essential for kids.

14. Zinc Cold Therapy-Equate:

Zinc cold therapy consist of Zinc um aceticum which reduces  the duration of cold. It is one of the essential and important mineral which help to fight against infection and resist it and also helps in tissue repairing phase. There are number natural ways in which zinc is present which is edible for us to eat some of them are Beans, Milk, Cheese, Beef and Shellfish. It should not be consumed in empty bowel. Dissolving the tablet in mouth, not chewing the tablet. This therapy is indicated for adults and with doctors advice. Medicinal zinc supplements is advised to taken only for five days when continued side effects like mouth irritation, stomach upset is been experienced. Zinc supplements should be given to kids only with doctors advice.

15. Echinacea:

It is a herb which helps to reduce cold. This herb can be used a juice which soothes the airway passage. their are different species related to Echinacea they are Echinacea purpurea, Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea pallida, but to treat common cold Echinacea Purpurea is used. Nowadays capsule of Echinacea is available in the medical store which can be consumed after eating.Echinacea tea can also be used to cure a cold and it is also recommended to start taking this herbal once cold symptoms start initially.

Catching a cold is very easy due to the fact that, we are exposed to air which is infiltrated with aerosols, dust, viral and bacterial germs continuously but treating the cold with correct measures and medication is the key to getting rid of a viral infection. There are many types of cold medicines available and few of them can be brought over the counter. Getting over the counter should be misused, to some the cold and cough medicines shows dependency which may lead to drug dependent.

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To avoid complications like dependency or organ failure it is best advised to consult a doctor if the symptoms of cold persist more than a week. During the starting phase, simple home remedies like hot herbal tea with honey or lozenges along with eucalyptus oil rub is the best medicine. For pregnant women, it is advised to take doctors consultation.


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