Cough is a reflex mechanism by human body against internal and factors which affects the respiratory system. The internal factors could be induced factor by drinking and cigarette smoking or due to medication and congenital anomalies. The external factors like weather, dust, pollen.

The ideal way to treat cough is to diagnosis the exact cause behind the cough. The first step could be waiting for a week, since cold and cough subside by a week, if the cough persist more than a week then doctors consultation is highly recommended. To know more about the best medicines prescribed for cough are brought out which helps in getting a deep knowledge about the name of the medicines and its application.

Best Syrups and Tablets for Cough Dry or Wet:

The cough medicines are available as tablet and cough syrup form. The dosage in Cough Syrup is significantly lesser when compared to tablets. Syrup form is recommended for kids since its easy to swallow and it comes in various flavors which kids like to have instead of crying. Some of the best cough syrup and tablets names are mentioned bellow for instant relief of cough.

1. Lozenges for Cough:

This type of medication for cough helps in soothing the throat by making the airway passage moist and protecting the nerve ending against the tickling sensation. Pharyngeal demulcents are available as tablet form which is in a chewable form instead of swallowing with different flavors like lemon, ginger etc.

2. Balsam of Tolu:

It is a non-fossil resin from South America, its botanical name is Myrospermum Toluiferum. V-shaped incision is made on the branch of these trees and the oil is extracted. This essential oil extracted from balsam which acts as an expectorant and helps to relieve chest congestion. It is a bronchial secretion enhancer which soothes the inflamed airway passage. It is available as cough syrup as well as in Lozenges form.

3. Ambroxol:

It is muco expectorant medication which is commonly prescribed by doctors due to fast reaction in bringing out the phlegm. The dosage given is 15-30mg thrice a day. It’s sold in the market with Brand name like Ambril. Ambrolite etc. Also available in syrup form for kids with 30mg/5ml dosage. and also in an injectable form which is recommended only when the phlegm rate is more.

4. Bromhexine:

Derived from Adhatoda Vasica is one of the potent mucolytic agents which helps to dilute the mucus by breaking the network fibers of the sputum. It comes as an 8mg tablet and also in syrup form. The side effects are rhinorrhoea, gastric hypersensitivity.

5. Carbocisteine:

It is also one of the mucolytic agents like acetylcysteine. It comes as a capsule with 250-750mg thrice times daily administration. Chronic bronchitis patients are recommended to consume this tablet. Side effects are irritation and rashes which are usually less since its doctors prescribed after asking the complete history of the patient.

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6. Codeine Syrup for Cough Control:

This is an Antitussive medicine which acts primarily on the central nervous system to increase the capacity of cough center in the brain to reduce the tussal action. They control the cough for at least six hours after the medication. It is available as capsule form 10-30mg for adults, for kids 5-10ms and for 2-6 year children dosage less than 5msg is recommended, it is also available in syrup form. Its main side effect is constipation. This medication should be avoided for asthmatic patient.

7. Noscapine:

It is also an antitussive agent given mostly for unproductive dry cough. It helps to suppress the cough but has no analgesic or narcotic effect. Since this medication helps in secretion of histamine, which leads to bronchoconstriction it is contraindicated for asthmatic patients. Headache is a common side effects. The dosage of 15-30mg for adults, 15mg for kids and 7.5 for kids below 6 years. Otrivin is the most common brand name sold.

8. Dextromethorphan:

The most commonly used drug during acute respiratory tract infection. It is a potent expectorant has mucokinetic effect. It helps in controlling cough. It can also be combined with an antitussive agent which helps in both the action of expelling the phlegm out of the airway passage as well as reducing the cough. This medication helps in the flow of the tracheal secretion. Side effects are generally nausea, diarrhea and sometimes also leading to the formation of kidney stone.

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9. Guaifenesin Syrup:

This brocoril is bromhexine, Terbutaline and Guaiphenesin combination syrup, which is used to control a cough, bronchitis, sinusitis and breathing problems. Some side effects like dizziness, headache, skin rash, and stomach pain are common and rare after taking this syrup.

10. Asthalin Expectorant:

It is a combination drug of Salbutamol2mg and guaiphenesin 100mg per 10ml of syrup form. This combination is most commonly available in inhaler form which is used by asthmatic patients during an asthmatic episode or cough induced asthma due to an external factor.

11. Ascoril-C:

It is a combination drug consisting of Codeine 10mg and chlorpheniramine 4mg per 5ml of syrup It is the most commonly used syrup which helps in diluting the mucus. Newer preparation of this syrup also contains salbutamol too which helps to dilate the bronchial tubes.

12. Benadryl Cough Formula:

This is the most commonly used best cough medicine which is now sold in market for wet and dry cough separately which helps in early recovery from cough. It is medicine composition is Diphenhydramine, Sodium citrate, methanol and ammonium chloride. Dosage of 5 to 10 ml is recommended

13. Inhaled Corticosteroids:

It is recommended for an asthmatic patient and high level of COPD condition which helps to reduce bronchial inflammation. The inhaled medication last for a week in the body.

14. Theophylline:

A common drug for Bronchial asthmatic condition and for a Chronic obstructive disorder(COPD). This is not a water soluble drug, thus it cannot be injected.Available in capsule form. Side effects are Gastric irritation.

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15. Ketotifen:

It helps in curing allergic rhinitis and cough induced due to allergens. The inhibition of mast cell is taken care by ketotifen and helps to reduce bronchial asthma and improves lung function. The dosage is 1mg per 5ml of syrup. The side effects are sedation and dryness of mouth.

There are many numbers of cough medication available but treating the cough with the right medicine at the right time and the best way to find out the medicine is by consulting a doctor for serious and persistent condition instead of opting for over the counter drugs which only causes side effects and emergency situation.

In order to get relieved from a cough trying lozenges with balsam of tole which will give a soothing effect and good vanilla flavor from the essential oil.


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